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This article is about quests which reward gold. For the spell card, see Quest (ability).

A quest in Hearthstone refers to a specific action or objective that the player can perform or achieve in order to receive a reward. The rewards are typically given in gold, and serve as one of the primary means of acquiring gold. Some non-repeatable quests offer other rewards, such as card packs, arcane dust or even legendary cards.

Quests come in two different forms:

  • Daily quests are given-out each day and can be viewed in the Quest Log, with a maximum of 3 available at any time. These must be in the Quest Log before they can be completed, and they can be awarded repeatedly.
  • Unique quests are non-repeatable quests which can be completed at any time. Most of these quests are 'hidden', which means they will never appear in the Quest Log; they will only be revealed to the player when they are completed. A pop-up will signal a 'hidden' quest's completion.

In addition to the array of quests on offer, players are also awarded 10 gold for every 3 wins in Play mode or Tavern Brawls, up to a maximum of 100 gold per day, for 30 wins. Each win displays the player's progress toward the 10-gold reward, and the gold is awarded each time 3 wins is reached. This reward serves as an additional and potentially larger source of gold than quests. The same running total is used for both Play mode and Tavern Brawls.

After completing the tutorial, new players are given the "Win 5 Practice Games" quest, encouraging them to explore Practice mode. Completing the quest awards a card pack and two further unique quests, leading the player into Play mode. Once the introductory quests "First Blood" and "The Duelist" have been completed, daily quests will be unlocked.

A video explaining Quests in Hearthstone made by the Curse Gamepedia YouTube Channel.

Daily quests

Today's Quests: Only the Mighty

Daily quests are given to players once per day and represent the majority of quests available to players. To begin receiving daily quests, new players must complete the two introductory unique quests "First Blood" and "The Duelist", accomplished by completing a total of 4 games in Play mode.

Daily quests can be viewed in the Quest Log, by clicking the exclamation mark icon at the bottom left of the main menu. This shows the quest's name, objective, and reward. Daily quests are also presented to the player upon logging in.

Players can only have 3 daily quests active at any time. Completing a quest will remove it from the list in the Quest log, making room for another. If a player has three quests and doesn't complete any of them, they will not get awarded a daily quest for the next day.

All daily quests award gold, except for the 'Watch and Learn' quest which awards a Classic card pack. Daily quests award 40, 50, 60, 80, or 100 gold, with 40-gold quests appearing more frequently.

Unless otherwise specified, quest progress can only be made in games against random human opponents in the Arena, Play mode (both Ranked and Casual), and Tavern Brawls. Practice mode, Friendly Challenges against friends, Tavern Brawl challenges against friends, and adventure mode games do not count. The exceptions are the 'Total Dominance' quest, which can be advanced by winning in any mode, 'Play a Friend!', which requires participating in a Friendly Challenge, and 'Watch and Learn', which requires a friend to win while spectating their game. 'Play a Friend!' is the only quest to offer rewards for the opponent, even if they do not have the quest.

Gaining daily quests

A fresh daily quest is granted to each player every day if an empty quest slot is available. Additionally, one quest per day can be abandoned to obtain a different, replacement quest.

New quests

Daily quests are awarded at midnight server time, determined by region. This is often referred to as the "quest reset" or "reset time". The Americas region is set to PST; the Europe region set to CET; and the Asia region set to Korea time.[1] Player reports suggest that the reset time changes to match daylight saving time during the summer months.[2] However, note that if the country in which the player is based has a different daylight saving time schedule to that of the country in which the server is located, there will be periods during which the reset does not take place at the usual local time.

Once the reset time has passed, players with less than 3 quests become eligible to be awarded a new quest. It should be noted that while the new quest is assigned according to the server's reset time, it is only added to the player's quest log when they either log into the game from offline, complete a match, or perform certain other actions.[3] Progress cannot be made on such quests until they have been added to the quest log and revealed to the player. Therefore, players awaiting a new quest while in game menus are advised to log out and back in again after the reset time, in order to activate it before resuming play. One exception to these rules is when certain bugs prevent new quests from being displayed upon logging in; in these cases progress can be made for the new quests, but they will not be revealed until after the completion of a match.[4]

Players do not need to be online during the quest reset in order to be assigned a new quest. Quests will accumulate in the player's profile, up to a maximum of 3, and will be presented to the player when they next log in.


Players can choose to abandon up to 1 quest each day by clicking the X in the corner of its plaque in the Quest Log, immediately receiving a different, random quest in its place. Abandonment is also known as "replacement" or "re-rolling", since the replacement quests are randomly determined, as with dice rolls. If no Xs are present in the Quest Log, re-rolls are not possible again until the next day.

Any quest may be selected for replacement. An empty slot cannot be "abandoned" - a real quest is always lost, so there is no way to use this process to increase the number of new quests, only to change which quests are active. Note that despite the term "abandon", the player also does not end up with fewer quests to do since the quest is replaced.

