Last Hero Standing is a competitive game mode used solely for tournament combat and is not available in the normal game.

Process Edit

  • Both players start by choosing three decks.
    • You may only have one class each, so three different classes total.
  • Each player chooses a deck to start with. This choice is hidden to their opponent.
  • Combat proceeds as normal.
    • Any deck that is defeated is eliminated, and the next deck is chosen.
    • Any deck that is victorious remains on the board to be used in the next match.
  • The victor of the entire match is the one who eliminates all three of their opponent's decks.
Optional veto

In some tournaments, players choose four classes. Prior to the above play, each player is permitted to "veto" one of their opponent's decks, eliminating it from the match. Play proceeds as detailed above.

Hearthstone Competitive Format – “Last Hero Standing”

Hearthstone Competitive Format – “Last Hero Standing”

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