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Selecting practice mode, Expert difficulty

Practice mode is a type of game mode in which the player does battle against computer-controlled versions of the regular playable classes. Players can select the opponent of their choice, and either Basic or Expert difficulty, determining the deck and tactical ability of the AI opponent.

Practice mode is the ideal mode for learning the basics of the game, exploring new classes, leveling or unlocking heroes, and trying out new strategies. Practice mode matches are played against The Innkeeper.

Practice mode is accessed from the Solo Adventures screen.


  • Because Practice mode games are played against computer opponents, there is no time spent waiting for your opponent to choose their actions each round. This typically makes these games much faster than those played in other modes, which can be useful for progression or simply preferable for those who do not enjoy waiting.
  • New heroes can be unlocked in this game mode. This makes Practice mode the quickest and easiest way to unlock new heroes.
  • Players can gain XP in Practice mode, up to max level. Above level 10 extra XP is gained from played games against human opponents; however, given the relative speed of most Practice mode games, this may still be considered a quicker way of levelling up heroes.
  • Practice mode is perfect for learning a class, or levelling a new class to level 10 in order to acquire its basic cards, before heading out into the wider waters of Play mode.
  • Initially only Basic difficulty is available, with Expert difficulty enabled upon unlocking every class.[1]
  • Basic Practice mode is generally considered a fairly easy difficulty setting, although some class combinations can be surprisingly tricky. Basic opponents use only basic cards in their decks.
  • Expert Practice mode offers a fairly substantial challenge for newer players, and gives players the chance to try decks against reasonably well-arranged decks. As with higher level player vs. player battles, Expert mode opponents tend to feature specific strategies and intended plays, and use decks featuring Classic cards of common, rare and epic rarity.
  • Most daily quests cannot be completed in Practice mode.
  • Defeating all Expert heroes will complete the Crushed Them All! quest, awarding 100 gold.


Each opponent in Practice mode always plays with the same deck, with each class having a Basic and an Expert deck. This allows experienced players to learn the intended plays of that deck, and counteract them effectively.

All cards in Basic decks are from the basic set. The Expert decks feature a large number of Classic cards, including many common cards, a few rares, and the odd epic, but do not include any legendaries.

Below are listed the decks for each Practice mode opponent. Each card listed is included x 2 in that deck unless otherwise noted.

