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This content is only for Mercenaries.

Campfire's default look

Campfire is where the player completes tasks to claim the rewards and improve their collection.[1]


Task is equivalent to quests in Journal. Each task has a goal or objective to complete. After completing a task, the player needs to come to Campfire and confirm to claim the rewards. The rewards are varied, from Mercenaries Packs, coins, equipments, to even a mercenary.

In the meantime, there will be two type of tasks: daily and prologue tasks. A daily task is awarded to the player each day at 00:00 depending on the timezone of the region the player is chosen in the Hearthstone cilent (PST for America, CET for Europe; UTC+06:00 in Asia and China). Prologue tasks are one-time tasks that are available to new players, which guides them the basic gameplay, mechanics, and other related stuffs in Mercenaries. Completing all of these tasks rewards the player a total of 8 mercenaries for the player to start with.

A full list of daily tasks and prologue tasks are currently unknown.

Completing a task
Completing a task (2)


The player can also access to the Achievement system in the Campfire. However, not much detail is currently announced by Blizzard at the moment.


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