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The Open Packs screen, with a few packs to open

The Open Packs screen is where the player can open card packs to add new cards to their collection. It is accessed from the main menu.


On the left of the screen are shown any currently unopened packs. Packs of the same kind are stacked together, with a label indicating how many packs remain. If the player has enough different types of packs waiting, a slider appears to scroll up and down the sideboard.

Players can pick up and drop a pack over the central area in order to open it. Following a short animation, the 5 cards from the pack will appear, displayed face down. Players can mouse over each card to see a coloured glow corresponding to the rarity of that card. Clicking on a card will turn it over, revealing it to the player. Higher rarity cards are revealed with a burst of colour and an enthusiastic announcement from the Innkeeper. For more information on opening packs and a gallery of images, see Card pack.

You can also open cards by tapping spacebar. If all 5 cards are open and you tap it once more, the next pack is opened.

Players can click on the icon in the bottom-left corner to directly access the Shop, or can return to the main menu via the 'Back' button in the bottom-right corner. Completing the opening process for the final pack will automatically cause the player to exit the Open Packs screen, and return to the main menu.

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