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The Witchwood Monster Hunt.

Monster Hunt is a free single-player game mode added with the The Witchwood expansion.[1] The mode released on April 26, 2018, two weeks after the release of the expansion. Monster Hunt is similar to the game mode of Dungeon Runs featured in Kobolds & Catacombs.


  • The objective of the Monster Hunt is to defeat eight bosses of increasing difficulty to win the run.
  • The player plays as one of four heroes, starting with a deck of ten cards, which differs for each hero.
  • The player starts with 10 Health, and gains an additional 5 Health per defeated boss, up to 45 Health for the eighth, and final boss.
  • The player always goes first. The enemy also does not get CoreThe Coin. On the final round, the boss starts with 2 mana crystals.
  • After each round, the player is offered three bundles of three cards each. (listed below) The player can only select one of these three bundles. This allows the player to increase their deck size in tandem with the boss' decks increasing in size.
  • After rounds 1 and 5, the player receives a Passive buff, selected from one of three random passive buffs from the pool of Passives. (listed below)
  • These passives give a permanent effect to the player for the rest of the run. These are applied at the start of the match, meaning some buffs that affect cards will not affect cards added to your hand or deck later in the game.
  • After rounds 3 and 7, the player receives a Treasure card, selected from one of three random cards from the pool of Treasure cards. (listed below) These are very powerful cards, and often have low mana costs.
  • If the player beats a run with a given hero for the first time, the hero is given a crown on the selection page.
  • Once the player has beaten the run with all four heroes, the Final Challenge is unlocked.


Four special heroes are featured, each having access to a special hero power and special new cards:[2]

Clearing Monster Hunt with all four classes makes them all join forces against Hagatha the Witch. Completing this Final Challenge earns you a card back.

Tess Greymane
Darius Crowley
Houndmaster Shaw
Dog Whistle
Toki, Time-Tinker
Temporal Loop

Starting Cards[]

Upon starting a fresh Monster Hunt, a player is given a deck of 10 cards. These decks are always the same for that class. Each deck runs one copy of each of the cards in the below lists.

LegacyElven Archer
LegacySinister Strike
LegacyWorgen Infiltrator
LegacyBloodsail Raider
Goblins vs GnomesGlaivezooka
LegacySnake Trap
The WitchwoodBlink Fox
LegacyFan of Knives
Mean Streets of GadgetzanHired Gun
LegacySI:7 Agent
LegacyAbusive Sergeant
The WitchwoodExtra Powder
The Grand TournamentLowly Squire
LegacyAmani Berserker
LegacyCruel Taskmaster
The WitchwoodRedband Wasp
The Grand TournamentBash
The League of ExplorersFierce Monkey
The Grand TournamentKing's Defender
Whispers of the Old GodsBloodhoof Brave
Whispers of the Old GodsFiery Bat
Whispers of the Old GodsOn the Hunt
The WitchwoodSwamp Leech
Journey to Un'GoroCrackling Razormaw
The WitchwoodHunting Mastiff
Whispers of the Old GodsForlorn Stalker
LegacyKill Command
LegacyUnleash the Hounds
The WitchwoodSwift Messenger
LegacyArcane Missiles
One Night in KarazhanArcane Anomaly
LegacyMad Bomber
Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Glyph
Journey to Un'GoroShimmering Tempest
Goblins vs GnomesUnstable Portal
The Grand TournamentSpellslinger
LegacyTinkmaster Overspark
LegacyWater Elemental
Goblins vs GnomesBlingtron 3000

Loot Cards[]


Crystal Gem
First Aid Kit
Glyph of Warding
Khadgar's Scrying Orb
Lunar Signet
Pillage the Fallen
Potion of Vitality
Robe of the Magi
Scepter of Summoning
Small Backpacks
Cult of the Wolf
Sticky Fingers
Dragonfire Ammo
Tactical Reinforcements
Victorious Rally
Double Time


Brass Lantern
Creepy Curio
Gentleman's Top Hat
Beastly Beauty
Blood Moon
Coin Pouch
Murloc Holmes
Old Militia Horn
Safe Harbor
Surly Mob
Gilnean Tracker
Pristine Compass
Sneak Attack
The Exorcisor
Gattling Gunner
Gilnean Vigilante
Royal Gift
Ricochet Shot
Holy Book
Nalaa the Redeemer
Hallowed Water
Boss encounters
Grave Mistake
Murloc Infestation
Vampiric Fangs
Enchanting Tune
Sack of Gnomes
Shallow Graves
Tools of the Trade
Hunter of Old
Hunter's Insight
Frenzied Trapper
Grizzled Reinforcement
Tuskarr Raider
Seabreaker Goliath
Shaw's Shank
Sic 'Em
Clockwork Assistant
Puzzle Box
Chaos Theory
Stroke of Midnight
Impetuous Companion

Card Bundles[]

After each win, the player gets to choose three cards to add to their deck. The three cards chosen belong to the same bundle, being selected from it randomly; the player then chooses one selection of three cards from three options. Each selection may contain multiple copies of the same card.