All progress on a quest is erased when it is abandoned; the next time the same quest is randomly assigned to the player, it will start with 0 objectives complete.

Unlike the quests automatically granted to fill empty quest slots, re-rolls do not accumulate over multiple days. If a re-roll is not used on one day, it is still only possible to re-roll once the next day. However, there used to be a bug in which there was a way to infinitely re-roll quests, but this has been fixed.[5]


While players may be assigned the same quest more than once over the course of their Hearthstone play, they will never be assigned a duplicate of a quest they are already on. This is true whether the quest is a re-roll replacement, or a new quest filling an empty slot.

The once-per-day abandonment limit and once-per-day new quest are completely independent. Each day, players may log in, gain a new quest in an empty slot, AND re-roll a quest. This gives a total of two opportunities per day to try to obtain desired quests.

Players are unable to accumulate daily quests beyond the maximum of 3. If a player already has 3 quests when the reset time is reached, the potential new quest will simply be lost; even if the player completes 2 or 3 quests prior to the next quest reset, they will still only receive a single new quest at that point. Prior to Patch (2016-10-20) it was sometimes possible for the player to 'save up' new quests, and be awarded up to 3 more at once when the quest reset is reached,[6] but this should now be fixed.


Some class-specific daily quests offer a choice between two classes; completing either version of the quest will provide a single reward and remove the quest. Eligible classes may be one of a number of combinations - see below for a list of possible quests. Single-class quests exist for each class.

Quests that require playing cards of a certain type only count cards that are played from the hand, and only if the card qualifies when it is played. For example, minions such as Druid of the Claw which transform into Beasts will not count for the "Stable Master" quest (Play 20 Beasts), because they only transform after they are played.[7] Cards summoned, put into play or equipped by other effects likewise will not count.[8]

Some quests seem to be far rarer than others. As a rule, quests with greater rewards seem to be reported less frequently than those with lesser rewards.

Quests appear to be available to all players, regardless of their playing habits. For example, a player may get a quest to play druid cards, despite never playing druid. This is likely an intended design goal, encouraging players to explore other classes and deck types. However, certain quests, such as those which cannot be completed using only cards from the Basic set, are not given to new players.[9]

Name Requirements Reward
3 Victories! Win 3 games with any class. 40 gold
[class #1] or [class #2] Victory Win 2 games with [class #1] or [class #2]. 40 gold
Emerald Dream Play 30 Druid cards. 40 gold
Welcome to the Jungle Play 30 Hunter cards. 40 gold
Arcane Brilliance Play 30 Mage cards. 40 gold
Righteousness Play 30 Paladin cards. 40 gold
Shadow and Light Play 30 Priest cards. 40 gold
They Came From Behind Play 30 Rogue cards. 40 gold
The Maelstrom Play 30 Shaman cards. 40 gold
Dark Soul Play 30 Warlock cards. 40 gold
Tactician Play 30 Warrior cards. 40 gold
The Meek Shall Inherit Play 30 minions that cost 2 or less.* 40 gold
Only the Mighty Play 20 minions that cost 5 or more.* 40 gold
Destroy them All Destroy 40 minions. 40 gold
Spell Master Play 40 spells. 40 gold
Beat Down Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes.** 40 gold
[class] Victory Win 3 games with [class]. 50 gold
Overpowered Play 10 cards that cost 8 or more. 50 gold
Stable Master Play 20 Beasts. 50 gold
Beyond the Dark Portal Play 15 Demons. 50 gold
Mrgrgrglrr Play 30 Murlocs. 50 gold
Swashbuckler Play 10 Pirates. 50 gold
For Azeroth! Play 30 Battlecry minions. 50 gold
Death to the Living! Play 20 Deathrattle minions.*** 50 gold
Tiny Bubbles Make Me Happy Play 10 Divine Shield minions.*** 50 gold
Rampage Play 10 Enrage minions. 50 gold
You Shall Not Pass! Play 20 Taunt minions.*** 50 gold
Elemental Overload Play 15 Overload cards. 50 gold
Combo Meal Play 10 Combo cards. 50 gold
It's a Secret to Everyone Play 10 Secrets. 50 gold
Weaponmaster Play 10 Weapons. 50 gold
Inspiring Use your Hero Power 30 times. 50 gold
[class #1] or [class #2] Dominance Win 5 games with [class #1] or [class #2]. 60 gold
[class] Mastery Play 50 [class] cards. 60 gold
Everybody! Get in here! Win 5 Tavern Brawls.**** 60 gold
Play a Friend! Play a friend, you both earn a reward!***** 80 gold
Total Dominance Win 7 games in any mode. 100 gold
Cry Havoc Play 75 Battlecry minions. 100 gold
Murlocalypse Play 75 Murlocs. 100 gold
Watch and Learn! Watch a friend win in spectator mode.****** Classic card pack

* Only the Mighty and The Meek Shall Inherit use the base cost of the minion, not how much mana you played it for.

