Pirate is a race of Minion.

Cards Edit

Set Name (hover) Cost Ability Note
OldGodsSmall Blackwater Pirate ManaCrystalIcon Lower weapon cost
HSIcon Bloodsail Corsair ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Remove Durability
OldGodsSmall Bloodsail Cultist ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Buff to weapon attack/durability
Warrior icon Warrior
HSIcon Bloodsail Raider ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Plus Attack
TGTSmall Buccaneer ManaCrystalIcon Rogue icon Rogue
HSIcon Captain Greenskin ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Plus Attack, Plus Durability
HSIcon Dread Corsair ManaCrystalIcon Taunt
GadgetSmall Luckydo Buccaneer ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Plus Attack
Plus Health
Rogue icon Rogue
OldGodsSmall N'Zoth's First Mate ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Equip weapon
Warrior icon Warrior
Rusty Hook
GadgetSmall Naga Corsair ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Plus weapon attack
GVGSmall One-eyed Cheat ManaCrystalIcon Stealth Rogue icon Rogue
GadgetSmall Patches the Pirate ManaCrystalIcon Charge
FTSmall Phantom Freebooter ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
GVGSmall Salty Dog ManaCrystalIcon
TGTSmall Skycap'n Kragg ManaCrystalIcon
GadgetSmall Small-Time Buccaneer ManaCrystalIcon Plus Attack
HSIcon Southsea Captain ManaCrystalIcon Plus Attack
Plus Health
HSIcon Southsea Deckhand ManaCrystalIcon Charge
OldGodsSmall Southsea Squidface ManaCrystalIcon Deathrattle
Buff weapon attack
Rogue icon Rogue
KaraSmall Swashburglar ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry Rogue icon Rogue

Support cards Edit

Set Name (hover) Cost Ability
Captain's Parrot ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: Put a random Pirate from your deck into your hand.
GVGSmall One-eyed Cheat ManaCrystalIcon Whenever you summon a Pirate, gain Stealth.
HSIcon Southsea Captain ManaCrystalIcon Your other Pirates have +1/+1.

Complementary cards Edit

Set Name (hover) Cost Ability Note
OldGodsSmall Bloodsail Cultist ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: If you control a Pirate, give your weapon +1/+1. Warrior icon Warrior
TGTSmall Shady Dealer ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: If you have a Pirate, gain +1/+1. Rogue icon Rogue
GVGSmall Ship's Cannon ManaCrystalIcon Whenever you summon a Pirate, deal 2 damage to a random enemy.
TGTSmall Skycap'n Kragg ManaCrystalIcon Charrrrrge
Costs (1) less for each friendly Pirate.

Pirate-specific counters Edit

Set Name (hover) Cost Ability Note
UGSmall Golakka Crawler ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: Destroy a Pirate and gain +1/+1.