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Micro Mummy
Micro Mummy(90774) Battlegrounds.png
Golden Micro Mummy
Minion type:Mech
Tavern Tier:1 Star.png
Attack:1 Attack icon.png
Health:2 Health
Abilities:Increment attribute, Reborn
Wiki tags:Random, Triggered effect
Artist:Matt Dixon
At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +1 Attack.
Flavor text

The dramatically detailed terrifically trimmed replica of the real thing!

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Micro Mummy is a Tier 1 minion in the Battlegrounds game mode.

Other versions[]

Micro Mummy(90774).png
Battlegrounds Golden
Micro Mummy(BG2) Battlegrounds.png


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This minion is pretty similar to Micro Machine, with two differences: instead of giving itself +1 attack, it targets other friendly minions, which could be useful to buff Taunts; and it has Reborn, meaning it can die twice to fuel Junkbot and Deflect-o-Bot quicker as well as act as an extra Taunt with the use of Greybough's Hero Power. Unlike Micro Machine, its effect triggers at the end of the turn.

It is worth noting that any buff on Micro Mummy itself will not carry over to the reborn form, so it cannot spawn twice as many Microbots from Replicating Menace.


Micro Mummy, full art

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