Minion Evolution is a Deck Recipe for the shaman class. Summon as many minions as possible before evolving them! Evolve minions that have already done work for you to maximize your value!

Deck Edit

Minions Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
OldGodsSmall Eternal Sentinel 1
Shaman icon Shaman Fire Elemental 2
OldGodsSmall Hallazeal the Ascended 1
LOESmall Jeweled Scarab 2
Shaman icon Shaman Mana Tide Totem 1
OldGodsSmall Master of Evolution 2
OldGodsSmall Nerubian Prophet 2
OldGodsSmall Thing from Below 2
TGTSmall Totem Golem 2
LOESmall Tunnel Trogg 1
TGTSmall Tuskarr Totemic 2
BRMSmall Volcanic Drake 2

Spells Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
TGTSmall Elemental Destruction 2
OldGodsSmall Evolve 2
Shaman icon Shaman Feral Spirit 1
Shaman icon Shaman Hex 2
Shaman icon Shaman Lightning Storm 2
Shaman icon Shaman Rockbiter Weapon 1

Weapons Edit

This deck recipe requires no weapons.
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