Basic opponents
Demon Hunter Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
LegacyAldrachi Warblades LegacyBoulderfist Ogre LegacyArcane Shot LegacyArcane Explosion LegacyBlessing of Might LegacyBloodfen Raptor LegacyAssassinate LegacyAncestral Healing LegacyChillwind Yeti LegacyBoulderfist Ogre
LegacyBloodfen Raptor LegacyChillwind Yeti LegacyBloodfen Raptor LegacyArcane Intellect LegacyGnomish Inventor LegacyChillwind Yeti LegacyBackstab LegacyBooty Bay Bodyguard LegacyDarkscale Healer Charge
LegacyChaos Strike LegacyClaw LegacyCore Hound LegacyArcane Missiles LegacyGoldshire Footman LegacyCore Hound LegacyBloodfen Raptor LegacyBoulderfist Ogre LegacyDrain Life LegacyDragonling Mechanic
LegacyChillwind Yeti LegacyCore Hound LegacyHoundmaster LegacyBloodfen Raptor LegacyHammer of Wrath LegacyElven Archer LegacyDeadly Poison LegacyChillwind Yeti LegacyHellfire LegacyExecute
LegacyCoordinated Strike LegacyDarkscale Healer LegacyIronforge Rifleman LegacyBoulderfist Ogre LegacyHand of Protection LegacyFrostwolf Grunt LegacyDragonling Mechanic LegacyFrost Shock LegacyKobold Geomancer LegacyFiery War Axe
LegacyElven Archer LegacyElven Archer LegacyMulti-Shot LegacyFireball LegacyHoly Light LegacyGurubashi Berserker LegacyElven Archer LegacyFrostwolf Grunt LegacyMurloc Raider LegacyFrostwolf Grunt
LegacyFrostwolf Warlord LegacyHealing Touch LegacyOasis Snapjaw LegacyMurloc Raider LegacyIronforge Rifleman LegacyHoly Smite LegacyGnomish Inventor LegacyFrostwolf Warlord LegacyOgre Magi LegacyGurubashi Berserker
LegacyMurloc Tidehunter LegacyInnervate LegacyRaid Leader LegacyNightblade LegacyLight's Justice LegacyMind Blast LegacyGoldshire Footman LegacyHex LegacyReckless Rocketeer LegacyHeroic Strike
LegacyNightblade LegacyLord of the Arena LegacyRazorfen Hunter LegacyNovice Engineer LegacyLord of the Arena LegacyNorthshire Cleric LegacyIronforge Rifleman LegacyRaid Leader LegacyRiver Crocolisk LegacyLord of the Arena
LegacyRaid Leader LegacyMark of the Wild LegacyRiver Crocolisk LegacyOasis Snapjaw LegacyNightblade LegacyPower Word: Shield LegacyNightblade LegacyReckless Rocketeer LegacyShadow Bolt LegacyMurloc Raider
LegacyReckless Rocketeer LegacyNightblade LegacySilverback Patriarch LegacyPolymorph LegacyRaid Leader LegacySen'jin Shieldmasta LegacyNovice Engineer LegacyRockbiter Weapon LegacyFelstalker LegacyMurloc Tidehunter
LegacySen'jin Shieldmasta LegacyOasis Snapjaw LegacyStonetusk Boar LegacyRaid Leader LegacyStonetusk Boar LegacyShadow Word: Pain LegacySap LegacySen'jin Shieldmasta LegacyVoidwalker LegacyRazorfen Hunter
LegacyShadowhoof Slayer LegacyRiver Crocolisk LegacyStormpike Commando LegacyRiver Crocolisk LegacyStormpike Commando LegacyShattered Sun Cleric LegacySinister Strike LegacyStonetusk Boar LegacyVoodoo Doctor LegacySen'jin Shieldmasta
LegacyShattered Sun Cleric LegacySilverback Patriarch LegacyTimber Wolf LegacySen'jin Shieldmasta LegacyStormwind Champion LegacySilverback Patriarch LegacyStormpike Commando Windfury LegacyWar Golem LegacyWarsong Commander
LegacySightless Watcher LegacyWild Growth LegacyTracking LegacyWolfrider LegacyStormwind Knight LegacyVoodoo Doctor LegacyStormwind Knight LegacyWolfrider LegacyWolfrider LegacyWolfrider

