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Nexus-Champion Saraad
Nexus-Champion Saraad
Golden Nexus-Champion Saraad
Set:The Grand TournamentThe Grand Tournament
Cost:5 Mana icon.png
Attack:4 Attack icon.png
Health:5 Health
Abilities:Generate, Inspire
Wiki tags:Hero Power-related, Random, Spell-generating
Artist:Marcelo Vignali
Inspire: Add a random spell to your hand.
Flavor text

The ethereals have their own jousting tournament, and Saraad is the reigning champion. Also he won the ethereal hot dog eating contest.

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Nexus-Champion Saraad is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Grand Tournament set.

How to get[]

Nexus-Champion Saraad can be obtained through The Grand Tournament card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Nexus-Champion Saraad 1600 400
Golden Nexus-Champion Saraad 3200 1600



Strong with Inspire-synergy cards such as Maiden of the Lake and Fencing Coach. An interesting option for Raza Priest.

Potential spells[]

As of The Grand Tournament, there are 214 collectible spells in the game, giving each spell less than a 0.5% chance of being generated. The average mana cost of a spell is 2.8.

Name / Desc Rarity School Class Cost Description
Shifting Scroll Common General MAGE 0 Each turn this is in your hand, transform it into a random Mage spell.
Barkskin Common General DRUID 1 Give a minion +3 Health. Gain 3 Armor.
Dark Pact Common General WARLOCK 1 Destroy a friendly minion. Restore 4 Health to your hero.
Psionic Probe Common General PRIEST 1 Copy a spell in your opponent's deck and add it to your hand.
Unstable Evolution Epic General SHAMAN 1 Transform a friendly minion into
one that costs (1) more. Repeatable this turn.
Cheat Death Common General ROGUE 2 Secret: When a friendly minion dies, return it to your hand.
It costs (2) less.
Crushing Hand Common General SHAMAN 2 Deal 8 damage to a minion. Overload: (3)
Evasion Epic General ROGUE 2 Secret: After your hero takes damage, become Immune this turn.
Lesser Pearl Spellstone Rare General PALADIN 2 Summon a 2/2 Spirit with Taunt. (Restore 3 Health to upgrade.)
Lesser Ruby Spellstone Rare General MAGE 2 Add 1 random Mage spell to your hand. (Play 2 Elementals to upgrade.)
Potion of Heroism Common General PALADIN 2 Give a minion Divine Shield.
Draw a card.
Renew Common General PRIEST 2 Restore 3 Health. Discover a spell.
Sudden Betrayal Common General ROGUE 2 Secret: When a minion attacks your hero, instead it attacks one of its neighbors.
Wandering Monster Rare General HUNTER 2 Secret: When an enemy attacks your hero, summon a 3-Cost minion as the new target.
Apotheosis Common General PRIEST 3 Give a minion +1/+2 and Lifesteal.
Explosive Runes Rare General MAGE 3 Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, deal 6 damage to it and any excess to their hero.
Healing Rain Common General SHAMAN 3 Restore 12 Health randomly split among all friendly characters.
Primal Talismans Rare General SHAMAN 3 Give your minions "Deathrattle: Summon a random basic Totem."
Reckless Flurry Epic General WARRIOR 3 Spend all your Armor. Deal that much damage to all minions.
Twilight's Call Rare General PRIEST 3 Summon 1/1 copies of 2 friendly Deathrattle minions
that died this game.
Unidentified Elixir Common General PRIEST 3 Give a minion +2/+2. Gains a bonus effect in your hand.
Call to Arms Epic General PALADIN 4 Recruit 3 minions that
cost (2) or less.
Cataclysm Epic General WARLOCK 4 Destroy all minions. Discard your hand.
Flanking Strike Common General HUNTER 4 Deal 3 damage to a minion. Summon a 3/3 Wolf.
Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Rare General WARLOCK 4 Lifesteal. Deal 3 damage to a minion. (Take damage from your cards to upgrade.)
Oaken Summons Common General DRUID 4 Gain 6 Armor.
Recruit a minion that costs (4) or less.
Deck of Wonders Epic General MAGE 5 Shuffle 5 Scrolls into your deck. When drawn, cast a random spell.
Dragon's Fury Epic General MAGE 5 Reveal a spell from your deck. Deal damage equal to its Cost to all minions.
Lesser Emerald Spellstone Rare General HUNTER 5 Summon two 3/3 Wolves. (Play a Secret to upgrade.)
Lesser Onyx Spellstone Rare General ROGUE 5 Destroy 1 random enemy minion.
(Play 3 Deathrattle cards to upgrade.)
Gather Your Party Rare General WARRIOR 6 Recruit a minion.
Level Up! Epic General PALADIN 6 Give your Silver Hand Recruits +2/+2 and Taunt.
To My Side! Epic General HUNTER 6 Summon an Animal
Companion, or 2 if your
deck has no minions.
Unidentified Shield Common General WARRIOR 6 Gain 5 Armor.
Gains a bonus effect in your hand.
Crushing Walls Epic General HUNTER 7 Destroy your opponent's left and right-most minions.
Lesser Diamond Spellstone Rare General PRIEST 7 Resurrect 2 different friendly minions. (Cast 4 spells to upgrade.)
Lesser Mithril Spellstone Rare General WARRIOR 7 Summon one 5/5 Mithril Golem. (Equip a weapon to upgrade.)
Lesser Sapphire Spellstone Rare General SHAMAN 7 Summon 1 copy of a friendly minion. (Overload 3 Mana Crystals to upgrade.)
Psychic Scream Epic General PRIEST 7 Shuffle all minions into your opponent's deck.
Showing all 39 cards


