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Tavern Brawl game mode.

Party Portals!.jpg

"The Medivas are putting on a special show, and you're the star! Summon minions with various portals to create a most excellent performance."

Party Portals! is a Tavern Brawl. It debuted on August 31, 2016.

Themed around One Night in Karazhan, the Brawl serves as a kind of belated launch celebration for the adventure, debuting the day before the release of its final wing. All matches are played on the Karazhan battlefield.


Tavern Brawl Start End
64 August 31, 2016 September 5, 2016
81 December 28, 2016 January 2, 2017
271 August 19, 2020 August 26, 2020
327 September 15, 2021 September 22, 2021
353 March 17, 2022 March 23, 2022

Additionally, Party Portals! was one of nine Tavern Brawls featured as part of the 100th Brawl, A Cavalcade of Brawls!. Its mechanics were used by the shaman class.

March 16th 2022 initially opened with a reprise of Blood Magic, but was replaced with Party Portals! on March 17th for unknown reasons.


  • December 2016 (first reprise): Nerfed most of the minions summoned by Party Portal!.
    • Romulo's effect was reduced in power, healing for 3 instead of 5.
    • Taunt was removed from Party Elemental (including the spawned Party Elementals).
    • Mime was changed from a 3 mana 3/6 with the card text "Taunt", to a 5 mana 5/6 with the text "Always silenced."
  • May 2017 (A Cavalcade of Brawls!): The Mediva is always Mark Moonwalker instead of being a random choice out of three. This has no gameplay effect.


This Brawl sees both players playing as Medivh, with randomized decks consisting entirely of various "Portal" cards. Each player also starts the game with a special permanent Karazhan-themed minion on their side of the battlefield (either Mark Moonwalker, Susie Sizzlesong or Wanda Wonderhooves), reducing the cost of Portals by 1.

Featured cards[]


Party Portal!
Unstable Portal
Maelstrom Portal
Silvermoon Portal
Ironforge Portal
Moonglade Portal
Firelands Portal

Party minions[]

The following minions may be randomly summoned by the Party Portal! card. The minions are summoned individually, however if a Party Elemental is summoned, it will in turn summon 2 x Party Elemental.

Party Elemental
Red Riding Hood
Summoned minions
Party Elemental


At the beginning of the Brawl, one of these cards is added randomly to each player's battlefield. The cards are permanents, which have no stats, do not count as minions for any card text purposes (such as Cyclopian Horror), and are Immune. They cannot be targeted with spells and are not affected by any effects, but do occupy space on the board, limiting players to 6 minions each.

Mark Moonwalker
Susie Sizzlesong
Wanda Wonderhooves


Class Card Quantity
Druid Moonglade Portal 3
Mage Firelands Portal 3
Unstable Portal 8
Paladin Silvermoon Portal 4
Shaman Maelstrom Portal 5
Warrior Ironforge Portal 3
Boss Party Portal! 4


  • The objective is to attempt to maintain board control at all times.
  • Unstable Portal and Party Portal! are the main cards to keep in the mulligan, as they allow for minions to be quickly summoned onto the field.
  • It is best to get lucky with Party Portal! and get the Mime and Party Elemental minions instead of the legendary minions Romulo and Red Riding Hood, since they provide better stats.
  • Because of the buff and healing cards Silvermoon Portal and Moonglade Portal, having an early- and mid-game board presence is essential, to allow for better trades and maintain board presence.
  • Maelstrom Portal and Firelands Portal are damage spells which should be saved for opportunistic board-clear opportunities and swing turns.
  • Ironforge Portal allows the game to extend into a control match-up, thus reinforcing the importance of board control. This portal is usually the last type of portal to be used during a match, as the other portal spells are arguably much more mana efficient in stats for impacting the board.


As of September 2016, after the introduction of all cards from the adventure One Night in Karazhan, some of the best minions to summon onto the field from portals for this particular Tavern Brawl include:

  • Maelstrom Portal 1-mana minions:
Zombie Chow, Flame Imp, Injured Kvaldir, among others.
  • Silvermoon Portal 2-mana minions:
Shielded Minibot, Millhouse Manastorm, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Cult Sorcerer, Mana Wyrm, among others.
  • Ironforge Portal 4-mana minions:
Flamewreathed Faceless, Hungry Dragon, Pit Lord, Twilight Summoner, Tomb Pillager, Piloted Shredder, Burly Rockjaw Trogg, Dunemaul Shaman, Savage Combatant, Shifting Shade, and Water Elemental, among many others.
  • Firelands Portal 5-mana minions:
Venture Co. Mercenary, Doomguard, Earth Elemental, Fel Reaver, Ogre Ninja, Corrupted Healbot, Feugen, Djinni of Zephyrs, Ethereal Peddler, Prince Malchezaar, Stranglethorn Tiger, Pit Fighter, Usher of Souls, Twilight Darkmender, and Princess Huhuran, among others.
  • Moonglade Portal 6-mana minions:
Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Trade Prince Gallywix, Savannah Highmane, Sylvanas Windrunner, Maexxna, Mech-Bear-Cat, Piloted Sky Golem, Mogor the Ogre, Sea Reaver, Dark Arakkoa, Boulderfist Ogre, Skeram Cultist, Toshley, Archmage, and Cairne Bloodhoof, among others.

