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This page lists cards with card art depicting ambulatory plants.

For artwork depicting ancients, see Ancient art.


While plant-based NPCs are classified as elementals in World of Warcraft for gameplay purposes, they may not actually be true elementals.

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Treants are mighty tree-folk imbued with great wisdom and strength native to the forests of Azeroth.
Treants are powerful, ancient trees and more primitive forms of the wise Ancients that served under Cenarius in ages past. Treants resemble large moving trees with faces. Over time, treants also grow to be ancient protectors.
Bog beasts are large plant creatures often found in temperate marshes of Azeroth. They look like swamp monsters. Unlike animals, they reproduce by seeds. The plant creatures timberlings and thistleshrubs and the conglomerate elemental creatures tar beasts, while using the same model as bog beasts, are each considered separate types of creatures. Bog beast still remains a broad categorization for the various varieties.



Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Sherazin, Seed Minion General Rogue Dormant
When you play 4 cards in a turn, revive this minion.
Plant Minion General Any 1 1 1
Sapling Minion General Druid 1 1 1
Woodchip Minion General Any 1 1 1
Biteweed Epic Minion General Rogue 2 1 1 Combo: Gain +1/+1 for each other card you've played this turn.
Mana Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2 Deathrattle: Gain an empty Mana Crystal.
Razorpetal Lasher Common Minion General Rogue 2 2 2 Battlecry: Add a Razorpetal to your hand that deals 1 damage.
Squashling Common Minion General Priest 2 2 1 Echo
Battlecry: Restore 2 Health.
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2
[[|Treant]] MINION None 2 2
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2 Taunt
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2
Treant Minion General Druid 2 2 2
Treant Totem Minion Totem 2 2 2
Blackwald Pixie Common Minion General Any 3 3 4 Battlecry: Refresh your Hero Power.
Curious Glimmerroot Epic Minion General Priest 3 3 3 Battlecry: Look at 3 cards.
Guess which one started in your opponent's deck to get a copy of it.
Greedy Sprite Rare Minion General DRUID 3 3 1 Deathrattle: Gain an empty Mana Crystal.
Humongous Razorleaf Rare Minion General Any 3 4 8 Can't attack.
Splitting Sapling Minion General Any 3 2 2 Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Woodchips.
Walnut Sprite Common Minion General Any 3 3 3 Echo
Sherazin, Corpse Flower Legendary Minion General Rogue 4 5 3 Deathrattle: Go Dormant. Play 4 cards in a turn to revive this minion.
The Voraxx Legendary Minion General Any 4 3 3 After you cast a spell on this minion, summon a 1/1 Plant and cast another copy on it.
Fen Creeper Common Minion General Any 5 3 6 Taunt
Festeroot Hulk Rare Minion General Warrior 5 2 7 After a friendly minion attacks, gain +1 Attack.
Ixlid, Fungal Lord Legendary Minion General DRUID 5 2 4 After you play a minion, summon a copy of it.
Loatheb Legendary Minion General Any 5 5 5 Battlecry: Enemy spells cost (5) more next turn.
Vilespine Slayer Epic Minion General Rogue 5 3 4 Combo: Destroy a minion.
Forest Warden Omu Legendary Minion General Druid 6 5 4 Spellburst: Refresh your Mana Crystals.
Moat Lurker Rare Minion General Any 6 3 3 Battlecry: Destroy a minion. Deathrattle: Resummon it.
Bog Creeper Common Minion General Any 7 6 8 Taunt
Bogshaper Epic Minion Elemental Shaman 7 4 8 Whenever you cast a spell, draw a minion from your deck.
Splintergraft Legendary Minion General Druid 8 8 8 Battlecry: Choose a friendly minion. Add a 10/10 copy to your hand that costs (10).
Splitting Festeroot Epic Minion General Any 8 4 4 Deathrattle: Summon two 2/2 Splitting Saplings.
The Boogeymonster Legendary Minion General Any 8 6 7 Whenever this attacks and kills a minion, gain +2/+2.
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Sherazin, Seed(55458).png
Mana Treant(55494).png
Razorpetal Lasher(55579).png
SW 422t.png
Treant Totem(330108).png
Blackwald Pixie(89366).png
Curious Glimmerroot(55486).png
Greedy Sprite(76972).png
Humongous Razorleaf(55582).png
Splitting Sapling(89420).png
Walnut Sprite(89462).png
Sherazin, Corpse Flower(55457).png
The Voraxx(55556).png
Fen Creeper(476).png
Festeroot Hulk(89418).png
Ixlid, Fungal Lord(76947).png
Vilespine Slayer(55490).png
Forest Warden Omu(329942).png
Moat Lurker(42063).png
Bog Creeper(35240).png
Splitting Festeroot(89419).png
The Boogeymonster(33138).png

