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Cosmetics - PNG logo.pngThrall, the Earth-Warder, the World Shaman, former warchief of the Horde, considered the leader of the orcs.

This page lists cards with card art depicting orcs.


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The orcs are one of the most prolific races on Azeroth. Originally hailing from the harsh, alien world of Draenor, the orcs were once a noble shamanistic people cultivating a mighty tribal society that was centered around survival, regulating themselves through ritualized combat and personal honor. Tragically betrayed by one of their spiritual leaders and delivered into the hands of the Burning Legion, the orc clans fell deep into demonic enslavement and were led into Azeroth as an unholy vanguard of the Legion meant to destroy everything in their path.
Yet, the shamanistic tradition of the orcs managed to rekindle from the ashes, and a young shaman by the name of Cosmetics - PNG logo.pngThrall arose to become a living symbol of his people's true identity in their darkest hour, causing many of the orcs to rise up against their demon masters and break free from their control. Several of the orcish clans that had existed on Draenor since ancient times reemerged and were united under Thrall's guidance, and the shaman warchief led the orcs out of the Eastern Kingdoms they had been forced to invade and into the continent of Kalimdor, in order to begin a new existence for themselves and their newfound allies. There, they founded the nation of Durotar and the great city of Orgrimmar.
Today, Thrall's orcs are a redeemed people who have reclaimed their destiny from dark influences, fighting no longer for the sake of destruction but for their very right of survival in their adopted world.


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DMF 078t.png
NEW1 025.png
DMF 523t.png
DRG 303.png
AV 308.png
BT 850t.png
BAR 843.png
ULD 240.png
BT 715.png
WC 034t2.png
EX1 603.png
DAL 735.png
BT 262.png
CS2 121.png
CFM 321.png
AT 084.png
YOD 030.png
SW 050.png
DRG 056.png
BAR 022.png
TRL 507.png
OG 284.png
BAR 076t.png
LOOT 152.png
BT 140.png
AV 124.png
BT 256.png
BT 726t.png
CS2 117.png
CFM 609.png
CFM 653.png
BAR 060.png
BAR 430.png
CS2 181.png
BAR 721.png
AT 066.png
BT 730.png
DMF 703.png
DMF 703t.png
SCH 317.png
CS2 122.png
CS2 196.png
BAR 847.png
SCH 337t.png
AV 323t.png
AV 323.png
TOT 107.png
EX1 021.png
BT 120.png
EX1 084.png
CS2 124.png
EX1 398.png
BAR 078.png
BGS 053 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 138 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 063.png
AV 100.png
TSC 911.png
AV 134.png
NEW1 011.png
BT 160.png
YOD 038.png
DMF 521.png
CS3 030.png
BAR 037.png
AV 293.png
CFM 756.png
BAR 073.png
BRM 034.png
BAR 072.png
SW 028t5.png
CS2 226.png
BAR 021.png
BAR 077t.png
BAR 721t2.png
BAR 846.png
BAR 919.png
CS3 025.png
AT 101.png
BT 720.png
ICC 481.png
AV 145.png
SW 021.png
ICC 828.png
CFM 328.png
BT 196.png
AV 130.png
TOT 313.png
EX1 188.png
BT 138.png
BT 716.png
BT 703.png
BAR 077.png
BAR 334.png
BRM 029.png
AV 202.png
WC 029.png
AT 070.png
DMF 078.png
DAL 431.png
BT 214.png
OG 255.png
EX1 414.png
GIL 504.png
ICC 834.png
SCH 337.png
DMF 163.png
DMF 163t.png
LOOT 540.png

Orc art[]

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CS2 041.png
GIL 504h.png
BCON 024.png
BCON 021.png
PVPDR SCH Active58.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt12t1.png
SW 023.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt6t1.png
AV 258t2.png
EX1 549.png
SCH 509.png
PVPDR YOP ShamanT2.png
ULD 291.png
SW 028t.png
CS2 074.png
SCH 235.png
EX1 245.png
BT 006.png
CS2 108.png
TB BlingBrawl Weapon.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt12.png
AV 330.png
BAR 910.png
ONY 023.png
CS2 084.png
WC 033.png
EX1 161.png
SW 028.png
DRG 008.png
SW 028t2.png
BT 306.png
AV 324.png
SW 027.png
BT 233.png
UNG 067.png
SCH 312.png
DS1 184.png
BT 199.png
BAR 323.png
PVPDR SCH Roguet1.png
DMF 523.png
GIL 506.png
CS2 073.png
NEW1 036.png
BAR 842.png
BAR 842t.png
BAR 842t2.png
DMF 706.png
EX1 131.png
DMF 090.png
DMF 090t.png
GIL 586.png
BOT 437.png
AV 202p.png
AV 226.png
AV 660.png
EX1 179.png
AV 113t9.png
SCH 525.png
BRM 013.png
AV 710.png
BT 213.png
SCH 701.png
OG 206.png
AV 119.png
AT 064.png
OG 276.png
AV 126.png
BAR 890.png
ICC 314t8.png
CS2 061.png
CS2 053.png
AV 338.png
LOEA 01.png
ONY 005ta8.png
BAR 076.png
BOT 219t.png
BAR 721t.png
DMF 187.png
AV 102.png
AT 056.png
ICC 415.png
AV 116.png
YOP 005.png
LOOT 093.png
DMF 117.png
BAR 075.png
AV 344.png
GILA BOSS 29t.png
TOT 030t3.png
YOP 006.png
BAR 844.png
PRO 001c.png
BAR 845.png
BAR 911.png
AV 224.png
AV 135.png
CS2 012.png
BT 291.png
EX1 407.png
DMF 202.png
ICC 207.png
ONY 011.png
DRG 217.png
GVG 016.png
DAL 009.png
BT 726.png
AT 078.png
BT 300.png
DAL 376.png
BT 601.png
LOOT 217.png
NEW1 004.png
TRL 569.png
PVPDR SCH Warlockt4.png
EX1 411.png
AV 704.png
CFM 687.png
EX1 178b.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt7.png
BAR 308.png