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This content is only for Mercenaries.

Tavern's default look

Tavern is where the player can manage their Mercenaries collection.

Collection manager[]

Collection manager
  • In the collection manager, all mercenaries are organized into three sections, each represent all available roles: protector, fighter, and caster respectively.
  • At the right part of the collection, the player can see all the teams they have created, or create a new one there. The blank wooden part shows the weakness system of the roles as a reminder for the player.
  • At the bottom part of the collection, the player can use the search function to search the Mercenary cards, and a "Crafting" button to craft ones they do not own.
  • The footer of each Mercenary card represent their unique coins the player have earned so far. It disappears when the player is building a team.

The player can click or tap on a Mercenary card to see more details of it, including its abilities, equipments, and portraits. This screen is also where the player can upgrade them with coins and wear an equipment for their mercenary. It is currently unknown the details of the cost for upgrading each ability and equipment.

Mercenary wearing an equipment
Upgrading an ability
Upgrading an equipment