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This content is only for Mercenaries.

Ability is a card type in Mercenaries. They represent possible actions of a mercenary and the main source of interactions in any Mercenaries game.

Each collectible mercenary has 3 abilities. At the start of each Command phase, each mercenary can use one of their abilities chosen by the player. Their abilities can vary, from dealing damage, restoring health to any merc, to gaining Taunt to protect other mercenaries from enemy mercenaries' attack.

In Travel Point fights, the player can see which abilities the enemy mercenaries are going to use and their order adjusted each time the player finishes choosing an ability of their mercenary.

How to get[]

Each mercenary has 3 abilities, with the first initially available. The other 2 abilities are unlocked after its mercenary reaches level 5 and level 15 respectively.



Mercenaries - Speed attribute.png
Main article: Mercenaries/Speed

Speed is an attribute that determines the order of each ability in combat. The higher the speed is, the later the ability gets the chance to react. Speed can be seen right under the ability's art, represented by a silver wing icon.


Mercenaries - Cooldown.png
Main article: Mercenaries/Cooldown

Cooldown is an attribute that determines how many turns are needed to pass so that the ability can be re-usable. Cooldown can be seen at the rightmost-topmost part of the ability, represented by a hourglass.

At the start of game, cooldown affects immediately, making all abilities with at least 1 cooldown unusable at the first turn. The player can see the counter on the choosing abilities tab after clicking/tapping on their mercenary. At the end of turn, this counter decreases by 1 until it reaches 0, which then allows the player to use that ability. This also affects all abilities whose mercenaries are still in bench.


In addition, the player can upgrade abilities. Most of time, upgrading an ability increases the efficiency of its effect, or reducing its speed, making it faster to react in combat. All abilities start at tier 1 and can be upgraded up to tier 5 by spending their mercenary coins.

Ability tierCoins to upgrade

The player can also upgrade abilities by equiping certain equipments. While each mercenary can only equip one equipment, equipments can focus on improving a certain ability efficiently.


Ability in gameplay
Unlocking an ability
Upgrading an ability