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"Think you got lethal? Libram of NOPE!"

Libram is a term used to refer to the paladin cards whose cost can be reduced for the rest of the game by supporting cards. All these cards' name start with "Libram".

Libram spells and their related cards are first introduced in Ashes of Outland, the first expansion of Year of the Phoenix.

Libram cards[]

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Related cards[]

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Librams are holy books used by paladins.

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Prior to the Second War, Alonsus Faol presented a set of enchanted librams to the first five Knights of the Silver Hand. These holy tomes were some of the church's most ancient relics, and each libram represented what Faol saw as a core trait of the Silver Hand: retribution, holiness, protection, justice, and compassion. Faol gave one libram to each of the paladins and challenged them to become living embodiments of what their holy tomes represented.