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Prince Valanar
Battlecry: If your deck has no 4-Cost cards, gain Lifesteal and Taunt.
Flavor text

Three Princes stand before you. This one devours one after another.

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Prince Valanar is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Knights of the Frozen Throne set.

How to get[]

Prince Valanar can be obtained through Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Prince Valanar 1600 400
Golden Prince Valanar 3200 1600

Known bugs[]

  • When Prince Valanar gains Taunt and Lifesteal, the visual effects do not always show up for your opponent.[1]


Prince Valanar is a very strong card at 4-mana, but with a fairly large drawback depending on the deck. As a 4/4 Taunt minion, it's very likely to be able to damage at least one target, almost guaranteeing a heal of 4 from its Lifesteal effect. It could be a consideration in control decks that are looking for a early-game taunt to help slow down the game against aggression, as well as ones looking for some early game healing to help with longevity in those matchups. This card naturally fits in decks that choose to run few or no 4-drops, although deciding to cut other 4-cost cards to try to accommodate Prince Valanar is unlikely to be worth it, as alternatives like Tar Creeper are still likely to be a more viable option that doesn't require you to sacrifice deck-building freedom.




Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Prince Valanar is the Scourge overlord of the Borean Tundra. He rules from Naxxanar, a Scourge necropolis above the Temple City of En'kilah in the northern edge of the Tundra.
Valanar can also be found in Valiance Keep disguised as Counselor Talbot, manipulating the Alliance leadership in order to weaken it. This is not revealed until the quest Last Rites.


Prince Valanar, full art

Prince Valanar in World of Warcraft.

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