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Pillager Drasar
Pillager Drasar
Golden Pillager Drasar
Set:Saviors of UldumSaviors of Uldum
Health:10 Health
Flavor text

Drasar generously shares stolen treasures with her minions.

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Saviors of Uldum logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Saviors of Uldum's Tombs of Terror.

Pillager Drasar is a boss that can be encountered initially in Chapter 4 of Tombs of Terror. After completing Chapter 4, this boss encounter will be available in any completed chapter.

Hero Powers[]

Normal Heroic
Pillaged Relics(92589).png
Pillaged Relics(92590).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Total cards Normal Heroic
Class Possible cards Class Possible cards
10; 15 Shaman Beakered Lightning Shaman Sludge Slurper
Tunnel Trogg Tunnel Trogg
Ancestral Knowledge Eternal Sentinel
Likkim Likkim
Sandstorm Elemental Primalfin Totem
Neutral Murmy Totem Golem
Injured Tol'vir Unbound Elemental
Stonesplinter Trogg Doomhammer
Candletaker Neutral Nerubian Egg
Burly Rockjaw Trogg
Trogg Gloomeater
Troggzor the Earthinator


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Pillager Drasar
Trogg looking for shiny! You got shiny?
Reno Jackson
Thanks for gathering all the loot in one place for me!
Brann Bronzebeard
Ah can't believe that you're just… robbing the titans!

Emote Response

Pillager Drasar
Trogg know your tricks. I no listen.

Hero Power

Pillager Drasar
Come get loots, little troggies. (targeting a trogg minion)
Fancy loot make troggs smile. Smile make trogg strong.
Shinies help make trogg grow strong.
You, help trogg. Wear shinies.


Pillager Drasar
This trogg trade rare loot for funnel cakes. You got some?
Troggs lost here. Then make home.

Boss card

Pillager Drasar
Any trogg minion
Come, come troggs. They have loot!
Troggzor the Earthinator
Here come big, big trogg!
Equipping a weapon
Trogg just do it troggself!

Player's cards

Pillager Drasar
Any trogg minion
Traitor trogg! Do not belong!
Any spell
This trogg don't eat magic. Like sweets instead.
Refreshment Vendor
Oooh. Funnel cakes! Give, give, give!
Undercity Huckster
No trust YOUR funnel cakes... get away!


Pillager Drasar


Pillager Drasar
Now trogg loot YOUR loots!


Pillager Drasar is unique to Hearthstone.


Pillager Drasar, full art

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