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Pit Snake
Pit Snake
Golden Pit Snake
Set:The League of ExplorersThe League of Explorers
Minion type:Beast
Cost:1 Mana icon.png
Attack:2 Attack icon.png
Health:1 Health
Abilities:Destroy, Poisonous
Wiki tags:Damage-related, Triggered effect
Artist:Bernie Kang
Flavor text

It could be worse. It could be a Snake Pit.

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Pit Snake is a rogue minion card, from the League of Explorers set.

How to get[]

Two copies of regular Pit Snake are obtained by defeating Lady Naz'jar, the third boss in The League of Explorers's third wing, The Ruined City.

As a Wild format card, both regular and golden versions of Pit Snake can also be crafted for the following amounts:

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Pit Snake 40 5
Golden Pit Snake 400 50


Considered to be a less reliable version of Patient Assassin however the main draw of this minion is that it is more cost efficient and a common.

Pit Snake is extremely effective against cheap, medium-Health minions that can easily shut down other 2/1s, such as Voidwalker and Wyrmrest Agent, or even Deathlord. However, its lack of Stealth make this card less reliable as a counter against late-game threats; at that point in the game your opponent will often be able to remove the Pit Snake by using a spell, or by choosing a cheaper minion to trade into it.


Pit Snake may be related to or meant to represent the Pit Viper mobs found in the Halls of Origination.



Pit Snake, full art

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