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54554 • DALA_Kriziki
DALA Kriziki.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
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Set:Rise of ShadowsRise of Shadows
Health:15 Health
Artist:Unknown artist
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
For other representations of Kriziki, see Kriziki (disambiguation).

Kriziki is a hero that the player can pick in The Dalaran Heist. She represents the Priest class.

Hero Powers[]

Available at start Unlock: Restore 50 Health Unlock: Cast 50 Spells
Lesser Heal

Starting cards[]

Available at start Unlock: Defeat 5 Bosses Unlock: Defeat 10 Bosses
Disciplined Shadows Visions
One Night in KarazhanArcane Anomaly The Boomsday ProjectCrystallizer Whispers of the Old GodsForbidden Shaping
LegacyInner Fire Mean Streets of GadgetzanPotion of Madness Rise of ShadowsForbidden Words
LegacyNorthshire Cleric Knights of the Frozen ThroneShadow Ascendant LegacyLeper Gnome
LegacyDivine Spirit Journey to Un'GoroShadow Visions Rise of ShadowsEVIL Conscripter
The WitchwoodSquashling Knights of the Frozen ThroneSpirit Lash The League of ExplorersMuseum Curator
The Boomsday ProjectExtra Arms Rastakhan's RumbleSand Drudge Blackrock MountainResurrect
Mean Streets of GadgetzanKabal Talonpriest LegacyShadow Word: Death Knights of the Frozen ThroneAcolyte of Agony
The WitchwoodNightmare Amalgam The Grand TournamentShadowfiend NaxxramasDark Cultist
Whispers of the Old GodsShifting Shade LegacyTwilight Drake LegacyChillwind Yeti
LegacyHoly Nova LegacyFaceless Manipulator Rise of ShadowsConvincing Infiltrator

Card Bundles[]

