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Millificent Manastorm
Set:Rise of ShadowsRise of Shadows
Health:70 Health
Flavor text

Dread spouse of Millhouse, whom she'd like to have a word with.

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Rise of Shadows logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Rise of Shadows's The Dalaran Heist.

For the Battlegrounds hero, see Millificent Manastorm (Battlegrounds).

Millificent Manastorm is a boss that can be encountered in Chapter 2 of The Dalaran Heist adventure.

Hero Power[]

Normal Heroic
Summoned minions
Elementium Squirrel Bomb(91384).png

Special cards[]

Elementium Squirrel Bomb(91384).png
Thorium Chicken(91385).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Normal Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Thorium Chicken 2 Boss Thorium Chicken 3
Rogue Cogmaster's Wrench 2 Paladin Annoy-o-Module 2
Wind-Up Burglebot 2 Rogue Iron Sensei 2
Warrior Eternium Rover 2 Warlock DOOM! 1
Omega Assembly 2 Warrior Omega Assembly 1
Warbot 2 Dyn-o-matic 2
Omega Devastator 2 Security Rover 2
Iron Juggernaut 1 Beryllium Nullifier 2
Security Rover 2 Neutral Mechwarper 2
Beryllium Nullifier 2 Tinkmaster Overspark 1
Neutral Annoy-o-Tron 2 Arcane Nullifier X-21 2
Micro Machine 2 Piloted Shredder 2
Tinkmaster Overspark 1 Psych-o-Tron 2
Junkbot 2 Wargear 2
Zilliax 1 Zilliax 1
Gelbin Mekkatorque 1 Gelbin Mekkatorque 1
Foe Reaper 4000 1 Mechanical Whelp 2
Sneed's Old Shredder 1


One of the easiest ways to win this battle as the Rogue is to use Millhouse Manastorm to your advantage. Because Millificent will instantly be defeated if there are five copies of Millhouse on your side of the board, use Gang Up or Togwaggle's Scheme on him after playing him. Wait until your hand has enough copies of Millhouse Manastorm so that you can play them all in one turn without risking them getting destroyed shortly after.


Before match

Swampqueen Hagatha
Ahh, a lover scorned is as dangerous as any dragon.


Millificent Manastorm
I've been locked up for so long.

Emote Response

Millificent Manastorm
I'm not here for you, it's Millhouse I'm after.

Hero Power

Millificent Manastorm
Are you ready to EXPLODE?
Cute AND deadly! Just like me.
Here comes the heat!
This is gonna be nuts!
Wanna give it a pet?


Millificent Manastorm
I can't believe he abandoned me for YEARS.
My hair is probably a mess...
This revenge. Nothing could ever taste as sweet.

Turn 1

Millificent Manastorm
I'm finally free from this cursed mage prison! Time to- (Millhouse Manastorm appears on the player's side)
Millhouse Manastorm
Violet Hold! Now this brings me back. I... Uh oh.
Violet Hold? Where's the tour guide? Oh. No. Oh no.
Millificent Manastorm
That voice.... MILLHOUSE?!?
Millhouse Manastorm
Milly, dearie... You! Evil looking adventurer, take care of her! I'm off to hide! (Millhouse shuffles to the player's deck)

Turn 2

Millificent Manastorm
Where... are... you... hiding him?

Millhouse Manastorm

Millhouse Manastorm
It was so dark and cozy in there!
Think of the ramifications for playing me! It's not worth it!
What?! How'd you even find me in here?!
Millhouse Manastorm
NO no, put me back in your hand.
Wait wait wait!
No no no! Stop stop stop!
Millificent Manastorm
There you are deary. Now just hold still!
You left me to ROT in that cell. HOW COULD YOU?
GET THIS FILTH OUT OF MY HANDS. (discarded from Millificent's hand)
Shuffle into deck
Millificent Manastorm
There's nowhere you can hide from me, Millhouse. HEAR ME? NOWHERE.
Two Millhouses on the board
Millificent Manastorm
TWO of my husband? You're just making it WORSE!
Five Millhouses on the board
Millificent Manastorm
<Scream> (dies)
Millhouse dies
Millificent Manastorm
Just what he deserved. Now you... You're next.


Millificent Manastorm
No! I won't go back!

If killed by Millhouse

Millhouse Manastorm
Looks like everything's coming up Millhouse!
Whew! Let's just put her back into the hold.
Millificent Manastorm
No! I won't go back!


Millificent Manastorm
Time to light the squirrels and get out of here!


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Millificent Manastorm is a gnomish engineer boss in Assault on Violet Hold. She is the wife of Millhouse Manastorm.
Millificent created a dangerous weapon, an arcane vessel that siphons the essence of a mage, binding their magic to the object. Upon capture she shattered the vessel, which broke into four fragments, allowing it to fall into enemy hands. Archmage Khadgar, needing to repurpose the weapon as bait for Hakkar the Houndmaster, asked that the Huntmaster of the Unseen Path send out the order's champions to retrieve the fragments.
Millificent is quite sensitive about her hair, and making fun of it causes her to fly into a rage.


Millificent Manastorm, full art

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