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This content is only for Mercenaries.

Mercenary portrait (or portrait) is the cosmetic version of mercenary card in Mercenaries.

There are two types of portraits: golden and diamond. They function like their counterpart in Constructed, golden and diamond cards: Both give a new, animated look of the mercenary, and diamond gives a 3d animated look and a rainbow SFX when put into battlefield in gameplay.

As all mercenaries have 3 different base portraits, they also have 3 different golden portraits to obtain. Each legendary mercenary will also have 1 diamond portrait.

How to get[]

  • Opening Mercenaries Packs
  • Completing tasks in Campfire - So far, only golden Cariel Roame is known to be able to obtain by completing a story task.


Card frames
Viewing portrait in Tavern (example for Illidan Stormrage)
Diamond portrait in gameplay (example for Illidan Stormrage)