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This content is only for Mercenaries.


Village is the main hub of Mercenaries and also the first scene when the player visits the mode. Village consists of buildings that have different functionalities which grants the players access to different content of Mercenaries.

Village look (1)

Village look (2)

Village look (3)


  • Workshop is the first available building for new players. All other buildings are unavailable, but can be built, upgraded, and even given new looks in Workshop.
  • Tavern is equivalent to Collection manager, except that the player manages their Mercenaries collection.
  • Travel Point is where the player accesses to PvE content of Mercenaries, similar Solo Adventures.
  • Fighting Pit is where the player accesses to PvP content of Mercenaries, similar to Constructed.
  • Merchant Cart is equivalent to Shop, except that it only shows Mercenaries-only bundles and items for sale.
  • Mailbox is where the player gets announcements from Blizzard about Mercenaries updates.
  • Campfire is equivalent to Quests Log in Journal, except that they are called tasks instead of quests and reward a variety of Mercenaries items.