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Murder at Castle NathriaSanguine Depths, the first location card revealed prior to the release of Murder at Castle Nathria.

Locations are a type of card first introduced in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion. Locations are played onto the battlefield for an initial cost, and then have an ability that can be activated for free on the player's turns. Each activation costs 1 durability and has a cooldown of 1 turn where it cannot be used.


  • A location's ability can be used immediately after playing the card from hand. [1]
  • When a location's ability is used, it cannot be used in the following turn.[1]
  • Locations can target minions that otherwise can't be targeted by spells or hero powers.[2]
  • Multiple copies of the same location can be in play at once.[3]
  • While there is no limit to how many locations can be in play at the same time, they do share the same seven slots on the battlefield with minions.[4]
  • Locations do not have attack or health, and as such, cannot be damaged or destroyed unless a card specifically says so.[5] They function similarly to Dormant minions.
    • For example, LegacyTwisting Nether would not destroy any locations, because while minions and locations share the same zone, locations are not classified as minions, as they are their own card type.



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Game designer Leo Robles Gonzalez talks about the development of locations:[6]

“The theming of how to translate areas and zones from World of Warcraft into Hearthstone is something the team has been wanting to do for years. We have so many cool characters and spells but we haven’t really found an amazing medium for conveying areas and locations.” said Leo. “When you think back to Ungoro, some of the artwork are these really scenic shots of Ungoro and they’re really beautiful, bringing Ungoro to life. That was one of the first moments where you could see us trying to put character into the setting of the expansion. Even in Alterac Valley, you can see the objective spells where they last multiple turns and are themed after different areas. But we were still working on how to make a card feel like an actual location. When this expansion come around, you have the classic murder mystery trope, where you accuse a person with some means of murder in a specific location, it kinda felt perfect to nail down the mechanics of Locations and give each class one.”[6]


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