User consensus is that once a specific bundle type, for example pirates, is chosen it becomes more likely to appear again, allowing the use of "tribe" synergy.

Tess Greymane[]

Jade in the Rough
Old Bones
Rapid Fire
(battlecry, bounce)
Run n' Gun
(weapons' synergy)
(spell damage)
The Professional
LegacyDeadly Poison Journey to Un'GoroHallucination LegacyShadowstep The Grand TournamentBuccaneer Whispers of the Old GodsJourney Below LegacyBackstab LegacyShadowstep The Grand TournamentBuccaneer LegacyBackstab LegacyCold Blood LegacySecretkeeper
Kobolds & CatacombsKingsbane One Night in KarazhanSwashburglar Blackrock MountainGang Up Mean Streets of GadgetzanPatches the Pirate LegacyBloodmage Thalnos Mean Streets of GadgetzanCounterfeit Coin Kobolds & CatacombsCheat Death Kobolds & CatacombsCandleshot LegacyBloodmage Thalnos LegacyPatient Assassin The Grand TournamentBear Trap
Knights of the Frozen ThroneLeeching Poison LegacyLorewalker Cho Mean Streets of GadgetzanJade Shuriken One Night in KarazhanSwashburglar Kobolds & CatacombsPlated Beetle LegacyPreparation Kobolds & CatacombsEvasion Knights of the Frozen ThroneDoomerang The WitchwoodCheap Shot LegacySnipe The League of ExplorersDart Trap
Goblins vs GnomesGlaivezooka The WitchwoodPick Pocket Mean Streets of GadgetzanJade Swarmer Goblins vs GnomesOne-eyed Cheat Knights of the Frozen ThroneRoll the Bones The Grand TournamentLock and Load Blackrock MountainGang Up Kobolds & CatacombsKingsbane LegacyEviscerate LegacyDeadly Shot LegacyExplosive Trap
LegacyEaglehorn Bow Whispers of the Old GodsUndercity Huckster Kobolds & CatacombsSonya Shadowdancer LegacyCaptain's Parrot The League of ExplorersUnearthed Raptor LegacyShiv LegacyNovice Engineer LegacyBloodsail Raider Knights of the Frozen ThroneTainted Zealot Knights of the Frozen ThronePlague Scientist NaxxramasMad Scientist
Journey to Un'GoroEnvenom Weapon The WitchwoodBlink Fox Mean Streets of GadgetzanJade Spirit Goblins vs GnomesShip's Cannon Kobolds & CatacombsKobold Illusionist LegacyColdlight Oracle Journey to Un'GoroRazorpetal Lasher Kobolds & CatacombsCavern Shinyfinder LegacyFan of Knives LegacySI:7 Agent LegacyMisdirection
Knights of the Frozen ThroneShadowblade The Grand TournamentBurgle Mean Streets of GadgetzanAya Blackpaw The WitchwoodCutthroat Buccaneer Whispers of the Old GodsXaril, Poisoned Mind LegacyEdwin VanCleef Kobolds & CatacombsSudden Betrayal Goblins vs GnomesGlaivezooka LegacyHeadcrack LegacyAssassinate LegacyFreezing Trap
Goblins vs GnomesTinker's Sharpsword Oil Mean Streets of GadgetzanShaku, the Collector Whispers of the Old GodsThistle Tea The Grand TournamentShady Dealer Kobolds & CatacombsCarnivorous Cube LegacyFan of Knives LegacyYouthful Brewmaster Goblins vs GnomesGoblin Auto-Barber Whispers of the Old GodsShadow Strike LegacyBig Game Hunter The WitchwoodRat Trap
Goblins vs GnomesBlingtron 3000 Knights of the Frozen ThroneLilian Voss LegacySouthsea Captain Knights of the Frozen ThroneCorpse Raiser LegacyQuesting Adventurer The Grand TournamentBeneath the Grounds LegacyPerdition's Blade The Grand TournamentFrigid Snobold Blackrock MountainDark Iron Skulker One Night in KarazhanCloaked Huntress
LegacyGladiator's Longbow Journey to Un'GoroObsidian Shard LegacyDread Corsair Kobolds & CatacombsLesser Onyx Spellstone LegacyViolet Teacher The League of ExplorersBrann Bronzebeard Kobolds & CatacombsRummaging Kobold The WitchwoodWANTED! Journey to Un'GoroVilespine Slayer LegacyEaglehorn Bow
The WitchwoodSpectral Cutlass Knights of the Frozen ThronePhantom Freebooter LegacyCairne Bloodhoof LegacyGadgetzan Auctioneer LegacyEarthen Ring Farseer Whispers of the Old GodsBlackwater Pirate LegacyAzure Drake LegacyThe Black Knight Knights of the Frozen ThroneProfessor Putricide
One Night in KarazhanEthereal Peddler Goblins vs GnomesSabotage LegacySylvanas Windrunner One Night in KarazhanArcane Giant Kobolds & CatacombsFal'dorei Strider LegacyBlade Flurry LegacyMalygos Kobolds & CatacombsCrushing Walls Kobolds & CatacombsLesser Emerald Spellstone
LegacyFaceless Manipulator Whispers of the Old GodsSouthsea Squidface Goblins vs GnomesSneed's Old Shredder Kobolds & CatacombsShroom Brewer Knights of the Frozen ThroneRuneforge Haunter LegacySprint
Goblins vs GnomesTrade Prince Gallywix The WitchwoodSpectral Cutlass The Grand TournamentAnub'arak Goblins vs GnomesAntique Healbot LegacyAssassin's Blade
Blackrock MountainNefarian Mean Streets of GadgetzanLuckydo Buccaneer Whispers of the Old GodsN'Zoth, the Corruptor LegacyGadgetzan Auctioneer LegacySpiteful Smith
The Grand TournamentSkycap'n Kragg

