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Karnuk, Outcast
Set:Ashes of OutlandAshes of Outland
Health:30 Health
Flavor text

Sklibb and Karnuk practice to hone their skills as Demon Hunters.

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Ashes of Outland's single-player content.

For other representations of Karnuk, see Karnuk (disambiguation).

Karnuk, Outcast is the second boss encounter in Chapter 3: To be a Demon Hunter of Trial by Felfire Story.

The player controls Sklibb, Outcast.

Hero Powers[]

Demonic Light(211285).png

Player's hero[]

Sklibb, Outcast(211284).png

Special cards[]

Glowcap Mushroom(211287).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Karnuk, Outcast Sklibb, Outcast
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity


Twin Slice 1 Boss Glowcap Mushroom 6
Umberwing 1 Demon


Ur'zul Horror 2
Aldrachi Warblades 1 Spectral Sight 2
Ashtongue Battlelord 2 Coordinated Strike 2
Command the Illidari 2 Coilfang Warlord 1
Skull of Gul'dan 1 Hulking Overfiend 2
Priestess of Fury 1 Druid Embiggen 2
Priest Holy Smite 1 Dreamway Guardians 1
Imprisoned Homunculus 2 Ironbark 1
Renew 1 Archspore Msshi'fn 1
Sethekk Veilweaver 2 Bogbeam 2
Spirit Lash 1 Imprisoned Satyr 1
Apotheosis 1 Germination 1
Dragonmaw Overseer 2 Living Mana 1
Kabal Talonpriest 2 Oasis Surger 1
Shadow Madness 2 Marsh Hydra 2
Psyche Split 2 The Forest's Aid 1
Vol'jin 1 Ysiel Windsinger 1
Skeletal Dragon 1
Neutral Overconfident Orc 2
Gadgetzan Auctioneer 1


Having awakened the demons within, their fight for Outland almost begins. Through many ordeals, the outcasts stood strong. Soon they fight, for the right to belong!

As part of their Demon Hunter training, Sklibb (controlled by the player) spars with Karnuk in this encounter. Sklibb's deck fits the Big Druid archetype, with a few Demon Hunter cards in the mix. Karnuk does the same, albeit with a deck reminiscent of Buff Priest. Throughout the game, the main focus should be on good board control.

Due to the slow nature of Sklibb's deck, try and mulligan for as many Glowcap Mushrooms possible. Embiggen and Imprisoned Satyr are some good early-game plays. Make good use of your Felspores Hero Power to buff minions on your board and gain card draw. It works exceptionally well with spells like Living Mana and The Forest's Aid, but try not to use it if you only have one Glowcap Mushroom on the board and it's buffed. Once you have a good board with buffed minions, it won't be long before overwhelming Karnuk.


Before match

Illidan Stormrage
Excellent! Such strength! Such will! But do the others share your skill?


Sklibb, Outcast
<Aggressive sporelok gibberish>
Karnuk, Outcast
Alright, Sklibb. We'll treat this as the real thing.

Emote Response

Karnuk, Outcast
Yeah, I feel the same way. I think.

Hero Power

Karnuk, Outcast
I will not run anymore. I will FIGHT!
Take my eyes, Illidan! I will have more power!
This power... it is mine to command!


Karnuk, Outcast
I can feel something... raw and angry... inside of me.
Outland is not what it once was.
This training... it has been worth it.

Turn 3

Sklibb, Outcast
Aranna in Training
No Sklibb, it's not a real fight. But try your best to win!
Illidan Stormrage
You speak this one's language? You are full of surprises.
Aranna, Unleashed
My sister took in a murloc and taught him to speak common.

Turn 4

Aranna in Training
Nice attack, Sklibb! Remember Illidan's advice and keep moving.
Illidan Stormrage
These outcasts respect you, Aranna. You're a natural leader.
Aranna in Training
I just... do what needs to be done.

Boss cards

Karnuk, Outcast
Not out of the fight yet.
Aldrachi Warblades
These weapons suit me.
Priestess of Fury
I share your fury, priestess.

Player's cards

Karnuk, Outcast
Glowcap Mushroom
Have you been keeping that on you this whole time?
Spectral Sight
I told you you'd fit right in, they even train murlocs here!
Coordinated Strike
Feisty, eh Sklibb?


Karnuk, Outcast
You fought well, Sklibb. Do you feel it? Our inner demons... unleashed! (becomes Karnuk, Demon Hunter)
Sklibb, Outcast
<Tired affirmative chirps> (becomes Sklibb, Demon Hunter)


Karnuk is original to Hearthstone. He is a mag'har orc.

Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
The Mag'har orcs ("uncorrupted" in Orcish), also known as brown orcs, are the orcs that escaped the corruption of the Burning Legion. On Draenor, they were a result of isolation from the Horde due to being quarantined in Garadar. They have a noble shamanistic tradition cultivating a mighty tribal society that was centered around survival, regulating themselves through ritualized combat and personal honor. On alternate Draenor, the orcs did not take up the fel because of the intervention of Garrosh Hellscream, causing them to remain uncorrupted.


Karnuk, Outcast, full art

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