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Kabal Talonpriest
40432 • CFM_626
CFM 626.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
CFM 626 Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:Mean Streets of GadgetzanMean Streets of Gadgetzan
Cost:3 Mana icon.png
Attack:3 Attack icon.png
Health:4 Health
Artist:Dave Allsop
Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +3 Health.
Flavor text

Inkmaster Solia had to figure out how to tattoo feathers.

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Kabal Talonpriest is a common priest minion card, from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set.

How to get[]

Auto-detected sources
Card packs
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Pack
Wild Pack
Regular, Golden1~2
Crafting40 dustdustRegular1
Crafting400 dustdustGolden1


This minion's battlecry is exactly the same as Temple Enforcer's, but you can use it two turns earlier.

As a 3/4 minion for 3 mana, this card is strong enough to be played without a target for the Battlecry, as a tempo play.


You wish to live forever?
Hm, your soul.


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
The arakkoa are a bipedal, keenly intelligent avian race, native to Draenor (now Outland), which has an affinity for arcane magic and secrecy. Most are aggressive to both Alliance and Horde, although there are friendly members of the arakkoa to be found.
The winged arakkoa or high arakkoa were the proud descendants of the once-grand Apexis civilization, a glorious empire of the sun that ruled vast territories alongside the ogre empire centuries ago. While many of the great works of their forebears remain a mystery, the arakkoa in the time of Draenor's final days — proud, hateful and defiant — mastered their own form of sun magic. From atop the Spires of Arak they gazed down on Draenor with scorn and sought to restore their people to the heights of their power.
A second group of arakkoa, called the Arakkoa Outcasts, were born from the treachery of their kin. Transformed into hunched shadows of their former selves by the Curse of Sethe and gifted with a mastery over shadow magic by the raven god Anzu, in Draenor's final days they desperately sought to survive the genocidal efforts of those who had betrayed them. Without champions, and without hope, the Outcasts ultimately heeded the influence of an Old God and were lost to the darkness in which they'd once taken refuge.
Talonpriests are arakkoa followers of Terokk that wield dark powers of the Void. They use elixirs to shift into a realm of shadow. Shadow Dust bears a special connection to the realm of shadows and is a critical reagent in the sacred rites of the talonpriests.
When Terokk was betrayed by his followers and cast into the cursed pools of Sethekk Hollow, the Raven God Anzu saved him and granted him and his followers dark powers. In time, Terokk's followers would become known as talonpriests, and together with their king they would eventually build the refuge city of Skettis to protect the unwanted children of Rukhmar. When Terokk's health began to decline and he started to hate the world, the talonpriests, hoping to rejuvenate their fading king, sealed him away in the shadows.
Believing they have been abandoned by the sun, cursed arakkoa prefer to hide in the forests or beneath awnings during daylight hours. Talonpriests take this a step further and never show their faces to the sun, wearing ritual masks that act as a focus for their communes with Anzu.


Kabal Talonpriest, full art

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