Darius Crowley[]

LegacyArmorsmith The WitchwoodRedband Wasp LegacyWhirlwind The Grand TournamentLowly Squire The Grand TournamentAlexstrasza's Champion The League of ExplorersElise Starseeker Whispers of the Old GodsN'Zoth's First Mate LegacyExecute Blood to Ichor Mean Streets of GadgetzanI Know a Guy LegacyCruel Taskmaster
Knights of the Frozen ThroneBring It On! The WitchwoodWoodcutter's Axe LegacyBattle Rage LegacyBattle Rage LegacyFaerie Dragon The Grand TournamentNexus-Champion Saraad Mean Streets of GadgetzanPatches the Pirate LegacySlam Kobolds & CatacombsGravelsnout Knight NaxxramasUnstable Ghoul The League of ExplorersBrann Bronzebeard
Kobolds & CatacombsDrywhisker Armorer The WitchwoodRabid Worgen LegacyAcolyte of Pain The Grand TournamentGarrison Commander One Night in KarazhanNetherspite Historian Goblins vs GnomesIron Juggernaut LegacyBloodsail Raider Mean Streets of GadgetzanSleep with the Fishes Journey to Un'GoroCornered Sentry The League of ExplorersFierce Monkey Whispers of the Old GodsRavaging Ghoul
The Grand TournamentBash LegacyKor'kron Elite LegacyFrothing Berserker The WitchwoodBlackwald Pixie Blackrock MountainBlackwing Technician LegacySylvanas Windrunner Goblins vs GnomesShip's Cannon The WitchwoodWarpath LegacyExecute The Grand TournamentKing's Defender LegacyDark Iron Dwarf
Knights of the Frozen ThroneMountainfire Armor The WitchwoodMilitia Commander Whispers of the Old GodsRavaging Ghoul The Grand TournamentSilver Hand Regent The Grand TournamentTwilight Guardian NaxxramasKel'Thuzad Whispers of the Old GodsBloodsail Cultist The Grand TournamentBash The WitchwoodMarsh Drake Journey to Un'GoroStonehill Defender The WitchwoodMilitia Commander
LegacyShield Block The WitchwoodSwift Messenger Knights of the Frozen ThroneBlood Razor The Grand TournamentMaiden of the Lake LegacyAzure Drake Kobolds & CatacombsMarin the Fox LegacySouthsea Captain The WitchwoodVoodoo Doll Blackrock MountainHungry Dragon Whispers of the Old GodsBloodhoof Brave Knights of the Frozen ThroneSaronite Chain Gang
Mean Streets of GadgetzanAlley Armorsmith LegacyLeeroy Jenkins Whispers of the Old GodsBloodhoof Brave The Grand TournamentTournament Medic Blackrock MountainBlackwing Corruptor LegacyRagnaros the Firelord Mean Streets of GadgetzanBrass Knuckles Knights of the Frozen ThroneBlood Razor The Grand TournamentMaiden of the Lake Mean Streets of GadgetzanAlley Armorsmith LegacyAzure Drake
One Night in KarazhanFool's Bane The WitchwoodMuck Hunter NaxxramasDeath's Bite The Grand TournamentKvaldir Raider Knights of the Frozen ThroneCobalt Scalebane Goblins vs GnomesSneed's Old Shredder LegacyDread Corsair NaxxramasDeath's Bite LegacyBrawl Journey to Un'GoroDirehorn Hatchling Goblins vs GnomesBomb Lobber
One Night in KarazhanIronforge Portal The WitchwoodCountess Ashmore Blackrock MountainGrim Patron The Grand TournamentMukla's Champion Knights of the Frozen ThroneBone Drake Knights of the Frozen ThroneThe Lich King Knights of the Frozen ThronePhantom Freebooter LegacyArcanite Reaper The WitchwoodFesteroot Hulk NaxxramasSludge Belcher Mean Streets of GadgetzanDoppelgangster
Goblins vs GnomesShieldmaiden The WitchwoodGilnean Royal Guard The WitchwoodBlackhowl Gunspire The Grand TournamentNexus-Champion Saraad Mean Streets of GadgetzanWrathion Kobolds & CatacombsWoecleaver LegacyCaptain Greenskin LegacyBrawl Kobolds & CatacombsHungry Ettin The League of ExplorersObsidian Destroyer Goblins vs GnomesShieldmaiden
Kobolds & CatacombsUnidentified Shield LegacyGrommash Hellscream Whispers of the Old GodsHogger, Doom of Elwynn The Grand TournamentKodorider Blackrock MountainChromaggus Journey to Un'GoroKing Mosh Whispers of the Old GodsTentacles for Arms The WitchwoodDeadly Arsenal Goblins vs GnomesCrush Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Drake Knights of the Frozen ThroneBonemare
Whispers of the Old GodsMalkorok Knights of the Frozen ThroneRotface Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Drake The Grand TournamentVarian Wrynn The Grand TournamentSkycap'n Kragg LegacyGorehowl Knights of the Frozen ThroneThe Lich King Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Drake
Kobolds & CatacombsGeosculptor Yip LegacyYsera Whispers of the Old GodsY'Shaarj, Rage Unbound
Whispers of the Old GodsDeathwing, Dragonlord