** Not all damage seems to be counted for this quest. For example, damage caused to a hero that is later replaced by another hero is not counted, and damage caused by fatigue or Life Tap is not counted.[10]

*** Quests that require you to play cards with specific abilities only count cards played from the hand, and do not count abilities that are granted by effects or other cards.[11] For example, You Shall Not Pass! counts only minions with Taunt that are played from the hand, and not minions with Taunt that is granted from Battlecries such as Twilight Guardian, or from other cards such as Sunfury Protector or Ancestral Healing.

**** Everybody! Get in here! will only be awarded during days when there is a Tavern Brawl active.[12]

***** Play a Friend! can only be completed if the player with the quest issued the challenge,[13] and similar to the Friendly Feud event, conceding sometimes prevents players from receiving rewards, making it best to play out each match. There is also a limit to how many times any one account can earn rewards from the quest each day, intended to prevent complex gold-earning arrangements.[14] Based on player reports, the daily limit seems to be 5.[15][16] According to player observations, the limit seems to reset, at most, 24 hours after the first of 5 Play a Friend! quests is completed.[17][18] The earliest day that this quest can re-appear in the quest log is at most 5 days.[19]

****** Watch and Learn! can be completed by watching a player win in spectator mode, in any game mode, including Play mode, Arena, Adventure mode and Friendly Challenge.[20]

Class combinations

Viewing current quests in the Quest Log

Two-class Victory and Dominance daily quests randomly select one of a number of pre-determined class pairings. Other class combinations are not offered. The list of possible combinations is the same for both Victory and Dominance quests.

Possible combinations are listed below. Note that each class may be paired with one of two other classes. For example, a hunter may be paired with either a druid or a mage, while a druid may be paired with either a hunter or a rogue. For speculation about the system of pairings, see the Trivia section.

Quest title
Druid or Hunter
Druid or Rogue
Hunter or Mage
Mage or Shaman
Paladin or Priest
Paladin or Warrior
Priest or Warlock
Rogue or Warrior
Shaman or Warlock


Name Requirements Reward
IGR Login Reward (NNF) NYI [Rewarded for logging in from Internet Game Rooms, public gaming centres found in countries such as Korea[21]] 100 gold

Unique quests

Unique quests are only available once to each account per region. Unique quests are also known as 'hidden quests', as most cannot be viewed by players until they have been completed, and do not take up space in the Quest Log.


These quests are part of the game's introductory experience, and unlike other unique quests are awarded to the player in advance. Each quest is awarded in response to a specific trigger and unlike most unique quests, cannot be completed until awarded. For example, winning 3 games in Play mode before completing the "Win 5 Practice Games" quest will complete "Mount Up!" but not "First Blood" or "The Duelist".

The quest series is designed to direct new players to explore the game, forming an extended tutorial. Each stage triggers additional guidance such as highlights on the button to access the intended play mode. The first quest in the series, "Win 5 Practice Games", is presented to players immediately upon completing the tutorial.

Name Requirements Reward
Win 5 Practice Games Win 5 Games in Practice Mode. 1 Classic card pack
Quests: "First Blood" and "Level Up"
First Blood Complete a game in Play mode [or Arena[22]]. 1 Classic card pack
Quest: "The Duelist"
Level Up Get any class to level 10. 1 Classic card pack
The Duelist Play 3 games in Play mode [or Arena[22]]. 100 gold