In contrast, some of the worst minions to summon onto the field from portals for this Tavern Brawl include:

  • Maelstrom Portal 1-mana minions:
1/1 minions that depend from their ability, Northshire Cleric, among others.
  • Silvermoon Portal 2-mana minions:
Doomsayer, Lorewalker Cho, Ancient Watcher, among others.
  • Ironforge Portal 4-mana minions:
Eerie Statue, Summoning Portal, and Faceless Shambler, among others.
  • Firelands Portal 5-mana minions:
Bolvar Fordragon and Junkbot, among others.
  • Moonglade Portal 6-mana minions:
Corrupted Seer and Moat Lurker, among others.


Each of the Medivas comes with a number of quotes, triggered by various game events, but mostly by the summoning of certain minions. The full list of quotes is provided from the game strings, but the list of matching triggers-to-quotes is currently a work in progress, and may never be finished due to the range of possible minions summoned by Unstable Portal.

It is also possible that triggers occur semi-randomly, having a small chance of activating whenever the trigger condition is met. For example, when a Stealth minion is summoned, a certain probability may exist for the voiceover event "Spooky dark!" to be triggered if Mark Moonwalker is on the board.

Mark Moonwalker[]

Opening remark

And now... Medivas!

Demented Frostcaller, Frost Elemental, Water Elemental

Frosty, snowman!

Stealth minion

Spooky dark!

Beast minion

Das some beasts!

Fire Elemental, Fireguard Destroyer, Flametongue Totem


Poisonous minion (Maexxna, Pit Snake)

Das some poison...

6-7 mana legendary minion (Dr. Boom, Emperor Thaurissan, Sylvanas)


Opponent deals 7+ damage with minion

Oh no, bad times.

Opponent triggers a Secret

A trap!

Call Pet spell

My man got pets!

Susie Sizzlesong[]

Opening remark

You rang?

Fire Elemental, Fireguard Destroyer, Flametongue Totem


Opponent deals 7+ damage with minion

Watch out!

In response to Wanda sneezing

Bless you...



1 mana Beast minion (Stonetusk Boar, Webspinner, Young Dragonhawk)

Fuzzy wuzzy.

Dire Wolf Alpha, Timber Wolf

Oh Tito!

Poison minion (Maexxna, Pit Snake)

No, not poison!

Tundra Rhino


Wanda Wonderhooves[]

Opening remark

You dialed?

Demented Frostcaller, Frost Elemental, Water Elemental

Ooh, cold!

Ancient Shade, Cyclopian Horror, Shifting Shade, Spawn of Shadows


Fire Elemental, Fireguard Destroyer, Flametongue Totem


9+ mana minion (King Krush, Varian Wrynn, Sea Giant)


Savannah Highmane, Stranglethorn Tiger

Achoo! ACH!



Malchezaar's Imp, Blood Imp, Flame Imp

I love imps.

Opponent deals 7+ damage with minion

Oh no I can't look.

Opponent triggers a Secret

Oh no, a trap!


Main article: One Night in Karazhan#Lore

This Brawl appears to take place at the party immediately following the conclusion of One Night in Karazhan. The three Medivas can be seen in the trailer for the adventure, serving as backing singers for Medivh.


  • Red Riding Hood is the first time a card has had the effect of preventing enemy attacks, possibly debuting a future mechanic for regular play or bosses.
  • This Brawl originates from an earlier version of the One Night in Karazhan adventure, which saw the Medivas popping up in numerous boss encounters, offering appropriately groovy dialogue in response to various events. However, this ultimately proved too distracting, and the characters were removed entirely from the adventure, but were later repackaged into the Party Portals! Brawl, along with much of their previous dialogue.[1]

Patch changes[]

  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan logo.png Patch (2016-11-29): Changes made to Romulo, Party Elemental, Party Elemental and Mime:
    • Romulo's triggered effect now restores 3 Health, down from 5.
    • Both Party Elementals no longer have Taunt. The Party Elemental spawned x 2 alongside the original minion no longer "Comes with a party!".
    • Mime has bee changed from a 3 mana 3/6 with the card text "Taunt", to a 5 mana 5/6 with the text "Always silenced."