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Journal is an interface that allows players to inspect their list of Quests that have not been completed yet, Rewards Track and Achievements progression, and their own Profile page.

Journal is represented by a purple and pink quill on top of a map interface. Journal can be accessed after the player succesfully gets into the main menu screen of Hearthstone.

If the player has reached or achieved something in Journal's feature, an excalmation icon (Journal - Excalmation.png) will appear at the top right corner of the feature's icon and stay there until the player has claimed their accomplishment.


Journal - Quests.png Journal - Rewards Track.png Journal - Achievements.png Journal - Profile.png
Quests Rewards Track Achievements Profile


Quests screen

Rewards Track screen

Achievements screen

Profile's first screen

Profile's second one

Patch changes[]

  • Template:Patch 19.4.72661 Fixed a visual bug where notifications (Journal - Excalmation.png) would persist for the Journal after completed Achievements had been claimed.
  • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire logo.pngPatch (2020-11-12): Added.