Name Requirements Reward
Crafting Time Disenchant a card. 95 arcane dust
Enter The Arena Enter The Arena. 1 Arena credit
Mount Up! Win 3 games in Arena or Play mode.
A special reward for your third win! Log in to World of Warcraft to claim it!
"Hearthsteed" World of Warcraft mount
Chicken Dinner Win 100 games in any mode. 300 gold
Big Winner Win 1000 games in any mode. 300 gold
Easy Rider A reward for your 100th win in Play Mode. Log in to Heroes of the Storm to claim it! Hearthstone card back mount in Heroes of the Storm
Ready to Go! Unlock every Hero. 100 gold
Crushed Them All! Defeat every Expert AI Hero. 100 gold
Got the Basics! Collect every card in the Basic Set. 100 gold
One of Everything! Collect every card in the Classic Set. Only one of each card is required, and may be golden or non-golden. 100 gold
You are Legend Reach Legend rank in Ranked Play mode.
Welcome to the Hearthstone Elite! Show it off with your Legendary Card Back!
"Legends" card back
A Welcome from the Old Gods! Open your first Whispers of the Old Gods card pack.
C'Thun would like to be the first to welcome you a tentacly embrace!
Regular C'Thun
Harbingers of DOOM! Open your first Whispers of the Old Gods card pack.
A couple of servants to help you open Old Gods packs!
Regular Beckoner of Evil x 2
Morgl the Oracle! Your first recruit has earned you Morgl the Oracle! Morgl the Oracle alternate hero
New Recruit! Rewarded for being recruited by a friend! 1 Classic card pack
Recruits! Your second recruit has earned you a card pack! 1 Classic card pack
Recruits! Your third recruit has earned you a card pack! 1 Classic card pack
Recruits! Your fourth recruit has earned you a card pack! 1 Classic card pack
Recruits! Your fifth recruit has earned you a card pack! 1 Classic card pack
Golden Malfurion Stormrage Win 500 Ranked games with Malfurion Stormrage [or other druid heroes]. Golden hero portrait
Golden Rexxar Win 500 Ranked games with Rexxar [or other hunter heroes]. Golden hero portrait
Golden Jaina Proudmoore Win 500 Ranked games with Jaina Proudmoore [or other mage heroes]. Golden hero portrait
Golden Uther Lightbringer Win 500 Ranked games with Uther Lightbringer [or other paladin heroes]. Golden hero portrait
Golden Anduin Wrynn Win 500 Ranked games with Anduin Wrynn [or other priest heroes]. Golden hero portrait
Golden Valeera Sanguinar Win 500 Ranked games with Valeera Sanguinar [or other rogue heroes]. Golden hero portrait
Golden Thrall Win 500 Ranked games with Thrall [or other shaman heroes]. Golden hero portrait
Golden Gul'dan Win 500 Ranked games with Gul'dan [or other warlock heroes]. Golden hero portrait
Golden Garrosh Hellscream Win 500 Ranked games with Garrosh Hellscream [or other warrior heroes]. Golden hero portrait


Promotional quests are temporary quests added to celebrate the release of new content or special events.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

The following quests were added with Patch to promote the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Name Requirements Reward
Join the Goons Win 3 games as a Hunter, Paladin, or Warrior. 2 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card packs
Join the Jade Lotus Win 3 games as a Druid, Rogue, or Shaman. 2 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card packs
Join the Kabal Win 3 games as a Mage, Priest, or Warlock. 2 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card packs
Fake quests

These quests are "given" as part of the narrative for the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan promotional quests. They are immediately replaced and cannot actually be completed.

Name Requirements Reward
Welcome to Gadgetzan You're on the wrong side of town...
This quest is quickly shot up (possibly by Don Han'Cho) and replaced by "Join the Goons"
0 gold
A Job for Ya' Destroy 100,000 minions.
Given after completing "Join the Goons", this is swiftly sliced and diced by unseen assassins, then replaced by "Join the Jade Lotus"
1 gold
Wise Beyond Your Years Reach Legend 1,000,000 times.
Given after completing "Join the Jade Lotus", Kazakus quickly transforms this into "Join the Kabal"
1 gold

Other games

The following quests are available within Hearthstone, but require completing objectives in other Blizzard games.

Name Requirements Reward
Lady Liadrin A special reward for leveling a new character to 20 in World of Warcraft! Lady Liadrin alternate hero
Hero of the Storm Reach level 12 in Heroes of the Storm.
Awarded for excellence in the Nexus!
"Heroes of the Storm" card back

Limited availability

The following quests can only be completed through specific factors, such as playing on a specific type of device, purchasing a copy of another Blizzard game, or participating in a Fireside Gathering.

Name Requirements Reward
iPack Awarded for playing a game on iPad. 1 Classic card pack
Android Tablet Awarded for playing a game on an Android tablet. 1 Classic card pack
iPhone Awarded for playing a game on an iPhone. 1 Classic card pack
Android Phone Awarded for playing a game on an Android Phone. 1 Classic card pack
Samsung Galaxy S6 series phone Awarded for logging into Hearthstone on a Samsung Galaxy S6 series phone. "Galaxy Gifts" card back & 3 Classic card packs
Name Requirements Reward
Fireside Friends Play 3 matches against other players on the same subnet, with at least 3 players total on that subnet (comprising a Fireside Gathering).
Hearthstone is better with friends! Enjoy the company, and your new card back!
"Fireside Friends" card back
Name Requirements Reward
Reaper of Packs Purchase Diablo III Reaper of Souls and enter the redeemable code.
Your Diablo III Reaper of Souls comes with 1 pack.
1 Classic card pack*
Greater Reaper of Packs Purchase the Diablo III Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition and enter the redeemable codes.
Your Diablo III Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition comes with 3 packs.
3 Classic card packs*

* Initially, a maximum of 5 promotional card packs can be redeemed on a single account.[23] This limit was raised to 10 in early 2015.[24] The limit applies across all regions, and is not per region.

