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Tavern Brawl game mode.

Ragnaros' Fire Festival.png
Defeat your opponent, but if you feed an ever-growing, minion-eating, tiny Fire Lord, there may be a reward in it for you!

Ragnaros' Fire Festival is a Tavern Brawl. It debuted on July 5, 2017. For exact times, see the schedule.

Ragnaros' Fire Festival celebrates the Midsummer Fire Festival event, and is played exclusively on the Blackrock Mountain battlefield.


Tavern Brawl Start End
108 July 5, 2017 July 10, 2017
162 July 18, 2018 July 23, 2018
317 July 7, 2021 July 14, 2021


This Tavern Brawl sees players doing battle with a constructed deck while a miniature Ragnaros does increasing amounts of damage to each player and their minions at the end of their turn.

Special cards[]



A fully upgraded "Wow" emote.

  • Mini-Rag's attack increases with each minion killed. He will switch sides after attacking, however, if board is full after he finishes, he will stay and again attack same player next turn.
  • If Mini-Rag is returned to hand or removed from the battlefield in any sort of way, a new Mini-Rag will spawn on the next player's turn. If multiple Mini-Rags are in play as a result, then all Mini-Rags will move to the player's opposing side of the board at each turn.
  • Getting minions killed by Mini-Rag also unlocks a fireworks effect when using the "Wow!" Emote during the Midsummer Fire Festival event. It takes 8 minions to unlock this effect, and it will be upgraded at 30 and 60 minions. This is based on the total minions killed across all Tavern Brawls played, so you can unlock all levels by playing this Brawl repeatedly.
    • Fireworks earned by previous years will carry into all future events, meaning it will not have to be earned again.


There are three main strategies to go for this Brawl; feed Mini-Rag as much as possible (and unlock fireworks in the process), go for a control route and minimize the damage, or stabilize Mini-Rag's firepower to abuse on-damaged effects.

For the first option, use cards that generate token minions and Deathrattle effects. Mean Streets of GadgetzanMistress of Mixtures is a very good one drop since it heals both players, allowing you to survive longer. Other cards for creating multiple minions include Blackrock MountainDragon Egg, Whispers of the Old GodsBilefin Tidehunter, The League of ExplorersMounted Raptor, Whispers of the Old GodsWisps of the Old Gods, and for Paladins, Silver Hand Recruits. This is the fastest way to unlock fireworks, but if you also want to survive and win, add some healing and armor effects to your deck, such as Whispers of the Old GodsFeral Rage and Whispers of the Old GodsForbidden Healing.

For the second option, you will want to play high-health minions to absorb Mini-Rag's pings and not get swarmed with fireblasts. Use Taunts to defend yourself against your opponents minions while also absorbing the random damage. Priests can achieve this easily with Health-boosting cards like LegacyDivine Spirit and Mean Streets of GadgetzanKabal Talonpriest. While it's ideal to keep Mini-Rag's firepower low, in later turns it helps to fuel his damage a little bit to prevent the opponent from building board and add more damage.

The third option is somewhere in the middle, abusing cards with beneficial on-damage effects like Blackrock MountainGrim Patron or LegacyGurubashi Berserker to win the game. You need to keep Mini-Rag's firepower high enough to proc these effects as much as possible, but not enough to wipe the board. Warrior is the best class for this strategy, due to the large number of cards with these effects such as LegacyArmorsmith, LegacyFrothing Berserker, and Blackrock MountainAxe Flinger.

Note that Mini-Rag can be "reset" with non-targeted silence or return to hand effects (i.e. LegacyMass Dispel, LegacyVanish, NaxxramasAnub'ar Ambusher). A silenced Mini-Rag will also prevent a new Mini-Rag from spawning.


  • This Tavern Brawl is truly unique, as it features a minion type which looks like it's a Boss from a cooperative Brawl; it has a Scoreboard on the end much like single-player Brawls; it has an "Upgrade" feature which bears resemblance to the Storming Stormwind/Decorating Stormwind Brawls; and the custom emotes are also a Brawl feature.