Map to the Golden Monkey
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Shuffle the Golden Monkey into your deck. Draw a card.

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Map to the Golden Monkey is an uncollectible neutral spell card, from the League of Explorers set.

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  • This card shuffles the Golden Monkey into the deck before drawing a card, so it is possible for it to immediately draw the Monkey.


The Map to the Golden Monkey is the intermediate stage between Elise Starseeker and the Golden Monkey. For strategy on those cards, see those pages.

The Map to the Golden Monkey itself is largely useless, but can trigger spell-related minions such as Mana Wyrm, Archmage Antonidas, and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. It can also be used as a combo card in rogue, although its cost can be a little cumbersome for this.


Like its related cards, the Map to the Golden Monkey is original to Hearthstone.

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