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Positional effects are effects which are partly determined by the position of minions on the battlefield.


The vast majority of effects are not affected by minion position. They may affect only the targeted minion(s), or affect an area of effect. Positional effects are the exception, and serve to make minion placement a strategically significant choice.

Players can choose where to place a minion when summoning it. However, once the minion has been summoned it cannot be moved, potentially making this initial placement an important choice. Players can plan for positional effects by placing their minions in an ideal formation. For example, when playing against a rogue, it may be wise to place a high attack minion on the end of the row, rather than between other minions, to minimise the impact of Betrayal. Conversely, warlocks may wish to place powerful minions next to each other in preparation for Void Terror.


For Wild format listings, see Positional effect/Wild format

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