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This content is only for Mercenaries.

Mercenary is a card type in Mercenaries. In Tavern and collection term, mercenary appears in the form of mercenary card.

Mercenary is the main character the player controls in gameplay.

How to get[]

  • Opening Mercenaries Packs - Each pack has at least one rare mercenary card or better rarity.
  • Winning or claiming end-of-season rewards in Fighting Pit - Reaching at least 12000 rating rewards the player a random mercenary card at the end of month.
  • Crafting in Tavern - Depending on the rarity, the player can craft a mercenary card using its mercenary coins.
  • Free mercenaries - All players will get these mercenaries for free after completing Prologue: Deadmines and new player experience: Blademaster Samuro, Cariel Roame, Cornelius Roame, Grommash Hellscream, Millhouse Manastorm, Tyrande, and Xyrella.


A mercenary may have these properties:


Main article: Mercenaries/Role

Each mercenary can be categorised into 3 roles: caster, fighter, and protector. Each has a representing color for their frame, weakness and strength. In particular, caster is blue, fighter is green, and protector is red. Caster deals Critical Damage (double damage) to protector, protector deals Critical Damage to fighter, and fighter deals Critical Damage to caster.

Mercenaries - Protector icon.png
Mercenaries - Caster icon.png
Mercenaries - Fighter icon.png
  • Mercenaries - Protector icon.pngProtector
  • Mercenaries - Fighter icon.pngFighter
  • Mercenaries - Caster icon.pngCaster

Mercenaries which do not have a role are considered neutral and have a black frame. So far, neutral mercenaries only appear uncollectible and only in Travel Point.

Attributes (stats)[]

Main article: Mercenaries/Level
Main article: Mercenaries/Attack (attribute)
Main article: Mercenaries/Health

Each mercenary has three attributes: level, attack, and health.

  • A mercenary can be leveled up by gaining experience by just playing, both in Travel Point and Fighting Pit. Max level of a mercenary is currently 30. When leveled up, their health and sometimes attack will be increased. After reaching level 5, 15 and 30 respectively, the player unlocks an ability, another ability, and an equipment of that mercenary.
    • Level can be seen placed on rarity's gem and under the card name.
  • When a mercenary attacks, it deals amount of damage equal to its attack point to its target, decreasing the target's current health point.
    • Attack can be seen at the leftmost-bottommost part of the card. Attack has unique look and color depending on the mercenary's role.
  • When a mercenary's health reaches 0, the mercenary dies.
    • Health can be seen at the rightmost-bottommost part of the card. Health has a water-drop-like look and unique color depending on the mercenary's role.


Main article: Mercenaries/Ability

All collectible mercenaries have three abilities that can be upgraded by spending their own mercenary coins in Tavern. All of them start at tier 1 and can be fully upgraded at tier 5. They are the main sources of interactions of gameplay and decides the order of action with their attribute, speed.

At level 1, the mercenary starts with one ability, while the other 2 can be unlocked after it reaches level 5 and 15 respectively.

In Travel Point, special, uncollectible mercenaries do not follow these traditional designs. Most of them have special, much more powerful effects, while some of them are very basic actions, such as Attack or Fireblast.


Main article: Mercenaries/Equipment

All collectible mercenaries have three equipments, like abilities, can be upgraded by spending their own mercenary coins in Tavern. Most of them start at tier 1, some can start at tier 2, 3, or even 4, the fully upgraded tier. They are additional boosts to the mercenary or its abilities, depending on how their text implies.

Each mercenary has an equipment unlocked after it reaches level 30, one unlocked after its 2nd task is completed, and another one unlocked after its 7th and final task is completed.

Minion type[]

Main article: Mercenaries/Minion type

Each mercenary may have a unique minion type to represent its race in Warcraft universe or Blizzard Entertainment's game universe. In gameplay, minion type can be an inspiration for synergy between their abilities and equipments, combining into a more powerful effect. It is placed between attack and health.


Main article: Mercenaries/Rarity

Rarity determines the how many mercenary's coins the player needs to craft it and how rare it is when the player opens a Mercenaries Pack.

Card text[]

So far, only uncollectible mercenaries may have card text placed on the black stone area similar to minion in Constructed. They represent special effects.

List of collectible mercenaries[]



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