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Oxana Demonslay
Set:Rise of ShadowsRise of Shadows
Health:40 Health
Flavor text

Slaying demons is her profession, but beating you is her passion.

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Rise of Shadows logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Rise of Shadows's The Dalaran Heist.

Oxana Demonslay is a boss that can be encountered in The Dalaran Heist adventure.

Hero Power[]

Normal Heroic
Immolation Aura(91347).png
Immolation Aura(91348).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

These decks correspond only to levels 6-8. If this boss is encountered on level 5, her deck will be missing 5 random cards.

Normal Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Warlock Soulfire 1 Warlock Soulfire 1
Plot Twist 2 Imp Gang Boss 2
Hellfire 1 Hellfire 1
Hooked Reaver 1 Despicable Dreadlord 2
Dread Infernal 1 Rin, the First Disciple 1
Kabal Trafficker 2 Abyssal Enforcer 2
Warrior Devastate 1 Warrior Devastate 1
Execute 1 Drywhisker Armorer 1
Rampage 1 Execute 2
Redband Wasp 1 Frothing Berserker 2
Sleep with the Fishes 1 Ravaging Ghoul 2
Frothing Berserker 2 Death's Bite 2
Blood Razor 1 Alley Armorsmith 2
Death Revenant 1 Brawl 1
Grommash Hellscream 1 Gorehowl 1
Rotface 1 Grommash Hellscream 1
King Mosh 1 Rotface 1
Neutral Acolyte of Pain 1 King Mosh 1
Giant Wasp 1 Neutral Acolyte of Pain 2
Grim Patron 2 Zilliax 1
Underbelly Ooze 2 The Lich King 1
Worgen Abomination 2
Batterhead 1
The Lich King 1


Because of her hero power, your best option is to take Oxana down slowly.



Oxana Demonslay
Demons are my quarry, but you'll do.
With a face like that, you might as well be a demon. (vs. Tekahn)
I hunt demons. Looks like you've got a few of your own. (vs. George the Fallen)
You've got quite the aura to you.

Emote Response

Oxana Demonslay
Your foul tongue is more twisted than your soul.

Hero Power

Oxana Demonslay
Burn away the corrupt.
Fall before me!
I will pay any price.
Sear and smolder.
Suffer, weaklings!


Oxana Demonslay
Afraid? Your invasion will fail.
Do you always hesitate? Or do I scare you?
I've stopped worse than you.

Boss cards

Oxana Demonslay
Burn until only a soul remains.
Burn... BURN!!

Player's cards

Oxana Demonslay
Any demon
Aha! I knew you were in league with them!
Demons! I will destroy you!
Illidan Stormrage (No longer possible)
Stormrage! You'd dare ally with THEM?!


Oxana Demonslay


Oxana Demonslay
Another falls before my blade.


Oxana Demonslay is a night elf demon hunter and vendor found at the Black Market in Dalaran's Underbelly.


Oxana Demonslay, full art

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