Returning player experience

The following quests are part of the returning player experience, awarded one at a time in the order shown below. The first is part of the Return of the Hero challenge. These quests are awarded only to returning players.[25]

Name Requirements Reward
Return of the Hero Defeat the 3 challengers! 3 card packs
Ready for Action Play 30 cards in Play mode 3 card packs
Back in the Game! Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes 3 card packs

No longer attainable

These quests are no longer attainable, due to changes in the game or unavailability of real-world requirements. The golden Reward cards provided by these quests are also no longer attainable, although their regular versions can be crafted normally.

Name Requirements Reward Notes
Ready to Rock! Attained by purchasing a ticket for BlizzCon 2013.
Thank you for attending BlizzCon 2013!
Elite Tauren Chieftain (Golden) As of December 2013 these tickets are no longer for sale, but players who have already purchased one can obtain a single copy of this minion by logging into the game.
Beta Hero! Obtained by spending real money in the Shop during the game's beta test.
Thank you for helping to test our Store!
Gelbin Mekkatorque (Golden) No longer attainable following the game's release, 2014-03-11.


The following quests have been removed from the game. Currently, the only such quests were removed with Whispers of the Old Gods in April 2016, in relation to the introduction of game formats. The reward cards are now craftable instead.

Name Requirements Reward Notes
Arrrrrr!!! Acquire every Pirate [from the Classic set[26]]. 2x Captain's Parrot (see above)
Golden Arrrrrr!!! Acquire every Golden Pirate [from the Classic set[26]]. 2x Captain's Parrot (golden) (see above)
Mrglglglgl! Acquire every Murloc [from the Classic set[26]]. Old Murk-Eye (see above)
Golden Mrglglglgl! Acquire every Golden Murloc [from the Basic and Classic sets[26]]. Old Murk-Eye (golden) (see above)


The following quests celebrated the release of new content or special events, but have since been removed from the game.

2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour

The following quests involved the "Choose Your Champion!" promotion, revolving around the 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour. Only one of these quests was awarded for each player, depending on how many packs they earned through the promotion.

Name Requirements Reward
Hail, Champion! Your chosen champion at BlizzCon 2016 has earned you a pack! 1 The Grand Tournament card pack
Hail, Champion! Your chosen champion at BlizzCon 2016 has earned you 2 packs! 2 The Grand Tournament card packs
Hail, Champion! Your chosen champion at BlizzCon 2016 has earned you 3 packs! 3 The Grand Tournament card packs
Hail, Champion! Your chosen champion at BlizzCon 2016 has earned you 4 packs! 4 The Grand Tournament card packs
Hail, Champion! Your chosen champion at BlizzCon 2016 has earned you 5 packs! 5 The Grand Tournament card packs
Hail, Champion! Your chosen champion at BlizzCon 2016 has earned you 6 packs! 6 The Grand Tournament card packs
Whispers of the Old Gods

These quests were part of the Whispers of the Old Gods launch event, available from April 26, 2016, until July 5, 2016.

Name Requirements Reward
The Old Gods Have Arrived! A gift for celebrating the release of the Old Gods with us!
[Logging in during the Whispers of the Old Gods launch event]
3x Whispers of the Old Gods card packs
5 Old Gods Packs! [Win 2 games in Standard format] 5x Whispers of the Old Gods card packs
5 More Old Gods Packs! [Win 7 games in Standard format] 5x Whispers of the Old Gods card packs


With the choice of when and how to complete quests, and the option to replace quests by abandoning them, players have a small amount of management power over their quests. This allows them to work within the one-per-day limit on new quests to maximize their gold earnings, depending on their playing style and goals.

Maximizing gold per day

Due to the limit on new daily quests, the maximum possible rate of daily quest completion over the long term is also 1 per day. Therefore, players wishing to build up as much gold as possible over time should make that 1 quest as valuable as possible, by choosing only the most rewarding quest to finish each day. This allows the possibility of replacing the lesser quests with more valuable ones later on. But obviously, the foremost rule for these players is to never leave a full slate of 3 quests incomplete at the end of the day - even if none are high-value, it is far more productive to complete one of them than to waste the daily quest replenishment.

Before selecting a quest to finish each day, players with this objective may want to abandon their lowest-reward quest in the hopes of getting a better one. It is generally worthwhile to try this with any 40 gold quest, since almost any replacement has at least as good a reward. However, since quests worth more than 60 gold are very rare, if a player's quests are all worth 60 and above, the chance of the replacement being an improvement is very low, and there is a good chance it would be replaced with a 40 gold quest. This generally makes it advisable not to re-roll 60 gold quests, class concerns aside.

