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This content is only for Mercenaries.

Travel Point's default look

Travel Point is where the player accesses to the single-player (PvE) content of Mercenaries.[1]

At Travel Point, the player can choose a zone and a bounty to start a procedurally-generated series of encounters, including fights, with the boss fight at the end of the bounty. Defeating the boss rewards the players Mercenary coins.

Upgrading Travel Point provides the player Heroic difficulty of the bounties.

Zones and bounties[]

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Each zone has bounties for players to choose. After choosing a bounty, they are able to choose one of their created teams to start. A bounty is similar to a Dungeon Run, except that the bounty is a mapped and procedurally-generated series of encounters, which provides the player what they are going to face and which paths they can choose to reach the boss fight at the end.


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