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This page lists cards depicting portals and portal magic.


Portals allow adventurers to travel instantaneously to distant locations

Portals are magical gateways that allow those entering to travel to distant locations - sometimes even other timelines and dimensions. It was through the Dark Portal that the orcs of Draenor first travelled to Azeroth, beginning the First War. More mundanely, portals are used to expedite travel, and are often used by the Alliance and Horde to transport soldiers to areas of battle.

In World of Warcraft Portals are a line of useful Mage utility spells that allow the caster to transport themselves and their party members to one of several fixed locations (including all friendly capital cities). Portals can also be opened using Summoning Stones, large obelisks placed outside dungeons and raid instances, allowing players to summon the rest of their party to their location.

In Hearthstone[]

Portals in Hearthstone have a variety of effects, but are usually associated with summoning minions. All portals have a degree of randomness in their outcome, with most producing minions of a specific cost.

One Night in Karazhan[]

A soiree of this stature will feature the finest luminaries of Azeroth and beyond, and a coterie of that caliber wouldn’t be caught dead walking to a party. While Kel’Thuzad might be taking the soul train, everyone else will be traveling first class! Karazhan features precisely calibrated portals attuned to a variety of exotic locales to accommodate guests with specific teleportational needs. With the power of portals at your fingertips, every travel experience is a great success![1]
This party is so intense, it’s warping the very fabric of space and time to bring in more guests! Use the new portal spell cards to unleash the magic and summon random minions to the field.[2]

Most current portal cards were added with One Night in Karazhan. These portal cards all feature a common design, summoning a random minion of a specific cost, as well as providing an additional effect. The adventure itself features a theme of portals, including special portal minions in the Netherspite encounter, and the adventure's first and last encounters, which see various characters entering and exiting inter-dimensional portals.



Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Burning Blade Portal Minion General Warlock At end of your turn, fill your board with 3/2 Imps.
Nether Portal Minion General Warlock At the end of your turn, summon two 3/2 Imps.
Crystalsong Portal Epic Spell Nature Druid 2 Discover a Druid minion. If you hand has no minions, keep all 3.
Felhound Portal Spell General Any 2 Casts When Drawn
Summon a 2/2 Felhound with Rush.
Maelstrom Portal Rare Spell Nature Shaman 2 Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions. Summon a random 1-Cost minion.
Unstable Portal Rare Spell Arcane Mage 2 Add a random minion to your hand. It costs (3) less.
Netherwind Portal Common Spell Arcane Mage 3 Secret: After your opponent casts a spell, summon a random 4-Cost minion.
Serpentshrine Portal Common Spell Nature Shaman 3 Deal 3 damage. Summon a random 3-Cost minion.
Overload: (1)
Silvermoon Portal Common Spell Holy Paladin 4 Give a minion +2/+2. Summon a random 2-Cost minion.
Summoning Portal Common Minion General Warlock 4 0 4 Your minions cost (2) less, but not less than (1).
The Dark Portal Rare Spell Fel Warlock 4 Draw a minion. If you have at least 8 cards in hand, it costs (5) less.
Ironforge Portal Common Spell Fire Warrior 5 Gain 4 Armor. Summon a random 4-Cost minion.
Nether Portal Spell Shadow Warlock 5 Open a permanent portal that summons 3/2 Imps.
Moonglade Portal Rare Spell Nature Druid 6 Restore 6 Health. Summon a random 6-Cost minion.
Firelands Portal Common Spell Fire Mage 7 Deal 5 damage. Summon a random 5-Cost minion.
Dream Portal Spell Nature Druid 9 Casts When Drawn
Summon a random Dragon.
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Crystalsong Portal(90586).png
Felhound Portal(91015).png
Maelstrom Portal(42045).png
Unstable Portal(12178).png
Netherwind Portal(210799).png
Serpentshrine Portal(210829).png
Silvermoon Portal(42054).png
Summoning Portal(566).png
The Dark Portal(210680).png
Ironforge Portal(42064).png
Nether Portal(55448).png
Moonglade Portal(42040).png
Firelands Portal(42025).png
Dream Portal(127282).png

Portal art

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Call of the Void Common Spell Shadow Warlock 1 Add a random Demon to your hand.
Mechwarper Common Minion Mech Any 2 2 3 Your Mechs cost (1) less.
Plot Twist Rare Spell General Warlock 2 Shuffle your hand into your deck. Draw that many cards.
Mirror Entity Common Spell Arcane Mage 3 Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, summon a copy of it.
Rafaam's Scheme Common Spell Fire Warlock 3 Summon 1 1/1 Imp.
(Upgrades each turn!)
Wretched Reclaimer Rare Minion General Priest 3 3 3 Battlecry: Destroy a friendly minion, then restore it to life with full Health.
Oaken Summons Common Spell General DRUID 4 Gain 6 Armor.
Recruit a minion that costs (4) or less.
Time Warp Spell Arcane Mage 5 Take an extra turn.
Twisting Nether Epic Spell Shadow Warlock 8 Destroy all minions.
Dimensional Ripper Rare Spell General Warrior 10 Summon 2 copies of a minion in your deck.
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Plot Twist(90587).png
Mirror Entity(569).png
Rafaam's Scheme(90556).png
Wretched Reclaimer(90793).png
Oaken Summons(76966).png
Time Warp(55554).png
Twisting Nether(398).png
Dimensional Ripper(90618).png