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Kalimos, Primal Lord
Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, cast an Elemental Invocation.
Flavor text

All that's missing is a little heart.

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Kalimos, Primal Lord is a legendary shaman minion card, from the Journey to Un'Goro set.

How to get[]

Kalimos, Primal Lord can be obtained through Journey to Un'Goro card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Kalimos, Primal Lord 1600 400
Golden Kalimos, Primal Lord 3200 1600

Choice cards[]

Invocation of Air(55477).png
Invocation of Earth(55476).png
Invocation of Fire(55475).png
Invocation of Water(55474).png
Minions summoned
Stone Elemental(55597).png


  • Kalimos' Battlecry shows all four Invocation options to the player and allows them to choose which one they want to activate.[1][2][3]
  • The Invocation is considered to be cast by Kalimos (as part of his Battlecry) rather than by the player.
  • If Murmuring Elemental, Brann Bronzebeard or Spirit of the Shark cause Kalimos' Battlecry to trigger twice, the Invocation interface will be shown twice and thus you can choose two separate Invocations for Kalimos to cast. The Battlecry seems to be an instant Discover-like effect similar to Kazakus, who works the same way when his Battlecry is doubled with the aforementioned cards.

Known Bugs[]

Although Kalimos' Battlecry is intended to have a cast spell effect, sometimes it behaves inconsistently:

Thus, in conclusion, it seems that "Invocation of Water" is correctly coded as spell cast by Kalimos, while "Invocation of Air" and "Invocation of Fire" behaves like normal Battlecries (similarly to Twilight Flamecaller and Nightblade).


If you failed to play an Elemental the previous turn, Kalimos has very low value for its mana. However, should you trigger its effect, it has extraordinary value for its cost. Cheap Elemental minions such as Fire Fly and Tar Creeper can serve as activators to allow you to play Kalimos on the following turn (preferably Turn 8 so it can be played on curve). Each of its effects would normally cost 4-5 mana if attached to a spell, and when attached to a 7/7 body for 8 mana, Kalimos provides excellent value. This is magnified by the benefit of being able to choose the ability Kalimos casts.

Each effect should be chosen by taking the board state into effect, and is up to the player's judgment. If playing aggressively or if your opponent is close to defeat, Invocation of Fire is your best bet. If your opponent has multiple minions of decent health on the board, Invocation of Air would be the best choice. If you play Kalimos on an empty board and you believe your opponent doesn't have many AOE effects at their disposal, Invocation of Earth would fill your board with cheap minions. And if you're close to death and need a quick shot in the arm, Invocation of Water can bring you back from the edge to slow down Aggro decks. Always be sure to choose wisely, considering the current board state as well as actions your opponent may take on the following turn.

Don't forget that Kalimos too is an Elemental, allowing you to play other cards that activate upon playing an Elemental on the previous turn. One such example is Ozruk; while it's better to play Ozruk after playing multiple cheap Elementals (such as Fire Fly and its Flame Elemental spawn), having a 5/10 minion with Taunt is nothing to sneeze at either.




Kalimos is unique to Hearthstone. He is a powerful elemental native to Un'Goro Crater, but is not considered one of the "big 4" Elemental Lords (i.e., Al'Akir, Neptulon, Ragnaros and Therazane).[6]

From the journal of Eddie Malone:

There's a huge elemental that looks like it's made up of all the other elements, along with a lot of servants that look like smaller versions of it. The smaller elementals that are coming here seem fascinated with the big one. The servants copy something from one of the little elementals and then spin off a completely different elemental! The Professor says he's never seen or heard of anything like it.[7]
From Hearthpwn
Kalimos is a master of the building blocks of all life on Azeroth, or as they are more commonly referred to as, the Elements. Shamanic cultures have long sought to live in harmony with, or assert dominion over, these forces, and Kalimos is a prime example of these traits.
Air: The Element of Cunning and Madness: Fascinating! This Elemental appears to have the power to dispose of weaker beings which threaten his existence. We’ll definitely want to continue keeping a safe distance.. WHAT WAS THAT?
Earth: The Element of Stability and Stubbornness: We're witnessing a miracle! Its gained control of an entire army in mere seconds! Keep quiet everyone, they're off to battle that family of dinosaurs off in the distance. WHOA, that tail-swipe-a-saurus sure did a number on him.
Water: The Element of Tranquility and Indecisiveness: Simply unbelievable. This Elemental has also harnessed the energy of Water, what can this magnificent creature not do? It appears the damage done has been instantly repaired. Go cute rocks, go!
Fire: The Element of Passion and Fury: RUN! We've stayed too long and its taken notice! I'm not going to go down to a little bit of fire, there's much worse enemies out there! See you guys later, I do hope we'll meet again, I'm out of here![8]


  • Kalimos' flavor text and quotes are a reference to the American animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which features five children using the elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart to summon the titular hero.


Kalimos, Primal Lord, full art

Patch changes[]


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