Plant art

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Lightning Bloom Common Spell Nature 0 Gain 2 Mana Crystals this turn only.
Overload: (2)
Living Spores Spell General Any 0 Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants.
New Growth Spell General Druid 0 Summon two 2/2 Treants.
Old Growth Spell General Druid 0 Give your other minions +1/+1.
Biology Project Common Spell Nature Druid 1 Each player gains 2 Mana Crystals.
[[|Fertilizer]] SPELL None 1
Grasping Roots Spell Nature Any 1 Deal 2 damage.
Hallucination Common Spell Nature Rogue 1 Discover a card from your opponent's class.
Living Roots Common Spell Nature Druid 1 Choose One - Deal 2 damage; or Summon two 1/1 Saplings.
Lost in the Jungle Common Spell General Paladin 1 Summon two 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits.
Nature Studies Common Spell Nature Druid 1 Discover a spell. Your next one costs (1) less.
[[|New Growth]] SPELL None 1
One, Two, Trees! Spell Nature Any 1 Summon two 1/1 Saplings.
Razorpetal Spell Nature Rogue 1 Deal 1 damage.
Small Repairs Spell Nature Druid 1 Give a minion +2 Health and Taunt.
Spin 'em Up Spell Nature Druid 1 Summon a 2/2 Treant.
Strength in Numbers Common Spell General Druid 1 Sidequest: Spend 10 Mana on minions.
Reward: Summon a minion from your deck.
Treenforcements Rare Spell Nature Druid 1 Choose One - Give a minion +2 Health and Taunt; or Summon a 2/2 Treant.
Dendrologist Rare Minion General Druid 2 2 3 Battlecry: If you control a Treant, Discover a spell.
Razorpetal Volley Common Spell Nature Rogue 2 Add two Razorpetals to your hand that deal 1 damage.
Shrubadier Common Minion General Druid 2 1 1 Battlecry: Summon a 2/2 Treant.
Sweeping Strikes Rare Spell General Warrior 2 Give a minion "Also damages minions next to whomever this attacks."
Dig It Up Spell General Druid 3 Summon a 2/2 Treant.
Envenom Weapon Rare Spell General Rogue 3 Give your weapon Poisonous.
Landscaping Common Spell Nature Druid 3 Summon two 2/2 Treants.
Mimic Pod Rare Spell Nature Rogue 3 Draw a card, then add a
copy of it to your hand.
Prune the Fruit Spell General Druid 3 Draw a card.
Bloodbloom Epic Spell Shadow Warlock 4 The next spell you cast this turn costs Health instead of Mana.
Evolving Spores Rare Spell Nature Druid 4 Adapt your minions.
Garden Gnome Rare Minion General Druid 4 2 3 Battlecry: If you're holding a spell that costs (5) or more, summon two 2/2 Treants.
Ice Cream Peddler Epic Minion General Any 4 3 5 Battlecry: If you control a Frozen minion, gain 8 Armor.
Juicy Psychmelon Epic Spell Nature Druid 4 Draw a 7, 8, 9, and 10-Cost minion from your deck.
Poison Seeds Common Spell Nature Druid 4 Destroy all minions and summon 2/2 Treants to replace them.
Soul of the Forest Common Spell Nature Druid 4 Give your minions "Deathrattle: Summon a 2/2 Treant."
Aeroponics Rare Spell Nature Druid 5 Draw 2 cards. Costs (2) less for each Treant you control.
Arbor Up Rare Spell Nature Druid 5 Summon two 2/2 Treants. Give your minions +2/+1.
Force of Nature Epic Spell Nature Druid 5 Summon three 2/2 Treants.
Living Mana Epic Spell Nature Druid 5 Transform your Mana Crystals into 2/2 Treants. Recover the mana when they die.
Alarm the Forest Spell Nature 6 Summon four 2/2 Treant Totems with Rush.
Overload: (2)
Call to Aid Spell Nature 6 Summon four 2/2 Treant Totems.
Recycle Rare Spell Nature Druid 6 Shuffle an enemy minion into your opponent's deck.
Runic Carvings Epic Spell Nature 6 Choose One - Summon four 2/2 Treant Totems; or Overload: (2) to summon them with Rush.
Cenarion Ward Epic Spell Nature Druid 8 Gain 8 Armor. Summon a random 8-Cost minion.
Shan'do's Lesson Spell General Druid 8 Summon two 2/2 Treants with Taunt.
The Forest's Aid Rare Spell Nature Druid 8 Twinspell
Summon five 2/2 Treants.
The Forest's Aid Rare Spell Nature Druid 8 Summon five 2/2 Treants.
Showing all 46 cards
Lightning Bloom(329861).png
Living Spores(52591).png
New Growth(89955).png
Old Growth(89954).png
Biology Project(89808).png
SW 422b.png
Grasping Roots(22437).png
Living Roots(22329).png
Lost in the Jungle(55495).png
Nature Studies(329870).png
SW 422a.png
One, Two, Trees!(22438).png
Small Repairs(151518).png
Spin 'em Up(151517).png
Strength in Numbers(151410).png
Razorpetal Volley(55580).png
Sweeping Strikes(90661).png
Dig It Up(389076).png
Envenom Weapon(55588).png
Mimic Pod(55483).png
Prune the Fruit(389075).png
Evolving Spores(55513).png
Garden Gnome(90810).png
Ice Cream Peddler(90270).png
Juicy Psychmelon(89867).png
Poison Seeds(7726).png
Soul of the Forest(311).png
Arbor Up(442067).png
Force of Nature(237).png
Living Mana(55491).png
Alarm the Forest(330107).png
Call to Aid(330106).png
Runic Carvings(329919).png
Cenarion Ward(388961).png
Shan'do's Lesson(159).png
The Forest's Aid(90547).png
The Forest's Aid(90986).png