It may be tempting for players to finish all available quests every day. However, from the second day onward, that still only amounts to 1 quest per day; it does not increase the long-term number of quests available. Furthermore, it provides players less opportunity to try for new quests if one of their quests is low in value. Consider a 60 gold quest and two 40 gold ones in the quest log. A 40-gold quest is abandoned only to be replaced with another 40. Let us assume that the next few quests are 60s. A greedy player might complete the 60, 40, and 40 right away, then the 60s over the next two days, for a total of 260 gold in 3 days. A patient player, on the other hand, might complete only the 60. Over the next two days, the patient player receives the new 60s, and also rerolls the 40 gold quests into 60 gold ones, a total of 300. A quest completed in 3 days is worth just as much as the same quest completed immediately - completing one early (particularly a 40 gold one) only removes its potential to become more valuable later.

It should be noted that the gold-per-3-wins reward is a significant additional source of gold, potentially a maximum of 100 gold per day, in reward for winning a total of 30 games. However, the 3-wins reward earns gold barely a quarter as fast as the 5-wins 60-gold daily quest, making the daily a significant contributor to earnings for most players.

Maximizing gold per game played

Efficient questing as a priest

Players with limited time to devote to Hearthstone may want to earn as much gold as possible within a short amount of games. This is also applicable to players who primarily play the Arena, since each game in that format costs gold, which must be weighed against any rewards gained. The basic rule of thumb in this case is to try to "align" quests so that as many as possible are advanced by each game, resulting in a low cost/reward ratio. It is also critical to abandon as few quests as possible that are partially completed, since doing so "throws away" part of the cost (in play time or gold) of the games that were used to progress it.

Since players are always (presumably) trying to win, "gold per games played" and "gold per time spent playing" is directly related to gold per win, which is easily calculated for the "class quests". However, there are some quests that do not require wins at all, and are instead completed in the regular course of play. Such quests become more valuable the more often a player loses, since those quests will progress while the win-based quests stand still; they become weaker for players (or Arena decks) with high win rates, who may rack up a number of wins before hitting the limits of those other quests. For instance, a player with "Warlock or Shaman Victory" and "Destroy Them All" may end up only killing 14 minions in the course of winning two games, finishing the first one while leaving the latter quest less than half complete in comparison. Players should also weigh the requirements of these quests against the actual contents of their decks; a deck with only 4 spells is likely to take many, many games to complete Spell Master, and is better off looking for a more relevant quest.

If focusing on the Arena, players should of course try to get quests that correspond to the current arena class. If a player believes a new Arena run is imminent, it may be best to save the daily re-roll until after the new arena class options are revealed, allowing the player to pick which quest to abandon based on matching with the arena class.

Unlike the "maximum gold per day" mindset, this paradigm does not require that a quest be completed an average of once per day. Technically, playing no games in 5 days to reroll quests until they can all be advanced by a single game (for example, getting three priest quests) provides more gold per game than simply finishing some (for instance, finishing one priest quest and advancing another, even though the third is for other classes). However, it should be kept in mind that there are only two chances per day to obtain quests that DO align with existing quests, and choosing to leave all quest slots full at the end of the day removes one of those chances by preventing the next day's daily from being granted. It is up to individual players to decide where to make the tradeoff between the most efficient possible quest selections, and actually playing games frequently enough for their taste. A reasonable intermediate approach might be to try for perfect alignment, but to still complete one quest a day as long as it matches at least one other quest.

Similarly, it is up to Arena players to decide how much they are willing to play constructed decks in order to hunt for better quests. A quest that is 4/5 complete but needs a win with a class that was not part of a player's Arena draw may be a good reason to just play one Play Mode game of the required class, freeing up a slot for a more relevant quest to appear. Players likely want to avoid being so extreme as to become "stuck" with 3 quests in progress from previous arena runs, and no arena class choices corresponding to those quests. In this case, it is of course necessary to either sacrifice some of the work already done on one of those quests, or complete it by playing in Play mode, to free up space to find a match for the Arena.

Class choice

While the above strategies describe optimal methods of acquiring gold, a practical limitation for most players lies in which classes they are required to play. While determined gold farmers may be willing to play any class in order to gain the optimal reward, for most players personal enjoyment is also an important factor, and this is often strongly affected by class. A player who does not enjoy playing either hunter or druid will be unlikely to wish to complete "Druid or Hunter Dominance", despite the substantial amount of gold on offer. However, multiple quests rewarding victories with the same class may persuade players to forgo their immediate enjoyment of play in exchange for future rewards.

Completing a quest

Skill with specific classes can significantly affect gold per game played. Achieving a few wins using a class with which the player is relatively accomplished may be an easily and swiftly completed task, while the same objective using a class which they have never played, and for which they have few good cards, may take a very long time to achieve. It should also be noted that matchmaking does not take into account the player's familiarity with their chosen deck; if a player who is highly ranked with mage takes up rogue for the first time in order to complete a related quest, their opponents will still match the player's usual level of performance, which may make it difficult for them to achieve a win with their beginner's rogue deck. This provides another reason to re-roll class quests in exchange for more suitable substitutes.

