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Malfurion Stormrage
75659 • Story_10_Malfurion_004hb
Story 10 Malfurion 004hb.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:50 Health
Artist:Alex Horley
He's appeared at the worst possible moment—when your essential spell is nearly complete!
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Death Knight Velas
75660 • Story_10_Velas_004hb
Story 10 Velas 004hb.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
For other representations of Malfurion, see Malfurion Stormrage (disambiguation).

Malfurion Stormrage is the fourth boss in demon hunter's Book of Heroes chapter.

Hero Powers[]

Malfurion Stormrage Death Knight Velas
Grave Call
Summoned minions
Zombie Chow
Stoneskin Gargoyle
Val'kyr Shadowguard
Val'kyr Soulclaimer
Skeletal Enforcer
Spectral Knight

Player's hero[]

Skull of Gul'dan Rank 2
Illidan and Malfurion
Brothers Stormrage

Special cards[]

Malfurion Stormrage[]

Forest Owl
Way of the Archdruid
Will of the Wisps

Death Knight Velas[]

Trapped Tyrande
Death and Decay
Val'kyr Shadowguard
Skeletal Enforcer
Locust Swarm


Eye of Sargeras
Illidari Studies
Blood Elf Allies
Naga Myrmidon
Mur'gul Reaver
Kael'thas Sunstrider


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Malfurion Stormrage Death Knight Velas Illidan
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Guidance 2 Death Knight Knights of the Frozen ThroneObliterate 2 Boss Illidari Studies 2
Forged in the BarrensForest Owl 2 Knights of the Frozen ThroneDeath and Decay 2 United in StormwindBlood Elf Allies 2
Forged in the BarrensWay of the Archdruid 2 Boss NaxxramasLocust Swarm 2 Naga Myrmidon 2
Forged in the BarrensWill of the Wisps 1 Priest, Warlock Scholomance AcademyFlesh Giant 2 United in StormwindMur'gul Reaver 2
Druid LegacyInnervate 1 Rogue The Grand TournamentBeneath the Grounds 2 Kael'thas Sunstrider 1
Rise of ShadowsCrystal Power 2 Warlock LegacyMortal Coil 2 Demon


Demon Hunter InitiateUr'zul Horror 2
Rise of ShadowsDreamway Guardians 2 Scholomance AcademyBoneweb Egg 2 Forged in the BarrensFelrattler 2
Scholomance AcademyGibberling 2 LegacyShadow Bolt 2 Demon Hunter InitiateWrathscale Naga 2
Madness at the Darkmoon FaireLunar Eclipse 2 LegacyShadowflame 2 Madness at the Darkmoon FaireRenowned Performer 2
LegacyPower of the Wild 2 Neutral NaxxramasHaunted Creeper 2 Forged in the BarrensVengeful Spirit 2
Galakrond's AwakeningRising Winds 2 NaxxramasDeathlord 2 Ashes of OutlandFel Summoner 2
Madness at the Darkmoon FaireSolar Eclipse 2 NaxxramasStoneskin Gargoyle 2 Ashes of OutlandCoilfang Warlord 2
Ashes of OutlandFungal Fortunes 2 Saviors of UldumBone Wraith 2 CoreIllidari Inquisitor 2
LegacySoul of the Forest 1 LegacyAbomination 2 DH, Hunter Scholomance AcademyTrueaim Crescent 2
Madness at the Darkmoon FaireArbor Up 2 Knights of the Frozen ThroneNecrotic Geist 2 Neutral Ashes of OutlandDisguised Wanderer 3
Ashes of OutlandGlowfly Swarm 1
Druid, Shaman Scholomance AcademyLightning Bloom 2


  • This is a two-stage battle. At the first stage the player has to survive seven turns; at the second stage - to kill Death Knight Velas.
  • The player always gets Forged in the BarrensFelrattler, United in StormwindBlood Elf Allies, Illidari Studies on mulligan.
    • These cards can be replaced with Ashes of OutlandDisguised Wanderer, Madness at the Darkmoon FaireRenowned Performer, United in StormwindMur'gul Reaver. The replacement takes place from left to right (i.e., if the player replaced one card, they will receive Disguised Wanderer regardless of whether Felrattler or Illidari Studies was replaced).
  • The player always draws the cards in next order at first ten turns:
  • The player starts with United in StormwindEye of Sargeras on the board.
    • Malfurion always deals 40 damage to Eye of Sargeras after the player ends the seventh turn.
  • When Eye of Sargeras is destroyed, the second phase of the battle begins. After that:
    • Malfurion's minions are removed from the board.
    • Malfurion is replaced by Death Knight Velas.
    • Death Knight Velas gets a new deck of 30 cards.
    • The player gets a new portrait, hero power, and the rest of Malfurion's deck.


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Before match

Illidan (present)
▶️Somehow, Maiev survived and rallied the elves against me, just as I was readying to use the Eye of Sargeras against the Lich King.
▶️I could have destroyed him... I had the power... but instead, I faced more accusations.

Stage 1: Malfurion Stormrage[]


▶️It is over, brother.
▶️No! The spell is not done!

Emote Response

▶️I am so disappointed in you.