Afterlife Curatives Dragonfire From the Graves Legends Miracles Old God Pint-Sized Shadows Strength Within Twisted What's Mind is Mine
Journey to Un'GoroAwaken the Makers LegacyCircle of Healing LegacyCircle of Healing Blackrock MountainResurrect LegacyBloodmage Thalnos LegacyPower Word: Shield Whispers of the Old GodsBeckoner of Evil Journey to Un'GoroFire Fly Whispers of the Old GodsForbidden Shaping LegacyInner Fire Silence The WitchwoodChameleos
The Boomsday ProjectDead Ringer Rastakhan's RumbleRegenerate Blackrock MountainTwilight Whelp Journey to Un'GoroShadow Visions The League of ExplorersBrann Bronzebeard The Boomsday ProjectTest Subject Whispers of the Old GodsTwilight Geomancer Rise of ShadowsPotion Vendor Rise of ShadowsForbidden Words The Boomsday ProjectTest Subject Mean Streets of GadgetzanPint-Size Potion The Boomsday ProjectCloning Device
EVIl Conscripter Journey to Un'GoroBinding Heal The Grand TournamentWyrmrest Agent Knights of the Frozen ThroneEternal Servitude Kobolds & CatacombsZola the Gorgon The Boomsday ProjectExtra Arms Whispers of the Old GodsDisciple of C'Thun Rastakhan's RumbleSpirit of the Dead Rise of ShadowsLazul's Scheme LegacyDivine Spirit LegacyAncient Watcher Journey to Un'GoroCrystalline Oracle
The League of ExplorersMuseum Curator Goblins vs GnomesLight of the Naaru Kobolds & CatacombsDragon Soul Rise of ShadowsUnsleeping Soul Knights of the Frozen ThroneArfus LegacyMana Addict Whispers of the Old GodsTwilight Elder NaxxramasZombie Chow Mean Streets of GadgetzanPotion of Madness Knights of the Frozen ThroneFallen Sun Cleric The Grand TournamentConfuse LegacyMind Vision
Rise of ShadowsShadowy Figure Mean Streets of GadgetzanMistress of Mixtures Kobolds & CatacombsTwilight Acolyte Journey to Un'GoroLyra the Sunshard LegacyHarrison Jones Journey to Un'GoroRadiant Elemental Whispers of the Old GodsC'Thun's Chosen Rise of ShadowsShadowy Figure Goblins vs GnomesShadowbomber Knights of the Frozen ThroneShadow Ascendant Rise of ShadowsDalaran Librarian Kobolds & CatacombsPsionic Probe
Kobolds & CatacombsGilded Gargoyle LegacyNorthshire Cleric Kobolds & CatacombsDuskbreaker One Night in KarazhanOnyx Bishop NaxxramasLoatheb Journey to Un'GoroShadow Visions Whispers of the Old GodsHooded Acolyte Rise of ShadowsMagic Carpet Rastakhan's RumbleAuchenai Phantasm NaxxramasDark Cultist One Night in KarazhanPurify Rastakhan's RumbleSeance
Knights of the Frozen ThroneShallow Gravedigger The Grand TournamentPower Word: Glory Rastakhan's RumbleDragonmaw Scorcher Knights of the Frozen ThroneShadow Essence Journey to Un'GoroLyra the Sunshard Knights of the Frozen ThroneSpirit Lash Whispers of the Old GodsCrazed Worshipper Journey to Un'GoroMirage Caller LegacyMind Blast The Boomsday ProjectExtra Arms Journey to Un'GoroRadiant Elemental Madame Lazul
Kobolds & CatacombsTwilight's Call The WitchwoodDivine Hymn Mean Streets of GadgetzanDrakonid Operative The Grand TournamentConfessor Paletress LegacyCairne Bloodhoof LegacyWild Pyromancer Whispers of the Old GodsTwilight Darkmender The WitchwoodRavencaller Knights of the Frozen ThroneShadow Ascendant The Grand TournamentFjola Lightbane Goblins vs GnomesShrinkmeister LegacyThoughtsteal
Rise of ShadowsHench-Clan Shadequill Mean Streets of GadgetzanMana Geode Mean Streets of GadgetzanDragonfire Potion Kobolds & CatacombsLesser Diamond Spellstone Blackrock MountainEmperor Thaurissan Kobolds & CatacombsDragon Soul Whispers of the Old GodsSkeram Cultist Rastakhan's RumbleSand Drudge Journey to Un'GoroShadow Visions Mean Streets of GadgetzanKabal Talonpriest Rise of ShadowsArcane Watcher LegacyMindgames
Journey to Un'GoroSpiritsinger Umbra Goblins vs GnomesShadowboxer Goblins vs GnomesLightbomb LegacyProphet Velen LegacyXavius LegacyQuesting Adventurer Whispers of the Old GodsTwin Emperor Vek'lor Kobolds & CatacombsShrieking Shroom LegacyShadow Word: Pain Whispers of the Old GodsSpawn of N'Zoth Journey to Un'GoroHumongous Razorleaf LegacyShadow Madness
Journey to Un'GoroTortollan Shellraiser Rastakhan's RumbleSoup Vendor Rastakhan's RumbleCrowd Roaster Rise of ShadowsCatrina Muerte Rastakhan's RumbleMojomaster Zihi Rastakhan's RumbleSand Drudge Whispers of the Old GodsDoomcaller Kobolds & CatacombsUnidentified Elixir Rise of ShadowsShadowy Figure Rastakhan's RumbleSurrender to Madness The League of ExplorersEerie Statue Whispers of the Old GodsShifting Shade
Rise of ShadowsConvincing Infiltrator LegacyEarthen Ring Farseer The WitchwoodNightscale Matriarch NaxxramasKel'Thuzad LegacyThe Black Knight Kobolds & CatacombsUnidentified Elixir Whispers of the Old GodsC'Thun The WitchwoodVivid Nightmare Knights of the Frozen ThroneAcolyte of Agony Kobolds & CatacombsUnidentified Elixir LegacyMass Dispel Knights of the Frozen ThroneDevour Mind
The Boomsday ProjectReckless Experimenter The Boomsday ProjectOmega Medic Kobolds & CatacombsTemporus LegacyRagnaros the Firelord The Grand TournamentConfessor Paletress One Night in KarazhanPriest of the Feast LegacyViolet Teacher LegacyShadow Word: Death Goblins vs GnomesVelen's Chosen LegacySpellbreaker The WitchwoodHoly Water
The WitchwoodCoffin Crasher Mean Streets of GadgetzanGreater Healing Potion Blackrock MountainChromaggus Knights of the Frozen ThroneThe Lich King LegacyProphet Velen LegacyViolet Teacher One Night in KarazhanBarnes The Grand TournamentShadowfiend Blackrock MountainDragonkin Sorcerer The League of ExplorersExcavated Evil LegacyCabal Shadow Priest
LegacySylvanas Windrunner The Grand TournamentHoly Champion Journey to Un'GoroPrimordial Drake LegacyMalygos Goblins vs GnomesTroggzor the Earthinator Journey to Un'GoroLyra the Sunshard The WitchwoodDollmaster Dorian Rastakhan's RumbleSurrender to Madness Journey to Un'GoroTortollan Shellraiser Mean Streets of GadgetzanKabal Songstealer LegacySylvanas Windrunner
Rise of ShadowsTunnel Blaster Whispers of the Old GodsDarkshire Alchemist Kobolds & CatacombsDragonhatcher Rise of ShadowsMass Resurrection LegacyGruul The Boomsday ProjectPower Word: Replicate Whispers of the Old GodsHerald Volazj LegacyAuchenai Soulpriest Whispers of the Old GodsPower Word: Tentacles Rastakhan's RumbleMass Hysteria Knights of the Frozen ThroneArchbishop Benedictus
Rastakhan's RumbleDa Undatakah LegacyHoly Nova LegacyMalygos Knights of the Frozen ThroneObsidian Statue Kobolds & CatacombsMarin the Fox LegacyGadgetzan Auctioneer Rastakhan's RumbleBwonsamdi, the Dead LegacyShadow Madness The WitchwoodLady in White Goblins vs GnomesVol'jin Rastakhan's RumblePrincess Talanji
Goblins vs GnomesSneed's Old Shredder The WitchwoodQuartz Elemental Blackrock MountainNefarian The Boomsday ProjectZerek's Cloning Gallery One Night in KarazhanMedivh, the Guardian The Boomsday ProjectZerek, Master Cloner Goblins vs GnomesDr. Boom Knights of the Frozen ThroneShadow Essence The Boomsday ProjectZerek, Master Cloner The League of ExplorersEntomb LegacyMind Control
Knights of the Frozen ThroneObsidian Statue LegacyHoly Fire Kobolds & CatacombsSleepy Dragon Whispers of the Old GodsY'Shaarj, Rage Unbound LegacyRagnaros the Firelord Rastakhan's RumbleGrave Horror The Boomsday ProjectZerek's Cloning Gallery Knights of the Frozen ThroneShadowreaper Anduin Knights of the Frozen ThroneBonemare Kobolds & CatacombsPsychic Scream
Whispers of the Old GodsN'Zoth, the Corruptor LegacyYsera The League of ExplorersArch-Thief Rafaam
Rastakhan's RumbleHakkar, the Soulflayer