To a lesser extent, class preference can also affect non-class specific quests. For example, a player favouring aggro decks featuring only low-cost minions may not wish to switch decks in order to complete "Only the Mighty". However, the lack of win requirements makes these quests far more reliable to complete, even if the player does not win the matches.

For most, personal preference is a prime reason to re-roll quests, both in order to avoid certain classes, and in hopes of finding others. If the player is currently focusing on a small selection of classes, this can also serve to increase overall efficiency, by allowing them to gain gold while still focusing on refining their play with their preferred decks. With luck, the player can complete quests without deviating from their preferred style of play, removing all effort from the process.

Non-gold quest rewards

Currently the only non-gold daily quest reward is the Classic card pack from "Watch and Learn!". Its value, when weighed against other quests, depends on the player's collection and plans for any gold they will earn.

The basic rule is, if the player was planning on buying such a pack at any point in the future, the quest will save them from paying for it, and is therefore worth the pack's full cost, 100 gold. This clearly applies to players wishing to build up their Classic card collection, but it also applies to anyone who maintains a complete collection when new sets come out - even if their Classic collection is already complete! The reason is that the rarer cards are unlikely to be found in packs, and must therefore be crafted. In other words, even packs for the newest set will likely have many that are simply disenchanted for dust. Since the dust value of old packs is just as high as newer packs, the quest reward once again saves the player the 100 gold. The only downside is losing the chance of directly opening the rare cards desired from the new set - a tiny probability anyway.

On the other hand, some players are uninterested in crafting cards or building collections, and never plan to buy card packs. For them, even 40 gold is clearly preferable to the pack, since that gold can be spent on new adventures and Arena runs, while cards and dust cannot.

Bypassing the daily limit

It is possible to receive more than one new quest and one re-roll per day by playing on multiple regions or multiple accounts. Each region acts as a separate account and receives its own, independent allotment of new and replacement quests per day. However, gold and cards are not shared between regions or accounts, so the increased rate of questing is not useful for building up a single collection. It is more useful for funding runs in the Arena, since multiple sets of quests can be worked on independently of each other. This might mean that three different Arena runs can be in progress at once, each benefiting its own set of three quests - an increase in rate of play. It could also mean that, given a set of quests on one region that do not correspond with each other, a player may simply wait for the next day's re-roll on that region and play a different region instead - an increase in questing efficiency.



The exact pattern of class pairings for Victory and Dominance daily quests may be based on mathematics, or the lore behind each class. Probably the best example is the paladin, commonly considered a combination of the priest and warrior classes, which can only be paired with the priest or warrior.

This explanation does not seem to fit the pairings precisely. However, it would be reasonable to speculate that the designers used lore for as many of pairings as possible, but due to the mathematical constraints of the system (each class being matched with precisely two others) were forced to make the remaining pairings fairly randomly.

The below table lists specific and unique or nearly unique connections between the paired classes. Weak connections are marked with a *. More general connections common to more than three classes are not listed.

Pairing Connection between classes
Druid & Hunter Wilderness adventurers comfortable with animals
Hunter & Mage Ranged combatants known for firing projectiles to deal direct damage *
Mage & Shaman The primary wielders of elemental magic
Shaman & Warlock Employers of power from extraplanar creatures; many warlocks are former shamans *
Warlock & Priest The only practitioners of Shadow magic
Priest & Paladin Devoted servants of the Holy Light
Paladin & Warrior Plate-wearing, heavily armed fighters at the forefront of battle
Warrior & Rogue Non-magical melee combatants employing bloody attacks
Rogue & Druid Stealthy classes well versed in agile melee combat (as shapeshifted cats, in the case of druids)


There are many quests with references in their titles:

  • You Shall Not Pass! is a famous quote said by Gandalf the Grey, a character in J. R. R. Tolkein's books. It is also the summoning quote of Shieldbearer.
  • It's a Secret to Everyone is a reference to the Moblins, a common enemy in the The Legend of Zelda game series: whenever a player finds their cave the moblins say the phrase and bribe the player with rupees to keep the location secret.
  • Everybody! Get in here! is a reference to Grim Patron's quote when his triggered effect is activated.
  • Beyond the Dark Portal is a reference to the Warcraft II expansion of the same name.
  • They Came From Behind is likely a reference to a quote spoken in Star Wars, and which is also referenced by the Flying Machine unit in Warcraft III as well as the Flying Machine minion in Goblins vs Gnomes.
  • The Meek Shall Inherit is a reference to Matthew 5:5, the fifth verse of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament of the Bible, which reads: "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."


