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Reckless Apprentice
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Cost:4 Mana icon.png
Attack:3 Attack icon.png
Health:5 Health
Abilities:Battlecry, Recurring
Wiki tags:Battlefield-related, Hero Power-related
Artist:Yaohua Xu
Battlecry: Fire your Hero Power at all enemies.
Flavor text

It’s all a great learning experience until someone accidentally aggros the boss.

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Reckless Apprentice is a rare mage minion card, from the Forged in the Barrens set.

How to get[]

Reckless Apprentice can be obtained through Forged in the Barrens card packs, through crafting, or as an Arena reward. Regular Reckless Apprentice can also be obtained through the Highest Rank Bonus chest at the end of a Ranked season.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Reckless Apprentice 100 20
Golden Reckless Apprentice 800 100


  • It will not fire additional times to adjacent targets if Spirit of the Dragonhawk is in play.
  • It does trigger Inspire effects.[1]
  • It will trigger Pyromaniac's draw effect if any minions are destroyed.
  • Reckless Apprentice's effect appears to be coded as "apply your Hero Power's effect once for each enemy (targets it if the Hero Power can choose targets)".[2] In particular, with:

Fixed bugs[]

  • Prior to Patch, Reckless Apprentice would cause Emperor Wraps, Dinomancy, and Modest Aspirations (from Duels), to target the enemy hero. Respectively, this would transform your hero into a 2/2 copy of the opponent with no Hero Power, give the opponent a permanent +2/+2, and set the opponent's Attack and Health to 3.[3]


Played on its own, Reckless Apprentice can be read as "Battlecry: Deal 1 damage to all enemies" attached to decent stats for the cost, effectively a better Arcane Explosion for free. Where this card truly shines, however, is in tandem with Hero Power boosting effects, such as Wildfire, Fallen Hero, and (in Wild) Arcane Amplifier, providing an efficient board clear and face damage.

In Wild, this also synergizes well with Genn Greymane because of its even cost and the upgraded Hero Power given by Justicar Trueheart; however, as an even-cost card, it cannot be used with Baku the Mooneater.




Reckless Apprentice, full art

Patch changes[]

  • Forged in the Barrens logo.pngPatch (2021-06-03): Fixed a bug where Reckless Apprentice’s effect would cause some minion-only Hero Powers to hit the enemy hero.
  • Forged in the Barrens logo.pngPatch (2021-04-13):
    • Fixed a bug where the Battlecry for Reckless Apprentice would not apply the Freeze effect from Ice Walker.
    • Fixed a bug where the Battlecry for Reckless Apprentice would still trigger if the Hero Power was disabled.
    • (Undocumented) Reckless Apprentice's Battlecry will count as using Hero Power for one-time effect cards such as Daring Fire-Eater.
  • Forged in the Barrens logo.pngPatch (2021-03-25): Added.


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