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Konstantin Turovec is the artist for the cards shown here. For art created in collaboration with other artists, see L. Lullabi & K. Turovec, Genevieve Tsai & Konstantin Turovec and J. Paick & K. Turovec.


The following cards are seen only in boss encounters, within adventures or the tutorial.


GILA BOSS 22h.png
Elder Jari(77312).png
BOTA BOSS 13h.png
BTA BOSS 07h.png
King Togwaggle(77345).png
DALA Chu.png
DALA BOSS 56h.png
Rafaam & Galakrond(184880).png
DALA Rakanishu.png
Story 02 RexxarWar.png
TRLA 209h.png
BOTA BOSS 04h.png
BTA BOSS 07h2.png
The Amazing Reno(184699).png
The Amazing Reno(184696).png
The Amazing Reno(184698).png
Waxrider Togwaggle(184751).png


BTA BOSS 06t.png
TRLA 128.png
TRLA 129.png
DALA 911.png
TRLA 155.png
BOTA 240.png
Blood Tap(63110).png
THE CANDLE(77222).png
GILA 816a.png
BTA BOSS 07s2.png
GILA 816b.png
DALA 713.png
GILA 851a.png
GILA BOSS 41t.png
GILA 816c.png
DALA 723.png
BTA BOSS 07s3.png
DALA 726.png
GILA 851b.png
GILA 851c.png
TRLA 131.png
DALA 703.png
BTA BOSS 07s.png
Story 02 Doomhammer.png
TRLA 152.png
The Amazing Reno(184672).png
Galakrond, Progenitor of Dragons(184678).png
Imprisoned Reno(184674).png

Tavern Brawls

The following cards are seen only in Tavern Brawls.

Credits and debug cards

Davide Spicuglia(54523).png

Unpublished art[]

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