Quest progress is shown following the completion of a qualifying match
A typical selection of daily quests
The Quest Log prior to Patch
The Beta Hero! quest, completed by making a real money purchase during the game's beta

Patch changes

  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan logo.png Patch (2016-11-29): Six new promotional quests have been added: Welcome to Gadgetzan, Join the Goons, A Job for Ya', Join the Jade Lotus, Wise Beyond Your Years, Join the Kabal.
  • One Night in Karazhan logo full2.png Patch (2016-10-20):
    • A large number of new daily quests added, including the first minion type, ability and class card-related quests:
      • 100 Gold: Murlocalypse, Cry Havoc
      • 60 Gold: Druid Mastery, Hunter Mastery, Mage Mastery, Paladin Mastery, Priest Mastery, Rogue Mastery, Shaman Mastery, Warlock Mastery, Warrior Mastery
      • 50 Gold: Overpowered, Stable Master, Beyond the Dark Portal, Mrgrgrglrr, Swashbuckler, For Azeroth!, Death to the Living!, Tiny Bubbles Make Me Happy, Rampage, You Shall Not Pass!, Elemental Overload, Combo Meal, It's a Secret to Everyone, Weaponmaster, Inspiring
      • 40 Gold: Emerald Dream, Welcome to the Jungle, Arcane Brilliance, Righteousness, Shadow and Light, They Came From Behind. The Maelstrom, Dark Soul, Tactician
    • Several hidden quests have also been added:
      • Return of the Hero, Ready for Action, Back in the Game!, Hail, Champion! [1 pack], Hail, Champion! [2 packs], Hail, Champion! [3 packs], Hail, Champion! [4 packs], Hail, Champion! [5 packs], Hail, Champion! [6 packs]
    • "Win 5 Tavern Brawls" quest will no longer be given during days that Tavern Brawls are not active.
    • Resolved an issue where players that didn't cycle quests after a certain period of time then cleared all quests at once could acquire multiple quests in a single day.
  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo.png Patch (2016-07-12): "Play a Friend!", "Morgl the Oracle!", "New Recruit!", "Recruits!", "Recruits!", "Recruits!", and "Recruits!" added.
  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo.png Patch (2016-04-24):
    • The "Mrglglglgl!", "Golden Mrglglglgl!", "Arrrrrr!!!" and "Golden Arrrrrr!!!" quests have been removed. The awarded Old Murk-Eye and Captain's Parrot minions are now craftable instead.
    • New quests: "The Old Gods Have Arrived!", "5 Old Gods Packs!" and "5 More Old Gods Packs!" added.
  • The Grand Tournament logo.png Patch (2015-08-18):
    • New daily quests: "Everybody! Get in here!", "Druid Victory", "Hunter Victory", "Mage Victory", "Paladin Victory", "Priest Victory", "Rogue Victory", "Shaman Victory", "Warlock Victory" and "Warrior Victory" added.
    • Tavern Brawl victories now count towards earning the Heroes of the Storm mount reward.
    • The Quest Log has been adjusted to make room for the Ranked Chest display.
  • Blackrock Mountain logo.png Patch (2015-06-15): If the player has no quests available when they log in, the message "You've completed all of your daily quests." will be displayed. Previously the quest display step would simply be skipped.
  • Blackrock Mountain logo.png Patch (2015-05-14): "Easy Rider" and "Hero of the Storm" quests added.
  • Blackrock Mountain logo.png Patch (2015-04-14): "Win 5 Practice Games" quest added.
  • Blackrock Mountain logo.png Patch (2015-03-31): The "Watch and Learn!", "iPhone" and "Android Phone" quests have been added.
  • Curse of Naxxramas logo.png Patch (2014-07-22):
    • Curse of Naxxramas quests added.
    • Swapping a quest for a new one now produces a suitable visual effect.
  • Patch (2014-04-10): Completing a quest when there are three quests in the quest log will no longer immediately grant a new quest. Undocumented: New quests: iPack and IGR Login Reward (NNF) (However, these may have been added with an earlier patch).
  • Patch (2014-03-11): New quests have been added: all "Golden [hero]" quests, "Greater Reaper of Packs", "Mount Up!", "You are Legend", "Fireside Friends" and "Reaper of Packs".
  • Patch (2013-12-10): You are now able to abandon one quest per day. When you abandon a quest, you’ll receive a new, random quest in its place.
  • Patch (2013-10-02): Quests that required you to win with a class now give you a choice between 2 classes.
  • Alpha patch 2 (2013-08-12): Several quests have been added:
    • 3 Victories! - Win 3 games with any class.
    • Ready to Go! - Unlock every Hero.
    • Crushed Them All! - Defeat every Expert AI Hero.
    • Got the Basics! - Collect every card in the Basic Set.
    • One of Everything! - Collect every card in the Classic Set.
    • Beta Hero! - Thank you for helping to test our Store!
  • Patch (2013-06-22): Quest system introduced, featuring 35 quests.


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