The following tables show probabilities for spells of specific mana costs and classes.

Mana cost 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Probability 5.6 % 21.0 % 23.8 % 21.5 % 11.2 % 7.0 % 6.1 % 1.4 % 0.9 % 0.5 % 0.9 %
Class Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
Probability 12.2 % 11.2 % 13.1 % 11.7 % 12.2 % 10.3 % 10.3 % 9.8 % 9.4 %


Let's negotiate. You concede and I'll let you live.
Effect triggering
A new acquisition.
You had your chance.


Nexus-Champion Saraad, full art

Nexus-Champion Saraad is an original Hearthstone character.[1]

Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Treading the chaotic spaces between worlds, the ethereals are astral travelers who dwell within the Twisting Nether. They are known to be collectors and traders of arcane items and artifacts. Now drawn to Outland, many ethereals are seeking to track down its treasures and steal them back into the Twisting Nether. They are liars and scoundrels who will stop at nothing to pursue their mysterious aims. The ethereals have no care at all for the Burning Crusade. They would even play both sides of the conflict against each other if doing so would serve to further their own goals.
Ethereals can be found in Nagrand south of Lake Sunspring, in the Mana Tombs of Auchindoun, the Blade's Edge Mountains, and throughout the Netherstorm. A small number also dwell in Shattrath. The ethereals are driven by trade and economics, and accordingly their political structures are centered around trade princes and political "companies." The ethereal faction called The Consortium, which players can gain reputation with, is one of these. The ethereals that currently control the Mana Tombs in Auchindoun led by Nexus-Prince Shaffar are another of these "political companies." The Ethereum is a radical militant organization that attempts to avenge the destruction of the ethereal homeworld by void creatures. The Protectorate attempts to thwart the void and protect neutral races from the Ethereum's attacks.
The ethereals are similar to goblins, in the way their political systems work, and like the goblins the ethereals will support anyone who would further their profits, and oppose anyone who dares interfere with their plans. The Ethereals also share in the goblins' propensity for technology, though their technology appears to be far more powerful and otherworldly. Ethereals possess everything from the familiar, such as transporters, to the radical, such as their eco-domes. They utilize a unique school of magic known as technomancy.
While most ethereals seem completely neutral, the Consortium later allies with the Sha'tar.


  • This card's art depicts Saraad riding an "energy-camel",[2] a new racial mount created by the developers specifically for this card.[3]
  • Earlier concepts for the card art involved Saraad riding a giant scorpion, but the developers felt the result was a "little too intimidating" for Hearthstone. It was replaced by a "really angry, cool camel", but the developers thought they could "do a little better", eventually arriving at the "energy-camel" seen on the card's final art. The champion's scorpion-shaped lance was also changed to a traditional lance, before arriving at the "energy-lance".[3] See the gallery for images.


Another ethereal, Thaumaturge Edouin, in World of Warcraft

An ethereal in the TCG

Original concept for Nexus-Champion Saraad

Later concept for Nexus-Champion Saraad. The design for the camel and lance were further developed to produce the final version

Patch changes[]


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