Houndmaster Shaw[]

(beast synergy)
Divide and Conquer
(aggro deathrattle)
Exotic Beasts
(non-hunter beasts)
Go for the Throat
On the Hunt Pack Mentality
Stomp, stomp, STOMP
Thick Hide
(big deathrattle)
Journey to Un'GoroCrackling Razormaw NaxxramasUndertaker The League of ExplorersPit Snake The WitchwoodHunting Mastiff LegacyTracking Journey to Un'GoroStampede Journey to Un'GoroStubborn Gastropod LegacyBestial Wrath Journey to Un'GoroEarthen Scales The Grand TournamentLock and Load Knights of the Frozen ThronePlay Dead
Whispers of the Old GodsMark of Y'Shaarj NaxxramasWebspinner Kobolds & CatacombsRaven Familiar LegacyDeadly Shot The League of ExplorersExplorer's Hat LegacyDire Wolf Alpha Journey to Un'GoroGiant Wasp Journey to Un'GoroJungle Giants Knights of the Frozen ThroneCrypt Lord Blackrock MountainQuick Shot NaxxramasBaron Rivendare
LegacyScavenging Hyena Goblins vs GnomesFeign Death The WitchwoodRedband Wasp The WitchwoodSwift Messenger LegacyFlare LegacyScavenging Hyena LegacyJungle Panther The WitchwoodWitching Hour Goblins vs GnomesLil' Exorcist Knights of the Frozen ThroneToxic Arrow Journey to Un'GoroSpiritsinger Umbra
LegacyAnimal Companion NaxxramasHaunted Creeper The WitchwoodBlink Fox LegacyLeeroy Jenkins The WitchwoodHunting Mastiff Whispers of the Old GodsAddled Grizzly LegacyKill Command Goblins vs GnomesGahz'rilla Journey to Un'GoroStonehill Defender LegacyDeadly Shot Knights of the Frozen ThroneCorpse Raiser
The WitchwoodDire Frenzy The WitchwoodLost Spirit Journey to Un'GoroChittering Tunneler The WitchwoodMuck Hunter LegacyKill Command LegacyFlesheating Ghoul NaxxramasShade of Naxxramas Journey to Un'GoroGiant Anaconda Knights of the Frozen ThroneStrongshell Scavenger The Grand TournamentPowershot Knights of the Frozen ThroneCorpse Widow
The Grand TournamentWildwalker LegacyHarvest Golem The WitchwoodDuskbat The WitchwoodVilebrood Skitterer Knights of the Frozen ThroneStitched Tracker Whispers of the Old GodsInfest Knights of the Frozen ThroneStitched Tracker Journey to Un'GoroSwamp King Dred Kobolds & CatacombsGreen Jelly LegacyWild Growth Whispers of the Old GodsPrincess Huhuran
Goblins vs GnomesDruid of the Fang Mean Streets of GadgetzanRat Pack The League of ExplorersFierce Monkey The WitchwoodCountess Ashmore LegacyUnleash the Hounds LegacyDefender of Argus Kobolds & CatacombsStoneskin Basilisk Journey to Un'GoroVolcanosaur Journey to Un'GoroNesting Roc Goblins vs GnomesCobra Shot Knights of the Frozen ThroneSkelemancer
The Grand TournamentRam Wrangler Whispers of the Old GodsInfested Wolf Journey to Un'GoroRavenous Pterrordax Journey to Un'GoroCharged Devilsaur Knights of the Frozen ThroneArfus Kobolds & CatacombsSneaky Devil The WitchwoodCarrion Drake Kobolds & CatacombsGrizzled Guardian NaxxramasSludge Belcher LegacyExplosive Shot NaxxramasSludge Belcher
Mean Streets of GadgetzanVirmen Sensei The Grand TournamentBall of Spiders The WitchwoodVex Crow The Grand TournamentIcehowl Kobolds & CatacombsFlanking Strike The Grand TournamentMukla's Champion LegacyStranglethorn Tiger Journey to Un'GoroGiant Mastodon Kobolds & CatacombsGrizzled Guardian LegacyNourish LegacyCairne Bloodhoof
One Night in KarazhanMenagerie Warden LegacySavannah Highmane Journey to Un'GoroDirehorn Hatchling LegacyHoundmaster LegacyStarving Buzzard The WitchwoodVilebrood Skitterer LegacyKing Krush Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Drake Kobolds & CatacombsSeeping Oozeling
The Grand TournamentKnight of the Wild The WitchwoodSplitting Festeroot The WitchwoodGhostly Charger LegacyStormwind Champion NaxxramasMaexxna Journey to Un'GoroTyrantus Knights of the Frozen ThroneHadronox LegacySylvanas Windrunner
Whispers of the Old GodsCall of the Wild Kobolds & CatacombsViolet Wurm Journey to Un'GoroOrnery Direhorn Journey to Un'GoroSabretooth Stalker Kobolds & CatacombsSleepy Dragon Goblins vs GnomesSneed's Old Shredder
Kobolds & CatacombsKathrena Winterwisp Journey to Un'GoroKing Mosh Whispers of the Old GodsN'Zoth, the Corruptor

Toki, Time-Tinker[]