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Kriziki, full art

Type Emote
Selected Darkness I weave!
Opening remark Must fly again...
Thanks Ra-ak! Well done.
Well Played Bold you are. Yes!
Greetings Shadows hide you. Caw!
Oops Birdbrain am I? Hm.
Threaten Shadows tear you asunder!
Sorry Caaaw. Apologies.
Attack Shadows unravel you!
Concede No wings today.
Thinking [1] Darkness folds and writhes...
Thinking [2] Hm...
Thinking [3] Ra-aak? Ra-aak.
Almost out of time Time runs thin.
Almost out of cards Cards low.
Out of cards Caw-ards gone.
Error: Too many minions No room for that one.
Error: Generic I can't do that.
Error: Hand already full Aa-ak! Full hand!
Error: Hero already attacked Kriziki rests now.
Error: Minion not ready That minion must wait, a-rak!
Error: Minion exhausted It recovers from last strike.
Error: Not enough mana I Need Mana!
Error: Need a weapon Need weapon!
Error: Can't play that card No! Cannot play.
Error: Can't target stealthed minions That coward is hiding
Error: Not a valid target Cannot target.
Error: Must attack taunt minion Another taunts me.
The Boomsday ProjectExtra Arms is played More arms...want more wings!
LegacyShadowform is played Not just...for healing!
Whispers of the Old GodsShadow Word: Horror is played Destroy the weaklings! Rak!
Rise of ShadowsFly-By is played Take to the skies!


Kriziki is unique to Hearthstone. She is an arakkoa who was taken in by Madame Lazul, who is helping the former achieve the power of flight. She also used to work for the Kabal.

Patch changes[]