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Murloc Shaman is an aggressive deck that swarms the board with murlocs and finishes with Murloc Warleader or Bloodlust. Scargil and Underbelly Angler make an incredibly powerful value generation and card draw tool.

The deck gains a lot of power in wild format, with Everyfin is Awesome being a very powerful way to heavily tilt the game.


Murloc Shaman was first conceptualized in The League of Explorers with the release of Sir Finley Mrrgglton and Everyfin is Awesome. As the previous Murloc support cards, such as Neptulon and Siltfin Spiritwalker, were much slower than newer Murloc cards, the original Murloc Shaman decks were usually slower and were sometimes Midrange decks. Many non-Murloc cards suchas Tunnel Trogg and Flametongue Totem were added because the lack of quality Murlocs. Back in the League of Explorers meta, an early AOE buff provided by Everyfin is Awesome could easily secure victory.

With the dawn of Whispers of the Old Gods, Evolve Shaman arose as the go-to Shaman deck, making Murloc Shaman the less popular deck to Murloc Paladin, which still had the support of Murloc Knight and Anyfin Can Happen. Throughout the rest of the Year of the Kraken, Murloc Shaman proved to be ineffective compared to other more oustanding Shaman archetypes.

The release of Journey to Un'goro also brought the start of the Year of the Mammoth. Although various cards with Murloc synergy were released, the loss of Everyfin is Awesome still meant the Murloc Shaman was a rather ineffective deck in Standard. Unite the Murlocs was widely expedimented with, but as time went on, players found that versions of Murloc Shaman with the quest had a better chance of winning.

The Witchwood brought another rotation with the Year of the Raven. With the removal of powerful cards such as Kazakus and Patches the Pirate, the cards with Murloc support released in Journey to Un'goro, such as Gentle Megasaur and Rockpool Hunter, became extremely oppressive under the new meta. However, the deck which dominated the meta was Murloc Paladin, and when Murloc Paladin was nerfed in the following patch, Murloc Mage became the new go-to Murloc deck with its vastly superior sustainability with Aluneth, and its reach with Fireball.

Rise of Shadows brought the next Standard rotation various cardss that boosted Murloc Shaman enough to make it a competitively viable deck. Although the loss of Gentle Megasaur and Rockpool Hunter meant that Standard Murloc Shaman was less consistent, Underbelly Angler, Toxfin, Sludge Slurper, Murloc Tastyfin, and Scargil made Murloc Shaman one of the best aggro decks in the meta, and remained arguably the best aggressive deck between Patch and Rise of the Mech.

Saviors of Uldum brought Fishflinger and Mogu Fleshshaper, and Murloc Shaman still remained a competitively viable deck in both formats, although Evolve Shaman was vastly stronger and more popular in Standard during Doom in the Tomb.

Common cards[]

The following cards are commonly played in the deck:

Core Standard cards[]

The following Standard cards are played in most or all versions of the deck:

Murloc Tidecaller
Underbelly Angler
Murloc Warleader
Coldlight Seer

Optional Standard cards[]

The following Standard cards are played more than occasionally, but not always:

Grimscale Oracle
Murloc Raider
Bluegill Warrior
Ghost Light Angler
Hench-Clan Hogsteed
Murloc Tidehunter
Soul of the Murloc
Flametongue Totem
Nightmare Amalgam
Hench-Clan Hag
Murloc Tastyfin
Storm Chaser
Mogu Fleshshaper

Overload package[]

Some cards with Overload synergy worked well in Murloc Shaman:

Lightning Bolt
Sludge Slurper
Feral Spirit
Spirit of the Frog

Core Wild cards[]

Wild icon.pngThis section concerns content exclusive to Wild format.

The following Wild cards are played in most or all versions of the deck:

Maelstrom Portal
Rockpool Hunter
Gentle Megasaur
Old Murk-Eye
Everyfin is Awesome

Optional Wild Cards[]

The following Wild cards are played more than occasionally, but not always:

Murloc Tinyfin
Tunnel Trogg
Unite the Murlocs
Bilefin Tidehunter
Blowgill Sniper
Primalfin Totem
Primalfin Lookout
Spirit Echo
Call in the Finishers
Finja, the Flying Star