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Maiev Shadowsong
75658 • Story_10_Maiev_003hb
Story 10 Maiev 003hb.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:50 Health
Artist:Chris Rahn
Having appointed herself as your jailer for millennia, she is obsessed with recapturing you.
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
For other representations of Maiev Shadowsong, see Maiev Shadowsong (disambiguation).

Maiev Shadowsong is the third boss in demon hunter's Book of Heroes chapter.

Hero Power[]

Equip Warden's Glaive
Equipped weapons
Warden's Glaive

Player's hero[]

Skull of Gul'dan

Special cards[]


Warden's Glaive
Stalking Saber
Sentinel Huntress
Warden's Determination


Illidari Studies
Naga Allies
Naga Myrmidon
Mur'gul Reaver
Lady Vashj


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Maiev Shadowsong Illidan
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Forged in the BarrensNaisha 1 Boss Illidari Studies 2
United in StormwindStalking Saber 2 United in StormwindNaga Allies 2
Forged in the BarrensSentinel Huntress 2 Naga Myrmidon 2
United in StormwindWarden's Determination 1 United in StormwindMur'gul Reaver 2
Mage, Rogue Scholomance AcademyBrain Freeze 2 Lady Vashj 1
Rogue LegacyShadowstep 2 Demon


Demon Hunter InitiateUr'zul Horror 2
United in StormwindGarrote 2 Ashes of OutlandFurious Felfin 2
Forged in the BarrensParalytic Poison 2 Forged in the BarrensFelrattler 2
LegacyFan of Knives 2 Demon Hunter InitiateWrathscale Naga 2
Forged in the BarrensField Contact 2 Forged in the BarrensVengeful Spirit 2
Galakrond's AwakeningShadow Sculptor 2 Ashes of OutlandCoilfang Warlord 2
Neutral LegacyElven Archer 2 CoreIllidari Inquisitor 2
LegacyYoung Priestess 2 DH, Hunter Scholomance AcademyTrueaim Crescent 2
LegacyNightblade 2 Warlock CoreFelsoul Jailer 2
Ashes of OutlandWaste Warden 2 Neutral Ashes of OutlandDisguised Wanderer 2
Rastakhan's RumbleRabble Bouncer 2 The League of ExplorersNaga Sea Witch 1



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Before match

Illidan (present)
▶️My banishment forced me to make new allies. The demon lord Kil'jaeden offered me a chance of redemption with the Burning Legion. All I had to do was kill his errant servant, the Lich King.
▶️I gratefully accepted. Having betrayed the demons before, I knew I could do it again. But all the while, I was ruthlessly hunted by wardens.


▶️So you've made it at last. I knew you would.
Maiev Shadowsong
▶️You have much to pay for, Illidan. I'm taking you back to your cell!

Emote Response

Maiev Shadowsong
▶️I wish the demons had taken your tongue instead of your eyes.

Hero Power

Maiev Shadowsong
▶️Atone for your crimes!
▶️You have gone too far.
▶️Your prison awaits!


Maiev Shadowsong
▶️Centuries in a cell are nothing compared to your treachery.
▶️Your brother Malfurion has always been too soft on you.
▶️How long can you avoid your responsibilities to your homeland? Your people?

Turn 1

▶️Naivete does not suit you. Surely you know why I have come to this place...
Maiev Shadowsong
▶️You are obsessed with the power of Sargeras!
▶️Yes, though I'll settle for one small piece. The Eye alone is enough to destroy my enemies.

Turn 3

Maiev Shadowsong
▶️Gul'dan died trying to obtain the Eye of Sargeras. Have you learned nothing from his failure?!
▶️I often succeed where others failed.

Turn 5

Maiev Shadowsong
▶️Tyrande was a fool to free you.
▶️You could never measure up to her, warden.

Turn 7

Maiev Shadowsong
▶️How many must die before you are satisfied?
▶️You cannot comprehend what I am truly after.

Turn 8

Maiev Shadowsong
▶️I will hunt you the ends of the earth. I swear it!


Maiev Shadowsong
▶️You're insane!
▶️Isolation can do that. After all the long centuries you kept me chained in darkness, it is only fitting I bury you in turn.


Maiev Shadowsong
▶️It is finally over. My watch can end.


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Maiev Shadowsong (pronounced MY-ehv) is a night elf Warden and former Priestess of the Moon. She grew up in the ancient Kaldorei Empire and eventually joined the esteemed Sisterhood of Elune, rising through its ranks to become a senior priestess. During the infamous War of the Ancients, around 10,000 years before the events of the First War, Maiev, along with her younger brother, captain of the Suramar Guard Jarod Shadowsong, played a major role in the fight against the Burning Legion, as part of the Kaldorei Resistance.
Shortly after the war's conclusion and the Resistance's victory, one of the night elves' most powerful champions, Cosmetics - PNG logo.pngIllidan Stormrage, was arrested and put on trial for attempting to create a second Well of Eternity, ultimately being imprisoned deep underground. Maiev personally volunteered to act as the Betrayer's jailer, and took up the mantle of leader of the newly-formed Watchers, whose duty it was to guard the subterranean prison. For 10,000 years Maiev tirelessly guarded Illidan, until the day when one of the night elves' leaders, High Priestess Cosmetics - PNG logo.pngTyrande Whisperwind, entered the Barrow Deeps prison and freed Illidan in the hope that he could aid his people in resisting the return of the Burning Legion.


Maiev Shadowsong, full art

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