Hero Power

▶️Nature will heal.
▶️Grow stronger!
▶️Mend your wounds.


▶️You are a monster now. How can you even look at yourself?
▶️These spells will shatter our world!
▶️I still do not understand why it had to come to this.

Turn 2

▶️Stand down! The spellwork is too fragile!

Turn 3

▶️You can't do this!


▶️Imprisonment will not be enough this time.

Stage 2: Death Knight Velas[]

Eye of Sargeras is destroyed

Malfurion deals 40 damage to Eye of Sargeras
Maiev Shadowsong appears on the enemy board
▶️Can you not see? I was going to strike the undead - our common enemy!
▶️Your vile schemes end here. Because of you, Tyrande is dead!
Maiev Shadowsong
▶️The Scourge killed her!
Kael'thas Sunstrider
▶️That... may not be true.
▶️You know I would never see her come to harm. Let me help look for her.
Maiev Shadowsong is removed from the board
The player's hero switches to Forged in the BarrensIllidan and Malfurion
Malfurion is replaced by Death Knight Velas
Trapped Tyrande appears on the enemy board
▶️I risk much by trusting you, Illidan.
▶️I swear on my life that I will bring her back, my brother.

Emote Response

Death Knight Velas
▶️What say you?


Death Knight Velas
▶️More soldiers to serve the Frozen Throne...
▶️Journey to Northrend and see our might with your own eyes.
▶️None can slow the path of the Scourge.

Boss' turn 1

Tyrande Whisperwind
▶️Illidan! What trickery is this? Have you come to finish me off personally?
▶️No, Tyrande. You must believe me. I've come to save you!
Tyrande Whisperwind
▶️Save me?

Boss' turn 3

Tyrande Whisperwind
▶️Fight on my warriors, we must hold onto hope.

Boss' turn 5

Tyrande Whisperwind
▶️We've got to keep fighting. It cannot end this way.


Death Knight Velas


Death Knight Velas
Tyrande Whisperwind
▶️You... risked your life for me. I don't understand.
▶️Whatever I may be - whatever I may become in this world, know that I will always look out for you, Tyrande.
▶️We have had much strife between us, but, for my part, I wish it to end. From this day forward, let there be peace between us, Illidan.


Death Knight Velas
▶️The Lich King calls for your blades...


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Illidan's servants had not been successful in destroying the boats. Maiev and the Watchers arrived on the Broken Isles shortly after Illidan, and the two forces battled across the watery terrain. Illidan reached the tomb, and Maiev was quick to follow. With Gul'dan's knowledge, Illidan quickly traversed the Tomb and came to the chamber which contained the United in StormwindEye of Sargeras. Maiev came upon him as he and Vashj were activating the powerful artifact, and, as vengeance for her imprisoning him for 10,000 years, Illidan used the Eye to bring the Tomb down around her, and then quickly escaped through the underwater passages used by the naga. Though he killed Forged in the BarrensNaisha and all the other Watchers within the Tomb, Maiev escaped with her magical abilities. On the surface, Illidan and Maiev battled for supremacy as the Warden sent out a runner to gather reinforcements from Ashenvale.
Malfurion and Tyrande arrived on the Broken Isles with reinforcements as Maiev's base was being overrun. When they struck back, Illidan's forces crumbled, but he and his retainers fled before they were seriously harmed. Tyrande pursued them out of the base, and Illidan ensnared her to protect himself, and then warned her not to interfere. He fled across the sea once again. During this battle, Tyrande finally revealed why she had spurned Illidan: too drunk with his rising magical and political power, he had forgotten his own inner strength. Malfurion, despite his increases in power, held on to that strength within him. Armed with this knowledge, Illidan finally came to grips with his feelings.
Illidan landed on the shore of Lordaeron, and quickly made his way through the Silverpine Forest to get to Dalaran, where Illidan began to use the Eye of Sargeras to break apart the polar ice cap and destroy Icecrown and the Frozen Throne. But he was interrupted by Maiev and Malfurion, and the spell failed. Malfurion had felt Illidan's spell tearing the land apart and concluded that he was a danger to the world and had to be stopped. Illidan, who was entangled by his brother, called Malfurion a fool as he was destroying the Lich King, their common enemy. Malfurion was furious at him for causing the loss of Tyrande, who had been, according to Maiev, killed. Illidan was heartbroken that the woman he loved was dead, but Scholomance AcademyPrince Kael'thas, the night elves' newest ally, thought that perhaps it was premature to presume her dead. Kael'thas explained that Tyrande had not been "torn apart" by the undead, as Maiev had told Malfurion, but had instead fallen into a river and been swept away by the currents. Malfurion immediately arrested the Warden and promptly went in search of Tyrande. Illidan begged to be allowed to help his brother track down the beloved priestess. Illidan and his personal guard of naga found Tyrande under heavy attack from a massive undead force.
Illidan and his naga battled their way through the undead until they reached her. Tyrande was taken aback by Illidan's service to her, and when he delivered her safely to Malfurion, she was astonished. Malfurion told Illidan he was free to go on the condition that he never threaten the night elves again. Illidan, wishing for an end to the conflict with his brother, agreed.


Malfurion, full art

Death Knight Velas, full art

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