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For other representations of Kel'Thuzad, see Kel'Thuzad (disambiguation).

Kel'Thuzad is an alternate hero for the Mage Mage class.

Background[edit | edit source]


Kel'Thuzad is the final and main boss in the Naxxramas raid. As an undead lich and a powerful necromancer, Kel'Thuzad has the ability to bring creatures back from the dead. He first appeared in Hearthstone as the antagonist of the Curse of Naxxramas adventure.

In Curse of Naxxramas[edit | edit source]

The archlich known as Kel’Thuzad sits at the seat of power within Naxxramas, coordinating the normally mindless Scourge into a fighting force for the Lich King. In his mortal days, Kel’Thuzad was once a powerful human mage and high-ranking member of the Kirin Tor, working under the great Archmage Antonidas, leader of the Kirin Tor at the time. The Kirin Tor had a wealth of secrets and knowledge at their disposal, and Kel’Thuzad spent countless hours devouring every bit of knowledge he could get his hands on—even the darkest and most unthinkable of arcane arts, such as necromancy. He became increasingly more reclusive and shunned by his peers the further he delved into forbidden magic.
The Lich King sought out Azeroth’s most powerful and ambitious individuals to bend to his will, sending out a mental summons to those he thought could easily be swayed by the promise of power. Kel’Thuzad was the first to answer the Lich King’s call. He saw the power the Lich King held over the undead and desired such power for his own, so he offered his services as a mage to the Lich King in whatever manner he desired. After a long, tortured journey to the frozen wastes of Northrend, Kel’Thuzad knelt at the feet of the Lich King and offered him not just his loyalty, but his soul as well.
"As my lieutenant, you will gain knowledge and magic to surpass your most ambitious dreams. But in return, living or dead, you will serve me for the rest of your days. If you betray me, I shall make you into one of my mindless ones, and you will serve me still.”
The Lich King’s words were both a threat and a promise. Kel’Thuzad would become his lieutenant, carrying out the Lich King’s whims, but in return he would gain power beyond his wildest dreams. Kel’Thuzad accepted these terms… as if he had much of a choice in the matter.[1]

In World of Warcraft[edit | edit source]

Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Kel'Thuzad was once a human mage of the Kirin Tor. He went on to become the founder of the Cult of the Damned and one of the principal agents of the Lich King responsible for the spreading of the plague of undeath across Lordaeron. After bringing the plague to Lordaeron, he was slain by the paladin Arthas. When Arthas became a death knight, he resurrected Kel'Thuzad as a lich so he could summon Archimonde the Defiler into Azeroth. Following Arthas' departure for Northrend, Kel'Thuzad was left to command the Scourge of Lordaeron from his necropolis, Naxxramas. Following his first defeat, he and his necropolis moved to Northrend.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Kel'Thuzad is only obtainable by purchasing the Scholomance Academy Mega Bundle, which is only purchasable with real money.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Once unlocked and selected for use, Kel'Thuzad replaces Jaina whenever playing with a Mage deck. Kel'Thuzad comes with his own portrait, emotes, and hero tray art, as well as featuring a special animation when using Kel'Thuzad's Hero Power, Fireblast (or its upgraded version, Fireblast Rank 2).

For more information, see Alternate heroes.

Flavor text[edit | edit source]

When viewed in the Collection, Kel'Thuzad has the following flavor text:

From Archmage to Archlich, Kel'Thuzad defies convention. Conventions like, "staying alive" or "being nice."

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Kel'Thuzad, full art.

Each hero has their own selection of audio and written emotes that are produced in response to specific events. For more information, see Emote.

Regular play[edit | edit source]

Type Emote
Thanks Thank you.
Well played Well done, interloper.
Greetings Greetings from the cold dark.
Mirror Greetings Ah, my favorite place!
Wow Undeniable power!
Oops A distraction?
Threaten The dark void awaits you.
Attack The end is upon you.
Concede Victory is yours.
Opening remark Your curiosity will be the end of you!
Opening vs Prince Arthas You hold so much promise.
Opening vs Jaina Proudmoore You're still on the wrong side, Jaina.
Opening vs Sylvanas Windrunner So you are still fighting...
Mirror start Too late.
Thinking [1] Hm...
Thinking [2] Oh?
Thinking [3] All in due time.
Thinking [4] The dark void awaits you.
Running out of time Time works against me!
Almost out of cards I am low on cards.
Out of cards Out of cards!
Error: Too many minions My cult cannot recruit more!
Error: Generic No!
Error: Hand already full Too many cards!
Error: Hero already attacked I already attacked.
Error: Minion not ready It is not ready yet.
Error: Minion exhausted It cannot attack again.
Error: Not enough mana Not enough mana.
Error: Need a weapon I need a weapon…
Error: Can't play that card It is beyond me.
Error: Can't target stealthed minions That one hides from my gaze.
Error: Not a valid target I can't target that.
Error: Must attack taunt minion I need to attack the one that's taunting me.
Selection in Arena Obey the call!
Lunar New Year Greetings Happy New Year!
Winter Veil Greetings Winter is my favorite - the cold, the snow, the ill-gotten gifts!
Noblegarden Greetings Who swapped my phylactery with an egg?! Was it YOU?
Hallow's End Greetings So many Hallow's End costumes! I can't tell which lich is which!
Midsummer Fire Festival Greetings Why is everyone waving fire around? Can they STOP?
Pirate's Day Greetings With a face like this, I be my own jolly roger.
When playing Blizzard I will freeze the blood in your veins!
When playing Cone of Cold Your soul is bound to me now!
When playing Deep Freeze Hold that thought.
When playing Evocation For long years I have studied!
When playing Font of Power Warriors of the frozen wastes, rise up!
When playing Frost Nova Try to be patient.
When playing Frostbolt Pray for mercy!
When playing Icicle Your petty magics are no challenge!
When playing Snap Freeze AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Unused[edit | edit source]

Type Emote
Sorry Dreadfully sorry.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Kel'Thuzad in World of Warcraft

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

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