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Mossy Horror
Mossy Horror
Golden Mossy Horror
Set:The WitchwoodThe Witchwood
Cost:6 Mana icon.png
Attack:2 Attack icon.png
Health:7 Health
Abilities:Battlecry, Destroy
Wiki tags:Area of effect, Attack-related
Artist:Jim Nelson
Battlecry: Destroy all other minions with 2 or less Attack.
Flavor text

The hills have eyes. And teeth. Pretty bad breath, too.

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Mossy Horror is an epic neutral minion card, from the The Witchwood set.

How to get[]

Mossy Horror can be obtained through The Witchwood card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Mossy Horror 400 100
Golden Mossy Horror 1600 400


Mossy Horror is functionally equivalent to Shadow Word: Horror but costing 2 more mana on a 2/7 body. This card works best in decks with plenty of removal and few win conditions that intend to stall the game for long periods of time.

Mossy Horror is most effective as a powerful tool to destroy cards or strategies that revolve around several small minions. It is able to remove minions spawned with Spreading Plague or Giggling Inventor entirely. Additionally, it can be used to destroy 1/3 Voidwalkers that spawn from Voidlord, and minions that spawn from Call to Arms with 2 or less Attack. Finally, it can be paired with cards that reduce enemy minion attack such as Curse of Weakness.

It can also double as an "egg activator" while also removing smaller threats on your opponent's side.

This card works well with Lady in White to produce a 6 mana 7/7 card.


  • More smash!


Mossy Horror does not resemble any creature previously seen in the Warcraft universe, and is unique to Hearthstone.


  • Mossy Horror's working title was "Thing of Nightmares". According to card artist Jim Nelson, "the idea was that it was this big, monstrous entity but rather than appearing as some sort of horrific, Lovecraftian nightmare, it's actually sort of charming".[1]
  • Perhaps coincidentally, Mossy Horror's name is similar to the priest spell Shadow Word: Horror, which also destroys all minions with 2 or less attack.


Mossy Horror, full art

Mossy Horror sketch

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