BOOM! Chaos
(spell gen.)
Erratic Creatures
(minions with random aspect)
Lost Secrets
Magical Friends
(spell synergy)
Wild Magic
(spells with random aspect)
Kobolds & CatacombsArcane Artificer Kobolds & CatacombsShifting Scroll Journey to Un'GoroFire Fly Mean Streets of GadgetzanDirty Rat Knights of the Frozen ThroneBreath of Sindragosa LegacyBloodmage Thalnos Mean Streets of GadgetzanAuctionmaster Beardo NaxxramasMad Scientist Kobolds & CatacombsArcane Artificer Goblins vs GnomesAnnoy-o-Tron LegacyArcane Missiles
Kobolds & CatacombsRaven Familiar One Night in KarazhanBabbling Book Kobolds & CatacombsLesser Ruby Spellstone LegacyKnife Juggler LegacyIce Lance The WitchwoodBook of Specters Goblins vs GnomesBlingtron 3000 One Night in KarazhanMedivh's Valet LegacyMirror Image Goblins vs GnomesMechwarper Knights of the Frozen ThroneBreath of Sindragosa
Journey to Un'GoroTar Creeper Journey to Un'GoroOpen the Waygate Journey to Un'GoroPyros Goblins vs GnomesRecombobulator LegacyFrostbolt LegacyLoot Hoarder LegacySylvanas Windrunner LegacyCounterspell LegacyMana Wyrm Goblins vs GnomesMicro Machine Goblins vs GnomesFlamecannon
Kobolds & CatacombsDeck of Wonders Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Glyph Journey to Un'GoroShimmering Tempest Journey to Un'GoroStonehill Defender The WitchwoodSnap Freeze LegacyNat Pagle LegacyArchmage Antonidas NaxxramasDuplicate LegacySorcerer's Apprentice Goblins vs GnomesSnowchugger Goblins vs GnomesUnstable Portal
LegacyBlizzard Journey to Un'GoroShimmering Tempest Journey to Un'GoroTar Creeper Mean Streets of GadgetzanKabal Courier Goblins vs GnomesSnowchugger LegacyNovice Engineer Goblins vs GnomesTroggzor the Earthinator Knights of the Frozen ThroneFrozen Clone Blackrock MountainFlamewaker LegacyHarvest Golem The WitchwoodCinderstorm
Journey to Un'GoroMeteor The Grand TournamentSpellslinger Mean Streets of GadgetzanVolcanic Potion Kobolds & CatacombsKobold Apprentice LegacyFrost Nova LegacyArcane Intellect NaxxramasKel'Thuzad LegacyIce Block Knights of the Frozen ThroneSimulacrum Goblins vs GnomesSpider Tank The WitchwoodVex Crow
Kobolds & CatacombsSpiteful Summoner Kobolds & CatacombsLeyline Manipulator LegacyFireball LegacyMind Control Tech LegacyIce Barrier LegacyColdlight Oracle Kobolds & CatacombsMarin the Fox Journey to Un'GoroMana Bind Goblins vs GnomesEcho of Medivh Goblins vs GnomesGoblin Blastmage Kobolds & CatacombsDeck of Wonders
One Night in KarazhanFirelands Portal Whispers of the Old GodsCabalist's Tome Kobolds & CatacombsLeyline Manipulator The WitchwoodTanglefur Mystic LegacyIce Block LegacyGnomish Inventor Knights of the Frozen ThroneThe Lich King LegacyMirror Entity Knights of the Frozen ThroneGhastly Conjurer The League of ExplorersGorillabot A-3 One Night in KarazhanFirelands Portal
LegacyFlamestrike The League of ExplorersEthereal Conjurer Journey to Un'GoroSteam Surger LegacyTinkmaster Overspark LegacyCone of Cold LegacyAzure Drake Goblins vs GnomesMekgineer Thermaplugg LegacyVaporize Journey to Un'GoroMolten Reflection Goblins vs GnomesPiloted Shredder Mean Streets of GadgetzanGreater Arcane Missiles
Goblins vs GnomesDr. Boom Blackrock MountainNefarian Journey to Un'GoroTol'vir Stoneshaper Journey to Un'GoroVicious Fledgling LegacyWater Elemental The WitchwoodCurio Collector LegacyYsera The WitchwoodArcane Keysmith The WitchwoodVex Crow Goblins vs GnomesAntique Healbot The Grand TournamentRhonin
One Night in KarazhanMedivh, the Guardian Whispers of the Old GodsYogg-Saron, Hope's End The WitchwoodBonfire Elemental Whispers of the Old GodsFaceless Summoner LegacyBlizzard Kobolds & CatacombsAluneth Whispers of the Old GodsY'Shaarj, Rage Unbound LegacyEthereal Arcanist LegacyViolet Teacher Goblins vs GnomesMimiron's Head
Kobolds & CatacombsDragoncaller Alanna Journey to Un'GoroServant of Kalimos LegacyGelbin Mekkatorque Journey to Un'GoroFrozen Crusher LegacyGadgetzan Auctioneer Mean Streets of GadgetzanKabal Crystal Runner The League of ExplorersSummoning Stone Whispers of the Old GodsPsych-o-Tron
LegacyPyroblast Journey to Un'GoroBlazecaller The Grand TournamentGrand Crusader Knights of the Frozen ThroneSindragosa Kobolds & CatacombsSpiteful Summoner Goblins vs GnomesGazlowe
LegacyRagnaros the Firelord Journey to Un'GoroTortollan Primalist LegacyArchmage Antonidas Goblins vs GnomesPiloted Sky Golem
One Night in KarazhanArcane Giant Goblins vs GnomesSneed's Old Shredder


Some bosses are exclusive to certain classes.

