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Put into hand effects are abilities which draw specific cards from the player's deck and place them into their hand.

Unlike card draw effects, put into hand effects require specific card types, and often have no effect if no cards of that type are present in the player's deck. However, while the type is specified, the specific card is usually random.


Put into hand and put into battlefield effects select eligible cards randomly, not based on their order in the deck.[1][2] This means that the distribution of such cards throughout the deck is randomly altered by such effects, rather than creating any sort of bias, such as by always drawing the top-most eligible card. As a result, and due to the random ordering of each deck, no significant ordering change is made by such effects.


For Wild format listings, see Put into hand/Wild format


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TSC 654.png
WC 803.png
REV 938.png
SW 095.png
BAR 873.png
SW 457.png
SW 028.png
SW 433.png
SW 450.png
CORE DS1 184.png
BAR 330.png
CORE UNG 020.png
SW 045.png
AV 295.png
AV 147.png
TID 704.png
SW 029.png
DED 003.png
BAR 536.png
DED 002.png
TSC 079.png
CS3 028.png
BAR 043.png
TSC 642.png
SW 444.png
SW 315.png
TSC 072.png
TSC 826.png
TSC 085.png
WC 013.png
WC 805.png
ONY 017.png
BAR 876.png
WC 005.png
TSC 055.png
REV 948.png
WC 016.png
SW 405.png
AV 343.png
TSC 702.png
TSC 608.png
AV 565.png
DED 516.png
SW 043.png
AV 101.png
DED 505.png
BAR 081.png
BAR 328.png
BAR 037.png
REV 318.png
BAR 551.png
AV 281.png
TSC 034.png
SW 111.png
AV 328.png
CS3 024.png
AV 284.png
REV 310.png
BAR 042.png
REV 319.png
SW 081.png
CS3 034.png


The following minions are generated by other cards or effects, and are uncollectible.

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SW 433t.png
REV 938t.png
AV 295a.png
AV 295b.png
Story 10 LadyVashj2.png
Story 10 LadyVashj.png
Story 09 PrimordialProtector.png


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