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This page lists cards specifically related to the presence or summoning of minions available in Wild format.

For effects specifically related to specific minion types, see individual type pages, e.g., Beast. For abilities possessed by minions, or which grant abilities to minions, see individual ability pages, e.g., Deathrattle. For effects related to minion death, see Death-related.

For information on the minion card type itself, and card lists for Standard format, see Minion.

Minion card list[]

For a full list of minion cards, see Minion card list.

Summoning and playing-related[]

These cards have effects related either to the summoning of minions in general, or the playing of minions from the hand specifically.

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ICC 238.png
ULD 145.png
EX1 509.png
EX1 379.png
LOE 027.png
FP1 028.png
ULD 155.png
CFM 026.png
NEW1 019.png
GVG 025.png
GVG 075.png
EX1 609.png
CS2 237.png
OG 313.png
ICC 808.png
OG 113.png
LOOT 101.png
ICC 082.png
ULD 290.png
GVG 104.png
DAL 773.png
EX1 294.png
TRL 360.png
TRL 901.png
OG 310.png
EX1 366.png
CFM 900.png
DAL 372.png
BOT 555.png
ULD 262.png
LOE 016.png
UNG 900.png
GIL 607.png
GVG 062.png
BOT 280.png
LOOT 329.png
ULD 702.png
AT 041.png
UNG 919.png


These cards have effects that depend on the number and types of minions on the battlefield.

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CS3 002.png
GVG 013.png
ULD 705.png
SCH 604.png
OG 023.png
LOE 116.png
LOE 027.png
SCH 149.png
EX1 392.png
TRL 514.png
LOOT 367.png
TRL 111.png
DMF 123.png
UNG 009.png
SCH 199.png
ULD 003.png
OG 315.png
BT 140.png
CFM 617.png
GVG 024.png
ICC 252.png
DRG 202.png
LOE 039.png
BT 710.png
EX1 539.png
AT 065.png
GVG 097.png
LOOT 124.png
AT 117.png
EX1 085.png
CFM 616.png
UNG 937.png
KAR 026.png
AT 032.png
DRG 007.png
GVG 102.png
EX1 538.png
YOP 005.png
OG 337.png
AT 047.png
DRG 063.png
LOE 107.png
GVG 004.png
AT 122.png
TRL 533.png
GIL 624.png
EX1 062.png
DAL 551.png
DRG 314.png
CFM 671.png
OG 295.png
ICC 450.png
ICC 314t3.png
GVG 080.png
CS2 226.png
SCH 224.png
GVG 046.png
GVG 111.png
UNG 801.png
AT 010.png
CFM 652.png
CFM 688.png
DMF 528.png
GVG 077.png
DAL 173.png
CFM 328.png
DAL 417.png
SCH 530.png
ICC 054.png
BT 138.png
GVG 052.png
LOE 113.png
TRL 515.png
AT 070.png
BOT 552.png
TRL 555.png
LOE 073.png
DAL 560.png
ULD 169.png
OG 239.png
BOT 424.png
EX1 586.png
YOD 009.png

Minion type-related[]

These cards have effects related to any minion type. For cards that interact with specific types, see the individual type pages.

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DMF 528.png
BT 729.png
DMF 002.png