Boss Encountered in Round Hero Power Notes
first last
The WitchwoodA Mangy Wolf 1 Guttural Howl: "Give a random minion in your hand +1/+1." (1 Mana) Plays a "companionship" hunter deck.
Azalina Soulthief 6 8 Unfinished Business: "Summon three 1/1 Wisps." (2 Mana) Plays a buff/swarm paladin deck.
The WitchwoodBaran the Blind 4 5 Bulldoze: "Spend all your armor. Deal that much damage to a random minion." (1 Mana)
The WitchwoodBeastly Pete 4 5 Beast Within: "Give your minions +1 Attack." (2 Mana) Plays ever so aggressively.
The WitchwoodBlood Witch Gretta 4 5 Blood Red Apple: "Spells cost Health instead of Mana." (Passive) Plays a mage deck with lots of secrets. Play as few spells as possible, or just gains a bunch of life afterwards.
The WitchwoodBrushwood Centurion 4 5 Survival of the Fittest "All minions attack random enemy minions." (3 Mana) Plays a pain warrior deck; plays a lot of high-attack minions and instant-kill cards.
The WitchwoodCaptain Shivers 8 Plunder: "Draw a weapon from your deck." (0 Mana) Tracker's Final Nemesis. Plays a Kobolds & CatacombsKingsbane deck. Starts the game equipped with a Kingsbane.
The WitchwoodChupacabran 4 5 Bloodthirst: "Give a friendly minion Lifesteal." (1 Mana) Drops the The WitchwoodVampiric Fangs active treasure.
The WitchwoodCragtorr 6 7 One With the Trees: "Reduce the cost of all minions in your hand by (1)." (2 Mana) Plays a Journey to Un'GoroJungle Giants deck. Beware of Y'Shaarj.
The WitchwoodBeastly Pete 4 5
  • Soot Up: "Give a friendly minion Stealth until your next turn." (1 mana) (Crooked Pete)
  • Beast Within: "Give your minions +1 Attack." (2 Mana) (Beastly Pete)
At 1/2 Health, transforms into Beastly Pete. Gains 15 Armor and changes Hero Power to Beast Within.
The WitchwoodCultist S'thara 2 3 Poisoned Drink: "Whenever a player draws a card, deal 1 damage to them." (Passive)
The WitchwoodCutthroat Willie 2 3 Shank: "Deal 1 damage to a minion. Draw a card." (2 Mana) Plays rogue pirates.
The WitchwoodDoctor Sezavo 2 3 Hollow Needle: "Deal 1 damage to a minion. If it dies, restore 3 Health to your hero." (2 mana) Plays aggressive priest.
The WitchwoodExperiment 3C 7 Consume: "Destroy a friendly minion, then draw 3 cards." (1 Mana) Plays a deck with all the tribes included. Drops the Amalgamate active treasure.
Face Collector 6 7 A New Face: "Transform a minion into a random one that costs (2) more." (0 Mana) Plays a copy of your deck.
The WitchwoodForlorn Lovers 6 8 Together Forever: "Whenever a friendly minion dies, shuffle a copy into your deck." (Passive) Plays a mill rogue deck.
The WitchwoodGarrow, the Rancorous 4 5 Death and Taxes: "Deal 1 damage to your opponent for each minion they control." (1 Mana)
Glinda Crowskin 8 False Heart: "While you control a minion, your hero is Immune." (Passive) Houndmaster's Final Nemesis. Plays a pain-oriented warlock deck, using False Heart to prevent damage.
The WitchwoodGnarlroot 2 3 Splinter: "Take 2 damage. Summon a 2/2 Treant." (1 Mana)
The WitchwoodGnomenapper 6 7 Nab: "Put an enemy minion into a sack." (2 Mana) Sack has 3 health and re-summons the minion when destroyed. Drops the The WitchwoodSack of Gnomes active treasure.
The WitchwoodGobbles 1 Starving: "Whenever a friendly Beast dies, draw a card." (Passive) Plays a beast hunter deck.
