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"The Grand Tournament"
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Ann. date:August 18, 2015
Release date:August 18, 2015
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Patch - The Grand Tournament Draws Near is a Hearthstone patch released August 18, 2015. It is a large patch, including all data for the The Grand Tournament expansion, as well as other content.

Patch notes[]

This patch prepares the grounds for the arrival of Hearthstone’s second exciting expansion: The Grand Tournament!

When The Grand Tournament goes live later this month, you’ll be able to arm yourself with 132 all-new cards, recruit chivalrous knights of all shapes and sizes, and have a whole lot of festive fun! This patch also begins tracking your highest earned rank in Ranked Play mode, and you’ll be rewarded with a Highest Rank Bonus at the end of the season. Remember, The Grand Tournament pre-purchase bundle remains available until the expansion goes live.

We’re also adding a new card back and fixing some bugs. The full patch notes are below!


  • The following card back has been added:
    • Tournament Grounds – Acquired by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of August.
  • New quests added, including one to win games in Tavern Brawl mode!
  • Tavern Brawl victories now count towards earning the Heroes of the Storm mount award.
  • A bonus chest will be granted at the end of each season based on the highest ranked reached in Ranked Play mode.
  • Various audio, graphical, and UI issues have been resolved.

Undocumented changes[]

  • All The Grand Tournament cards have been added to the game, but cannot yet be crafted or otherwise obtained. [Cards made available for opening, crafting and purchasing August 24.]
  • The Grand Tournament battlefield has been added, but is currently only available in the Grand Tournament Match Tavern Brawl. [Battlefield made available in regular play August 24.]
  • New daily quests: "Everybody! Get in here!", "Druid Victory", "Hunter Victory", "Mage Victory", "Paladin Victory", "Priest Victory", "Rogue Victory", "Shaman Victory", "Warlock Victory" and "Warrior Victory" added.
  • Conceding now ends the game immediately, except during a Joust.[1]
  • Players will now have a chance to receive any of the current Hearthstone card packs (which include the Classic Hearthstone set, Goblins vs Gnomes, and The Grand Tournament) whenever a card pack is awarded, with a greater chance to receive The Grand Tournament card packs. [Not activated until August 24.]
  • The gaining rank animation has been updated and lengthened.
  • AoE damage that hits all characters now hits mortally wounded minions, consistent with AoE damage that hits all minions.

Card changes[]

  • Fel Reaver is now considered a remove from deck effect instead of a discard effect. Its card text has been changed from "discard the top 3 cards of your deck." to "remove the top 3 cards of your deck."[2]
  • Resurrect can no longer be played before a friendly minion has died this game.

Card text changes[]


  • Spells that have had their cost increased by effects such as Loatheb will now display their resulting cost to the opponent when played.[3]
  • Crafting a minion card now plays its summoning quote.[1]
  • Achieving 12 wins in the Arena is now accompanied by a message from the Innkeeper: "Ooh! You have claimed the top arena prize, the Lightforge Key!".[1]
  • On the Open Packs screen, the Shop button now moves itself to the middle of the packs pane when the player has no packs to open.[1]
  • Various cards have had improvements to their sounds, visual effects and animations.[1]
  • Finding Opponent screen: "Musty Orphan" replaced by "Roach Boy" in the list of possible opponents.
  • Tips: One tip has been changed: "If you win 500 games in Ranked mode with a class, you'll earn its a Golden classic hero Hero."
  • The following cards, when played, will now display a "Created by" message stating what card created them:
  • Collection Manager: Typing "new" into the search box will show only newly acquired cards.
    • The Quest Log has been adjusted to make room for the Ranked Chest display.