Expert opponents
Demon Hunter Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
LegacyAldrachi Warblades LegacyAbusive Sergeant LegacyAnimal Companion LegacyArcane Explosion LegacyAldor Peacekeeper LegacyAbomination LegacyArgent Squire LegacyAbusive Sergeant LegacyBlood Imp LegacyAcolyte of Pain
LegacyArgent Commander LegacyAcidic Swamp Ooze LegacyEaglehorn Bow LegacyArcane Missiles LegacyArgent Commander LegacyAcidic Swamp Ooze LegacyAssassinate x1 LegacyBloodlust LegacyDark Iron Dwarf LegacyAmani Berserker
LegacyChaos Strike LegacyBite LegacyExplosive Shot LegacyAzure Drake LegacyArgent Protector LegacyAcolyte of Pain LegacyBackstab LegacyDire Wolf Alpha LegacyDemonfire LegacyArathi Weaponsmith
LegacyCoordinated Strike LegacyDruid of the Claw LegacyExplosive Trap x1 LegacyCounterspell LegacyArgent Squire LegacyFaceless Manipulator LegacyBetrayal LegacyDust Devil LegacyDoomguard LegacyBattle Rage
LegacyCult Master LegacyEarthen Ring Farseer LegacyFreezing Trap x1 LegacyFireball LegacyBlessing of Kings LegacyHoly Nova x1 LegacyDeadly Poison LegacyFaerie Dragon LegacyDread Infernal LegacyBloodsail Raider
LegacyDire Wolf Alpha x1 LegacyElven Archer LegacyIronfur Grizzly LegacyFrost Elemental LegacyConsecration LegacyInjured Blademaster LegacyDefender of Argus x1 LegacyFeral Spirit LegacyFlame Imp LegacyBrawl x1
LegacyFlesheating Ghoul LegacyHarvest Golem LegacyMisdirection x1 LegacyKirin Tor Mage LegacyEquality LegacyLeper Gnome LegacyDefias Ringleader LegacyFlametongue Totem LegacyImp Master LegacyCruel Taskmaster
LegacyGlaivebound Adept LegacyIronbark Protector LegacyMulti-Shot LegacyKobold Geomancer LegacyNoble Sacrifice LegacyLightspawn LegacyEviscerate LegacyForked Lightning LegacyKnife Juggler LegacyElven Archer
LegacyInner Demonx1 LegacyKeeper of the Grove LegacyOasis Snapjaw LegacyMana Addict LegacyRedemption LegacyLoot Hoarder LegacyGnomish Inventor LegacyLava Burst LegacyMortal Coil LegacyExecute
LegacyKnife Juggler LegacyNourish LegacySavannah Highmane LegacyMana Wyrm LegacyRepentance LegacyMind Control x1 LegacyHeadcrack x1 LegacyLightning Bolt LegacyPower Overwhelming LegacyFiery War Axe
LegacyMurloc Tidehunter LegacyPower of the Wild LegacyScavenging Hyena LegacyMirror Entity LegacyScarlet Crusader LegacyNorthshire Cleric LegacyNovice Engineer LegacyShattered Sun Cleric LegacySense Demons LegacyFrothing Berserker
LegacySatyr Overseer LegacyStarfall LegacySnipe x1 LegacyPolymorph LegacySecretkeeper LegacyPower Word: Shield LegacyQuesting Adventurer LegacyShieldbearer LegacyShadow Bolt LegacyKor'kron Elite x1
LegacySea Giant LegacyWindfury Harpy LegacyStampeding Kodo LegacySorcerer's Apprentice LegacySpellbreaker LegacyShadow Madness LegacyRavenholdt Assassin x1 LegacyStormforged Axe LegacyShadowflame LegacyRaging Worgen
LegacySightless Watcher LegacyWrath LegacyStarving Buzzard LegacyVaporize LegacySunwalker LegacyShadow Word: Pain LegacySI:7 Agent LegacyThrallmar Farseer LegacyFelstalker LegacySpiteful Smith
LegacyShadowhoof Slayer LegacyYouthful Brewmaster LegacyTimber Wolf LegacyWater Elemental LegacyTruesilver Champion Silence LegacyStranglethorn Tiger LegacyYoung Dragonhawk LegacyVoidwalker LegacyTauren Warrior
LegacyWorgen Infiltrator LegacyUnleash the Hounds LegacyTemple Enforcer LegacyWorgen Infiltrator LegacyWhirlwind
LegacyYoung Dragonhawk LegacyYouthful Brewmaster

The Starting Game screen[]

Main article: Starting Game

The Starting Game screen is the loading screen displayed while the system prepares a computer opponent for the player, featuring a selection of helpful tips and some comical elements. It depicts a mechanical element which slowly fills from left to right, supposedly representing necessary steps in preparing for the game. Once the loading bar has filled a certain number of times, the game is ready and battle begins automatically.


The names of the two difficulty settings originally corresponded to the types of cards used in those heroes' decks. 'Expert' mode corresponds to the 'Expert' set, since renamed the Classic set.

Patch changes[]

  • Ashes of Outland logo.pngPatch (2020-03-26): Practice mode now contains Demon Hunter.
  • Blackrock Mountain logo.png Patch (2015-06-15): The Practice mode pane of the Solo Adventures screen now has its own music.
  • Curse of Naxxramas logo.png Patch (2014-07-22):
    • Practice Mode is now entered through the Solo Adventures button on the main menu.
    • The AI in Practice Mode is now better at Hearthstone.
  • Patch (2014-05-08): Reconnect functionality has been enabled for Practice Mode.
  • Patch (2014-03-11): The Expert AI has been sent to Hearthstone training camp and should now be more challenging.
  • Patch (2013-12-10): The opponent in Practice mode is now called "The Innkeeper".
  • Patch (2013-10-02): You can earn XP in any game mode up to max level.


  1. Tested by User:Taohinton 2017-01-04: Selecting the Expert button on the Solo Adventures screen produces a pop-up text box with the words "Requires unlocking every class."