The WitchwoodGravekeeper Damph 3 Grave Mistake: "Trigger all minions' Deathrattles twice." (3 Mana) Drops the Grave Mistake active treasure.
The WitchwoodGriselda 2 3 Witch's Kiss: "Transform a random minion into a 0/1 Frog with Taunt." (2 Mana)
The WitchwoodGroddo the Bogwarden 6 8 From the Swamp: "Whenever an enemy dies, raise a 1/3 Bloated Zombie." (Passive) Bloated Zombie has "Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to all characters."
The WitchwoodGrubb the Swampdrinker 3 4 Chuck: "Destroy a friendly minion and deal its Attack to the enemy hero." (1 mana) Drops the The WitchwoodChuck active treasure.
The WitchwoodGrum 4 5 Terrify: "Shuffle a minion into its owner's deck. It costs (4) less." (3 Mana)
The WitchwoodGustave, the Gutripper 5 Cull the Meek: "Destroy a minion with the lowest Attack." (1 Mana)
The WitchwoodInfinite Toki 8 Chronoacceleration: "Give a friendly minion Mega-Windfury. At the end of your turn, it dies." (2 Mana) Time Tinker's Final Nemesis. Plays an aggressive elemental deck.
The WitchwoodInquisitor Hav'nixx 4 5 Devour Soul: "Halve the enemy hero's Health." (4 Mana) Plays a burn priest deck.
Lord Godfrey 8 Pistol Barrage: "Deal 2 damage to a minion and the minions next to it." (1 Mana) Cannoneer's Final Nemesis.
The WitchwoodManhunter Ivan 4 5 Trap Preparation: "Put a random Secret from your deck into the battlefield." (2 mana) Individual introduction for every hero.
The WitchwoodNiira the Trickster 2 3 Unstable Growth: "Give all minions +1/+1." (1 Mana)
The WitchwoodPlaguemaster Rancel 4 5 Poison Flask: "Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it survives, give it Poisonous." (2 Mana)
The WitchwoodRaeth Ghostsong 6 8 Desecrate: "Deal 1 damage to all minions. If any die, refresh this." (1 Mana) Drops the The WitchwoodShallow Graves active treasure.
The WitchwoodRatcatcher Hannigul 4 5 Cannibalism: "Whenever a minion dies, give the adjacent minions +1 Attack." (Passive)
The WitchwoodRavencaller Cozzlewurt 2 3 Call of the Raven: "Add a random 1-Cost minion to your hand." (1 Mana)
The WitchwoodRottooth 1 Fading Bite: "Gain +2 Attack this turn." (2 Mana)
The WitchwoodSazzmi Gentlehorn 3 Infatuation: "Gain control of enemy minions with 1 or less Attack." (1 Mana, autocast) Drops the Enchanted Tune active treasure.
The WitchwoodSephira Dusktalon 4 5 Tangled Wrath: "Whenever your opponent casts a spell, draw a spell from your deck." (Passive)
Shudderwock 4 5 Frumiosity: "All Battlecries trigger twice." (Passive)
Splintergraft 4 5 Grafted Bark: "Choose a minion. Add a 2/2 copy to your hand that costs (2)." (2 Mana)
The WitchwoodThe Mute 2 3 ...: "Silence a minion." (1 Mana) Plays silence priest.
The WitchwoodThe Scarecrow 7 8 Harvest: "Destroy a friendly minion. Restore 8 Health to your hero." (1 Mana) Starts the game equipped with a The WitchwoodScythe, and drops it as an active treasure.
The WitchwoodThe Whisperer 6 7 Echoes of the Witchwood: "All spells have Echo." (Passive)
The WitchwoodVitus the Exiled 6 7 Monstrous Aura: "Your minions have +1/+1." (Passive)
The WitchwoodWharrgarbl 3 It's Raining Fin!: "Draw 3 Murlocs from your deck." (2 Mana) Drops the The WitchwoodMurloc Infestation active treasure. Plays a Journey to Un'GoroUnite the Murlocs deck.
The WitchwoodWinslow Tobtock 4 5 Hypnotize: "Each player shuffles their hand into their deck and draws that many cards." (2 Mana)


