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Pint-Size Potion
Set:Mean Streets of GadgetzanMean Streets of Gadgetzan
Spell school:Shadow
Cost:1 Mana icon.png
Abilities:Increment attribute
Wiki tags:Area of effect
Artist:Matt Dixon
Give all enemy minions -3 Attack this turn only.
Flavor text

I hope you didn't disenchant your Shadow Word: Horror!

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Pint-Size Potion is a rare priest spell card, from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set.

How to get[]

Pint-Size Potion can be obtained through Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Pint-Size Potion 100 20
Golden Pint-Size Potion 800 100

Generated by[]

As well as being collected in decks, this card can also be generated by the following card.

Kabal Chemist(49690).png


  • Like most enchantments, this spell's effect stacks, with multiple casts potentially reducing enemy minions' Attack to 0.


When overwhelmed by many minions, a priest can use this card in combination with Shadow Word: Horror or Confuse for a potent board clear. This also synergizes with cards like Shadow Word: Pain, Stampeding Kodo, and Book Wyrm to remove cards that are normally outside of their target range; with cards like Cabal Shadow Priest, Potion of Madness, and Shadow Madness to steal cards that otherwise would have a too high Attack value; or with cards like Crazed Alchemist and Kooky Chemist to permanently reduce the stats of an opposing minion.

  • Example: Your opponent plays Sylvanas Windrunner. A single application of this spell decreases its Attack to 2, allowing the Priest to steal it with Potion of Madness, attack another minion with it; and if that kills Sylvanas gain yet another minion due to Sylvanas' Deathrattle.
  • Example: Your opponent has played a Reckless Rocketeer. You cast Pint-Size Potion to reduce its Attack to 2, then play Kooky Chemist to swap its Attack and Health, making it a 2/2 minion. Because the swap "forgets" the temporary effect of this spell, these stats are permanent.


  • This card has the same effect and mana cost as Demoralizing Roar, a druid spell that was removed during the game's alpha.
  • Despite the "poison green" color depicted on the card, its effect has the same bluish green color as Devolve.
  • The flavour text references Shadow Word: Horror, and more specifically jabs at Shadow Word: Horror's poor reception when it was first released.


Pint-Size Potion, full art

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