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Mimiron's Head
At the start of your turn, if you have at least 3 Mechs, destroy them all and form V-07-TR-0N.
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Do not push the big red button!

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Mimiron's Head is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Goblins vs Gnomes set. Its triggered effect has the ability to summon V-07-TR-0N.

How to get[]

Mimiron's Head can be obtained through Goblins vs Gnomes card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Mimiron's Head 1600 400
Golden Mimiron's Head 3200 1600

Summoned minions[]



  • While Mimiron's triggered effect only requires 3 Mechs, when it activates, all friendly Mechs will be destroyed. Any Deathrattles will also be activated.
  • Mimiron's Head itself counts towards the 3 required Mechs on the field.
  • Despite its wording, this minion's triggered effect summons V-07-TR-0N directly, rather than transforming the existing mechs. As such it will trigger effects such as that of Knife Juggler.[1]
    • Because of this, having Khadgar in play will summon two V-07-TR-0Ns.
  • Mimiron's Head is one of the only exceptions to the normal sequence of events concerning minion death; the deaths of minions destroyed by Mimiron's triggered effect are resolved immediately, in order to create room for V-07-TR-0N.[2] If the normal sequence of events took place, players with 7 minions on the board would be unable to summon V-07-TR-0N. And indeed, if you use Baron Rivendare to fill up the board before Mimiron's Head can place V-07-TR-0N, the summoning does not occur and your board becomes glitched.[3]
    • If Mecha'thun is one of the Mechs that Mimiron's Head absorbs to summon V-07-TR-0N and its conditions are satisfied, then Mecha'thun will destroy the enemy hero before Mimiron's Head plays its animation for summoning V-07-TR-0N, and the game won't end until the animation has finished.
    • If the Mechs destroyed by Mimiron's Head destroy any other minions with their Deathrattles, the deaths of those minions are not processed until after V-07-TR-0N is summoned. For example, if Mimiron's Head destroys friendly Boom Bots and they in turn destroy an enemy Sylvanas Windrunner, her Deathrattle will be able to steal V-07-TR-0N.[4]
  • 2 (or more) copies of Mimiron's Head on the field will only summon one V-07-TR-0N.
  • In the event that more than one of Mimiron's Head is obtained, V-07-TR-0N is a possible ingredient in another V-07-TR-0N.

Known bugs[]

  • If there are two Mechs on board and Nightmare is played on one of them before playing Mimiron's Head, and the latter's effect triggers, the animation will be broken and will only show one Mech being destroyed by Mimiron's Head. V-07-TR-0N will still be summoned, but then, due to the broken animation, the game bugs and it is not possible to do anything, not even to concede. A video of this bug can be found here. Note that if Nightmare is played on both Mechs, the animation will be skipped while V-07-TR-0N is still summoned, thus allowing the game to be resumed as normal.


Mimiron's triggered effect summons V-07-TR-0N, an extremely powerful minion capable of removing several enemy minions or dealing enormous damage direct to the enemy hero. V-07-TR-0N has Charge and so is able to immediately attack the same turn it is summoned.

V-07-TR-0N's Mega-Windfury amplifies any Attack buff 4-fold, making it an excellent target for any Attack-increasing effects. However, though sturdy, against minions with reasonable Attack values the V-07-TR-0N is capable of quickly breaking down. As with Windfury, this makes the enemy hero the ideal target for its attacks.

V-07-TR-0N's potential to overwhelm the opponent is strong. However, note its main downside: all friendly Mechs will be destroyed. This makes the value of Mimiron largely dependent on the Mechs on the board. If Mimiron destroyed a Mekgineer Thermaplugg in addition to itself, this could be considered a poor trade. However, if the other Mechs destroyed were Clockwork Gnomes, it could be considered a very beneficial trade.

However, if you combine Mimiron's Head with Kel'Thuzad (and don't immediately win the game on the same turn you get V-07-TR-0N), both the Head and the other mechs sacrificed will respawn at the end of your turn (as well as the end of your opponent's turn), allowing you to generate a V-07-TR-0N every turn. This puts the opponent in a "catch-22" situation- they have to negate Kel'Thuzad to stop you from summoning V-07-TR-0N, but Kel-Thuzad himself is tough, which may not leave them with enough removal to kill your mechs after removing him, letting you summon V-07-TR-0N anyway. However, this combo IS expensive and most opponents will not give you the chance to set it up unless you find a good way to protect Kel'Thuzad.

V-07-TR-0N can easily be made using Time Warp from Open the Waygate, guaranteeing that Mimiron's Head will activate with the extra turn. An easy way to combine it to V-07-TR-0N is with any two 0-cost Mechs, particularly Target Dummy. In addition, the Spare Parts will make fulfilling the quest requirement much more trivial.

Other ways to keep Mimiron and your other Mechs protected (but not guarantee them surviving) is to use Conceal, Frost Nova, and secrets like Counterspell or Spellbender. Mirror Image can help too. Use Duplicate or Echo of Medivh if you need more minions.

One Turn kills:

  1. After summoning V-07-TR-0N use cards that can buff its Attack by at least 4 (such as with a Combo Cold Blood), and attack the enemy hero for a total of 32 damage.
  2. After attacking 4 times with V-07-TR-0N use a card that can return it back to your hand (like Youthful Brewmaster or Shadowstep) then summon it again and attack another 4 times for a total of 32 damage.
  3. After summoning V-07-TR-0N summon Faceless Manipulator to copy it and together attack for a total of 32 damage.
  4. After summoning V-07-TR-0N attack with it, then play Baron Rivendare, Ancestral Spirit twice and Reincarnate. You will get another 5 V-07-TR-0Ns and the capability to attack for 96 damage for turn. Although a very hard combo, if you manage to make it you will be able to destroy pretty much anything.
  5. It is also possible to score a one-turn-kill by using Reversing Switch, which will make it a 8/4 rather than 4/8 and thus attack for 32 damage in one turn.
  6. Magnetizing a Wargear to V-07-TR-0N turns it into a 9/13, letting it attack for up to 36 damage.


Behold! The magnificent aerial command unit!
Take cover!
Oh, test failed!


Mimiron's Head is an epic drop mount from Ulduar raid. It drops from the final boss, Yogg-Saron.

Mimiron's Head takes its name from Mimiron, Titanic Watcher and creator of the mechagnomes and in turn all gnomes. However, the head is not strictly speaking Mimiron's head, but rather the modified head of V-07-TR-0N, which once belonged to Mimiron.


  • Added with Patch, the visual effect of this minion's triggered effect is one of the most extensive animations in the game, matched only by cards such as Twisting Nether and Elite Tauren Chieftain's summoning animation. The animation can be seen here. John Zwicker, Becca Abel and Andy Brock were responsible for its creation.[5]
  • Yong Woo states that he had reservations at first about the animation due to the amount of time it would take to create, but ultimately considers the work to have paid off, in terms of the reaction from the community.[6]


Mimiron's Head, full art

A Mimiron's Head mount in World of Warcraft

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