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This content is only for Mercenaries.

Mercenaries Pack

Mercenaries Pack since Patch

Mercenaries Pack is a special type of card pack exclusive to Mercenaries.

How to get[]

  • Buying with 100 gold or real-money - The price of a Mercenaries Pack is essentially the same as any card pack
  • Completing tasks in Campfire
  • Winning or claiming end-of-season rewards in Fighting Pit - Reaching at least 10000 rating rewards the player a Mercenaries Pack at the end of month.


A Mercenaries Pack contains 5 drops.

Special drop[]

Only one of them is guaranteed a mercenary card. Depending on the Rarity:[1]

  • Each Mercenaries Pack contains at least one 100rare or better mercenary card.
  • On average, one 300epic mercenary card can be obtained every five Mercenaries Packs.
  • One 500legendary mercenary card is guaranteed within the first 10 packs. Subsequent legendary mercenary cards can be obtained in 20 Mercenaries Packs on average.

This drop also follows the Duplicate protection rule, which means it always gives the player a mercenary card they don't own until they own all mercenary cards of that rarity. When that happens, they will obtain Mercenaries/Mercenary portraits of that rarity instead. If the player gets the a mercenary portrait before its mercenary card (for example, pre-purchasing bundle containing diamond Role2 Premium0.pngDiablo), this drop will still exclude Diablo until the player owns all other legendary mercenaries, but other drops will still be able to give them Diablo of any portrait with a random chance.[2]

Other drops[]

The other 4 drops can be Mercenaries/Mercenary coins, mercenary cards, or Mercenaries/Mercenary portraits the player does not own yet, with a random chance.

For the coins, depending on the Rarity:

  • 100Rare coins can drop 12 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average
  • 300Epic coins can drop 10 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average
  • 500Legendary coins can drop 8 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average

For the portraits, when a drop contains a mercenary portrait, it has the following chance:

  • For 500legendary mercenaries: 30% chance to get each of the 3 golden portraits and 10% chance to get the diamond portrait
  • For 100rare and 300epic mercenaries: 33.3% chance to get each of the 3 golden portraits

When the player obtains a mercenary portrait, the drop rate for the remaining mercenary portraits is dynamically recalculated, with new proportions based on the player's individual collection of portraits for that Mercenary.

The player will not obtain the same mercenary portrait until they own all the mercenary portraits for that mercenary. Once they own all the portraits for a mercenary, they can obtain a second copy of a mercenary portrait, which will automatically be converted into Mercenaries/Mercenary coins of that mercenary: 50 coins for rare, 75 coins for epic, and 100 coins for legendary mercenaries.

Occasionally, the player may obtain a mercenary portrait prior to obtaining its mercenary card. When that happens, the player will be able to play that mercenary with the mercenary portrait, and they could get the mercenary card from packs. (as stated)

Patch changes[]


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