For all loading screen tips for Monster Hunt, see Tips#Monster Hunt
  • When playing Tess, an effective strategy is picking card bundles with one or more Mean Streets of GadgetzanJade Shuriken spells. Once one has been played within a game, Tess' hero power The WitchwoodScavenge allows you to easily generate more copies and increase the power of your Jade Golems. The The WitchwoodCult of the Wolf passive synergizes incredibly well with this.
  • When playing Darius, playing your minions on both sides of the The WitchwoodCannon keeps it near the center, and able to hit any enemy minions summoned. Conversely, playing your minions on only one side will push the Cannon outwards and allow it to strike the enemy hero directly.
  • To get the most out of The WitchwoodFire!, manage your minion positioning and number (similar to One Night in KarazhanBlack King encounter). This can allow your Cannon(s) to strike two minions at once, which can be extremely useful on certain bosses, for example the Wisps of Azalina Soulthief.
  • Additionally, you can summon small minions for your opponent (such as with Blackrock MountainHungry Dragon) so that you can fire multiple times, triggering any Inspire effects.
  • When playing Houndmaster Shaw, get The WitchwoodCompanionship as soon as possible and The WitchwoodEntrenchment so your hero power summons 3/3's with Rush.
  • When playing with Toki, one way to play is with an Journey to Un'GoroOpen the Waygate deck. Your Hero Power will let you retry. For example, if you use One Night in KarazhanBabbling Book and got a spell you won't use such as Whispers of the Old GodsShatter when you have no freezing cards, you can use The WitchwoodTemporal Loop to try again.
  • The The WitchwoodDouble Time passive is incredibly useful, too. If you pick it up, you can use it with spell-producing spells like Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Glyph, and better still Journey to Un'GoroTime Warp. Just try not to pick anything that is able to damage your board severely, such as LegacyPyroblast, which may kill you if you are low on health and hits you. You can also pair it up with a Kobolds & CatacombsRobe of the Magi or another Double TIme so that your spells that only targets enemies, such as The WitchwoodCinderstorm, will get a huge boost.



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