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"Knights of the Frozen Throne"
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Ann. date:November 6, 2017
Release date:November 6, 2017
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Patch is a Hearthstone patch released November 6th, 2017. A small patch adding Kobolds & CatacombsMarin the Fox and the Kobolds & Catacombs preorder.

  • The Kobolds & Catacombs pre-purchase bundle is now available from the in-game Shop. This bundle includes 50 card packs at a special price and the For the Hoard card back.
  • The Legendary card Kobolds & CatacombsMarin the Fox and the For the Hoard! card back are now available for use in-game.
  • Cosmetics - PNG logo.pngNemsy Necrofizzle now has a unique Hero tray.
  • Nemsy Necrofizzle's Hero Power button is now animated.


  • PC in-game Shop items will now use a three-character currency code instead of a currency symbol.
  • The rope animation will now correctly appear even if a player was disconnected when it began.
  • Mana-cost reductions to Goblins vs GnomesCrush now correctly apply after all other mana cost changes, such as the effects from cards like The League of ExplorersNaga Sea Witch.
  • Fixed a crash issue that could occur when viewing the Friend List.
  • Fixed a crash issue that could occur while holding a card during an Arena draft.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Arena draft to occasionally show no choices.
  • Certain golden Hero Powers are now easier to interact with.
  • Adjusted the volume of several Hallow’s End emotes to be more consistent with other emotes.
  • Adjusted the positioning of several pop-ups so they are not blocked by the chat window.
  • Adjusted the size and positioning of the chat window when the Friend List menu is open.
  • Mean Streets of GadgetzanMana Geode, Journey to Un'GoroMirage Caller, Journey to Un'GoroBinding Heal, and Journey to Un'GoroRavasaur Runt are now centered correctly in deck lists.
  • Fixed an issue where certain enchantment banner icons, such as Knights of the Frozen ThronePrince Keleseth’s Blessing, had incorrect art.
  • Knights of the Frozen ThroneDeath Coil’s art is now correctly centered in its History tile.
  • The “Open Packs” text is no longer cut off in some languages.
  • Restored Quest text that was missing in some languages.
  • Mean Streets of GadgetzanGetaway Kodo will no longer sometimes cause The Grand TournamentThe Skeleton Knight to return to its owner’s hand in an invisible state.
  • [Mobile] Maiev’s hero portrait will no longer be misaligned on certain mobile devices.
  • [Mobile] Knights of the Frozen ThroneThe Lich King’s dialogue is now more readable.