Races are a subtype featured on Minion cards.

Various cards offer support for these "races".

List of Races


The following races are not implemented in the game as of yet, but have racial name strings with the game's data files, alongside the race-names of races already implemented:

  • Blood Elf
  • Draenei
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Goblin
  • Human
  • Nerubian
  • Night Elf
  • Ogre
  • Orc
  • Scourge
  • Tauren
  • Troll
  • Undead
  • Worgen

Game modes

AdventureArenaPracticePlay ModeRankedTavern Brawl

Competitive Game modes

Last Hero StandingConquest


Curse of NaxxramasBlackrock MountainThe League of ExplorersOne Night in KarazhanThe Dalaran Heist

Game Expansions

Goblins vs GnomesThe Grand TournamentWhispers of the Old GodsMean Streets of GadgetzanJourney to Un'GoroKnights of the Frozen ThroneKobolds & CatacombsThe WitchwoodThe Boomsday ProjectRastakhan's RumbleRise of Shadows

Card Types

MinionSpell (QuestSecret) ● Weapon

Classes / Heroes / Hero Powers
Druid / MalfurionHunter / Rexxar / AlleriaMage / Jaina / Khadgar / Medivh
Paladin / Uther / Liadrin / ArthasPriest / Anduin / TyrandeRogue / Valeera / Maiev
Shaman / Thrall / MorglWarlock / Gul'dan / NemsyWarrior / Garrosh / Magni
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